Restaurant Chairs


Dining chairs from wood to metal to upholstered ones that provide unmatched comfort and appeal to your space

Restaurant Barstools


Restaurant barstools customized to suit your ambience. Whether its swivel, wood, or metal bar stools, you’ll love them

Restaurant Dining Tables


Restaurant tables, table tops and bases in square, rectangle, or circular shapes and stylish designs that sync with your decor

Restaurant Bar Tables


Bar-height and counter-height tables in square, rectangle, or circular shapes for bars, restaurants, cafes and hotel diners

Restaurant Sofas


Our restaurant sofa sets & armchairs provide comfort and class and can be customized for a wide range of design & decor needs

Restaurant Booths


Choose restaurant booths in retro, modern or heavy-duty upholstered restaurant booths, banquettes and waiting benches



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Why Custom-Made Furniture Is Best For Businesses?

FurnitureRoots: A Restaurant Furniture Manufacturer & Supplier

Restaurant furniture: Custom made for style & elegance

Furniture for a restaurant is largely made up of seating and tables. Restaurant seating includes dining chairs, barstools, restaurant booths and, occasionally, accent chairs, sofas and benches. Commercial tables for restaurants consist of dining tables, bar-height or counter-height tables, bistro tables and, sometimes, coffee tables and console tables and receptions desks & counters. Tables are made up of tops and bases which can be ordered together or separately.

Choosing furniture correctly has significant implications. Not only does beautiful furniture have the ability to transform a space, but comfortable seating options paired with sturdy and dimensionally suitable tables enhance your guests overall experience, encourage more visits and increase sales.

FurnitureRoots makes custom-made furniture. So you get a limitless combinations of some of the best restaurant furniture designs to pick and choose from. In addition to regular indoor furniture, we also provide outdoor furniture to restaurants to furnish their patio, garden or rooftop.

So if you are looking to buy furniture for your modern fine-dine or a rustic or industrial themed restaurant, FurnitureRoots has just the right combination of bespoke designs. Explore our online furniture store which showcases over 2,000+ furniture products OR get custom-made furniture that not only complements the theme of your restaurant but is heavy-duty and affordable at cheap, direct-from-manufacturer prices. Delivered to your doorstep, anywhere in the world.

Restaurant furniture designs available at FurnitureRoots:

Restaurant Seating

FurnitureRoots manufactures commercial-grade seating furniture. Choose from the following comfortable and stylish commercial seating options – Dining Chairs, Bar Stools, Bistro Chairs, Accent Chairs, Sofas, Booths and Banquettes, Benches, Banquet Chairs, Ottomans and Poufs and Outdoor Furniture – that are custom built for the needs of a bustling foodservice business.

These seating arrangements can be customized for your exact requirements. Choose between leather or fabric or vinyl / leatherette upholstery; or select from a wide range of finishes and colors; or specify dimensions to fit in to the restaurant’s layout suitably; or decide between rustic, industrial or modern furniture styles to suit your restaurant’s theme. With limitless customization options available at FurnitureRoots, you are assured to getting seating furniture that complements the theme of your business.

Restaurant Tables

Find the best combination of tabletops and bases for your restaurant. FurnitureRoots makes Dining Tables, Bar Height and Counter Height Tables, Banquet Tables, Bistro Tables, Coffee Tables, Lobby and Console Table and Reception Desks and Counters.

With FurnitureRoots, you get the ability to customize table tops for designs, materials, dimensions, finishes and even add some cool features! You can also select the shape and designs of table bases – be it trestle base, cross-base, sled-base, or round / rectangular / square-shaped.

Subsequently, choose between wood, metal, marble, granite, engineered stone or glass tops for tables.

Then decide on the height of the table you want – standard dining height table, bar height or counter height table. Finally, decide if you want the table base to be powder coated or electroplated or finished in paint. You can also get some nifty features added to your tables – footrests with kick plates, protective finishes, umbrella holes, flip tops or bolt downs etc.

Restaurant Table and Chair Sets

Forego the hassle of choosing a chair and table for your restaurant separately and instead select from our pre-selected combinations of Dining-Height Sets, Bar-Height or Counter-Height Sets, Bistro Sets, Table & Bench Sets and Dining Booths. With heavy-duty commercial dining table matched perfectly with chairs, barstools and benches, you don’t have to worry about selecting furniture designs that go well with one another. Simply browse through our selection of dining table sets and you’re ready to go!

Restaurant Lighting

Create the right ambience for your guests with FurnitureRoots’ range of Hanging Lights and Floor Lamps. From bright lights for your cooking, kitchen areas to mood lighting with pendant lights or exposed-filament or rope lights for your fine-dine to recessed track lighting for your bar area, FurnitureRoots provides custom-made lighting designs to sync perfectly with the interiors and décor of your restaurant.

Outdoor Restaurant Furniture

Be it garden, patio or rooftop dining requirements, the selection of outdoor furniture gets complicated. Any furniture kept in the outdoors has to meet far more stringent standards of quality and durability. With FurnitureRoots’ range of outdoor furniture including Outdoor Tables, Outdoor Chairs and Outdoor Dining Sets you won’t have to second-guess your hospitality outdoor furniture purchase decisions.

With our high-quality coatings and plating techniques as well as materials quality checks and testing, FurnitureRoots is India’s leading specialist when it comes to manufacturing commercial  outdoor furniture.

Other Restaurant Furniture

FurnitureRoots also provides custom-made restaurant furniture items like Display Cabinets, Wine Racks and Bar Cabinets, Restaurant Carts and Furniture Accents to lend your restaurant an uncommon individuality and charm!

Important considerations before you buy restaurant furniture:

Furniture alters your restaurant’s look and feel. It also means a substantial investment. It essential to get it right. So before you buy furniture for your resto, consider the following key aspects:

1. Type Of Furniture Required – The first aspect to consider when you are buying furniture for your restaurant is whether it will be kept indoors or patio or outdoor – rooftop or garden – and whether those are covered outdoors or uncovered outdoors. For patio or outdoor use furniture, you will have to choose furniture materials that are heat, rain and corrosion resistant.

For indoor setups, not only will you have more options in terms of which material to use but also how well they fit into your restaurant’s look and feel. Which is why it is important to choose furniture designs, dimensions, colors / finishes that not only complement your restaurant’s interiors but are also comfortable and sturdy.

Read the next section on choosing the right materials for furniture of your F&B business.

2. Choosing The Right Material(s) For Commercial Furniture – Restaurant furniture comes in a wide range of materials. Here are the pros and cons of the most common types of furniture used in foodservice businesses:

    • Metal: Metal furniture offers the highest degree of robustness and durability. A welded joint is equally strong as the metal itself and won’t expand or contract, chip or splinter like wood. It is also cheaper than wood. Furthermore, powder coated metal chairs and tables can be used outdoors. However, metal can’t be shaped or finished as beautifully as wood. Also, metal has traditionally been considered as cheaper alternative since it lacks the richness or looks of wooden furniture.
    • Wood: Wood is light, elegant and permits a wider range of styles and finishes. Commercial and hospitality wooden furniture are increasingly made using computer and automation, allowing for complex designs to be etched. Although wood is lighter than metal however this comes at the expense of strength. Also, wooden furniture is costlier than metal furniture. Wood is also prone to interaction with natural elements and degrades faster compared to metal.
    • Upholstery: Upholstered furniture – be it leather upholstered or fabric upholstered or vinyl / leatherette upholstered – enhances the otherwise plain looks of a wooden or metal furniture product. Paired with the correct commercial grade foam (commercial-grade usually means any or all of the following characteristics – 40-density or higher, High Resilience, Combustion Modified), upholstered furniture also provides significantly higher comfort levels. Upholstered furniture requires more cleaning and maintenance than solid wood or metal furniture. Although costlier, but the enhanced look and feel of upholstered furniture outweighs the cost.

3. Balancing Durability and Comfort – Considering how much use a chair or table undergoes in busy hospitality settings, durability is a key part of hospitality furniture. While specifying furniture, you need to balance the requirements of furniture being good looking along with being hard-wearing.

There are a variety of ways through which you can protect hospitality furniture from damage. Inserting L-brackets on chairs; providing handle bars in chair backrests; provisioning kick plates on barstools; installing rubber or nylon floor glides; using fabrics with high Martindale rub count; using metal skirtings on restaurant table tops etc. are few of the varied aspects you should keep in mind when buying furniture for your restaurant.

Using the right mix of high-quality, commercial-grade raw materials, hardware, joineries, foam and upholstery as well as providing an optimal set of features & add-ons go a long way in providing your clients an unsurpassed experience of comfort while providing durability and long term value for your investment.

4. Dimensions and Spacing Between Furniture – Proper layout of furniture in a restaurant is a must-have. Before deciding on furniture, you have to decide what clientele and ambience is your restaurant to have. Is your restaurant going to be a place teeming with people and encourages gossips and chatter or is it going to be a formal fine-dine for the epicurean diner or is it going to be place of relaxed conversations.

Once you have reviewed your ambience, you can decide how many square feet you want to allocate per customer. Restaurants need a passage area between table and chairs of usually 1-1/2 feet, however you might want to create wider aisles for the wheelchair bound patrons. A fine-dine restaurant may need to cater for additional room for F&B carts for tableside service.

5. Mass-Produced vs Bespoke Furniture – Mass produced furniture (also called Range Furniture) is ready-to-pick furniture that comes with the convenience of being available in furniture stores nearby, thereby saving you time. It tends to be factory-tested and usually comes with warranties.

Bespoke furniture, on the other hand, is furniture that is custom-made for your exact requirements. Bespoke furniture is about getting you exactly what you want, how you want and where you want.

The benefits of bespoke hospitality furniture over range furniture include (a) an endless array of options, (b) higher quality, (c) durability, and (d) uniqueness of designs. However, these benefits come at a price. Bespoke furniture is usually costlier than range furniture.

In order to decide if bespoke furniture is right for your hospitality and foodservice business, ask yourself these questions:

    • Does your restaurant have unique &/or theme-based interiors or decor?
    • What is more important for you – quality or price?
    • Would you like choose materials, finishes, designs and colors as per your liking or are you okay with off-the-shelf furniture in standard designs?
    • Is furniture’s longevity a key aspect of your decision-making? Are you looking to invest one-time for furniture or okay to risk replacing it every few years?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions then custom-made furniture could be the right choice for you.

Are you planning to get furniture that lasts decade or furniture that lasts only a few seasons? Get in touch with us at +91-9769003311 OR email OR fill up enquiry form on our website in order to get bespoke, heavy-duty, commercial-grade restaurant furniture that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

FurnitureRoots: Country’s Top Restaurant Furniture Manufacturer, Wholesaler & Supplier

FurnitureRoots is a leading manufacturer, wholesaler, supplier and exporter of custom made furniture for restaurants, fine-dines, F&B and foodservice businesses, and catering businesses globally. When you buy commercial restaurant furniture with FurnitureRoots, you get:

1. Bespoke And Fully Customizable Designs

With FurnitureRoots, you can customize the designs, dimensions, materials, colors, finish and engineering / hardware of any furniture product. And get furniture that syncs with your restaurant’s decor perfectly!

2. High Grade Furniture For Harsh Restaurant Operating Environs

Restaurants require commercial-grade furniture that can face long hours of use, food & beverage spillages and regular cleaning.

As a specialized hospitality furniture manufacturer, FurnitureRoots makes furniture benchmarked to significantly durability and quality standards. With our furniture products made using commercial-grade raw materials, hardware and joinery techniques & technology, we ensure you get furniture that lasts you a lifetime.

3. Direct-from-Manufacturer Prices

Given that you are getting furniture directly from a manufacturer, eliminating margins of distributors / wholesalers / supply chain, you get the lowest possible prices for commercial-grade furniture.

Buying furniture from FurnitureRoots is an assured way of ensuring you get high quality, custom-made furniture at rates that are significantly cheaper than what you would otherwise have to shell out on furniture sourced from B2C furniture websites or restaurant furniture stores near you.

4. Reliability

FurnitureRoots is an ISO 9001:2015 certified bespoke furniture manufacturer and exporter with experience of over 300+ restaurants, foodservice businesses and F&B hospitality projects.

We specialize in making commercial-grade furniture that is purpose built for ruggedness and durability. So you don’t go wrong when it comes to your large ticket-size hospitality furniture purchases.

5. Experience Of A Specialist Commercial Furniture Manufacturer

FurnitureRoots offers professional services to restaurant interior designers & architects, hospitality FF&E procurement agencies, hospitality sourcing companies and contract furniture companies on their commercial hospitality & project furniture requirements. Contact us for if you want to team up with FurnitureRoots as your furniture manufacturer of choice.

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