Industrial style furniture or vintage industrial furniture refers to an aesthetic trend in furniture design that takes dilapidated and discarded materials of old factories and industrial spaces. Manufacturer & wholesale supplier of exquisite industrial style furniture, FurnitureRoots exports rustic-industrial furniture, modern industrial furniture & distressed-industrial furniture across the globe.

Get wholesale industrial furniture at 1/2 or 1/3rd the price by sourcing them directly from the top-rated industrial furniture manufacturer. We also specialize in industrial furniture for offices including industrial computer desks, vanity tables, shelves, and several others.

Apart from the products listed on this page, almost all of our products undergo some customization due to buyer requirements and negligible additional costs.

Being a restaurant furniture supplier of industrial styles among many others, we have mastered the art of modern-industrial, rustic-industrial, french-industrial & traditional-industrial designs that you can use for your commercial purposes.  



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    What is industrial furniture? A complete guide to industrial-style furniture

    Industrial furniture is a design style that take cues from industrial era and apply them to modern or contemporary settings.

    The aesthetics of industrial style emphasizes on usage of metal and structures with coarse finishes as a reminder of bygone industrial factories and warehouses. Unplastered brick walls, exposed building and pipe systems, weathered wood, rusted pipes, exposed filament lights are all components of the industrial design style.

    Industrial style furniture combines wood and metal to achieve a idiosyncratic look. Furniture in the industrial style stresses on usage of a good amount of metal done up in a coarse or unfinished look, usually in black or brown. The blacks of the metal add a rustic starkness and the browns of the wood add warmth to an interior space, thus making the industrial style a study in contrasts.
    The key elements of industrial style furniture are: 

    A combination of metal and wood

    One of the main ways to distinguish industrial decor is the way it fuses metal and wood to achieve a paradoxical decor. While wood adds warmth and roughness, metal adds contemporary, sleek touch to the furniture item. A perfect combination of the rustic with the modern.

    Exposed skeleton

    When it comes to industrial design furniture, there is no cover-up! Remnants of factories such as pipes, ductwork and filament lights fuse together with the background of exposed brick walls, ceiling beams and wooden flooring. Patrons of such industrial design restaurants, bars or cafes get transported back in time to the factories of yore. 

    Furniture for industrial restaurant / cafe / bar: A quick style guide

    Add a few signature elements of the industrial style and you can hark  back the ambiance of your foodservice business to the retro industrial era:
    – Remove all the non-essential elements of your business space.
    – Expose everything! Sticking to the minimalistic lifestyle of the industrial era, consider keeping brick walls, roof beams and floors exposed or with minimal finishing.
    – Purchase furniture that doesn’t shy away from showing their component materials. Rough sawn or unfinished wooden elements should be combined with sleek and uncluttered metal in contrasting shades. Similarly, try use rope or metal hanging pendant lights and keeps bulbs and filaments exposed.

    FurnitureRoots: Manufacturer & Exporter of Wholesale Industrial Style Furniture from Jodhpur

    FurnitureRoots manufactures wholesales and supplies industrial style furniture to furniture stores, homes, and hospitality businesses globally. Our bespoke & custom industrial furniture designs combine warm and natural materials like leather and wood with edgy silhouettes of metal and glass to create a visually interesting focal point in a bedroom, living room or offices A Jodhpur, India-based company, we create retro and vintage industrial furniture designs for homes, industrial restaurants, bars, industrial cafes, resorts, hotels as well export industrial furniture globally to furniture stores and retailers.

    FurnitureRoots sells Industrial Furniture at these Locations globally.


    Q. What are the Different Variations Within Industrial Furniture Styles?
    A. Industrial furniture has several variations, most notable among which are French-Industrial, Victorian-Industrial, Modern-Industrial & Scandi-Industrial. All of them have minor variations. We manufacture & supply all of them. 

    Q. How are Industrial-Style Furniture Pieces Created? 
    A. The basic mantra of industrial style furniture is to expose everything & display the “rawness” of the materials used for the furniture pieces. Embracing this rugged look of the material in a correct manner results in some truly artistic furniture pieces that look extremely good when adorned in your home or within any hospitality establishment. Manufacturers create industrial furniture by ensuring minimal treatment to the materials like solid wood, metals & steel.

    Q. Am I Likely To Realize Any Cost Savings From Importing Industrial Furniture From a Manufacturer In Another Country?
    A. You certainly will, the cost of labor in India is extremely low. Additionally, the country also has an abundance of skilled laborers for hand-crafting these pieces & Jodhpur is a hub for high-tech furniture manufacturing. Like sourcing for any other purpose, this isn’t risk-free. You have to make sure that the manufacturer you’re working with is top-notch, well-reputed & has a great deal of understanding of these items.  


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