Looking to source high-quality cafe furniture for your new cafe OR refurbishing your cafe? FurnitureRoots is your one-stop solution for bespoke cafe furniture to give your cafe a rustic, luxurious look such that people keep coming back for the ambience!

Explore our extensive range of stylish and sturdy cafe seating, bar stools, armchairs & sofas, outdoor bistro furniture, cafe counters and other coffee shop furniture in rustic, boho, industrial or modern styles that will fit the ambience of your cafe or bistro perfectly.

Since you will be sourcing the products directly from a manufacturer, you can save up to 35% of the cost by sourcing with FurnitureRoots! Not a bad deal, considering that you will also be getting exactly what you want, thanks to our endless customization options!


Cafe Chairs

Coffee chairs for cafeteria and coffee shop including metal cafe chairs, cafe chairs wooden, or outdoor bistro chairs at great wholesale prices


Cafe Table

A variety of coffee shop tables, including round cafe tables, small cafe tables, marble cafe tables, white cafe tables & outdoor bistro table tops and bases


Cafe Table And Chairs

Enhance your dining experience with our range of outdoor cafe chairs and tables and cafe table and stools that are customized with our hand-crafted restaurant bar counter


Cafe Sofa

Elegant sofas for cafe or coffee shop. Get cafe couches and cafe armchairs in custom options like cane, velvet, fabric, or leather.


Cafe Stools

Explore our range of bistro bar stools, metal cafe stools, or cane bar chairs that are custom manufactured and pair well with our cafe counter designs


Cafe Booths

Exquisite seating booths that are custom made for your choice of design, dimensions or finishes to match your cafe or coffee shop decor




Order Process Step 1 - 'Discover Custom Furniture Designs On Website'

Select from 2500+ furniture designs on website or share your own


Order Process Step 2 - 'Call Us To Discuss Furniture Customizations For Your Business'

Discuss customizations at +91-976 900 3311 or


Order Process - Step 3 'Get Order Delivery'

Unbox furniture that matches your decor perfectly in a few days

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Diner Furniture: By FurnitureRoots for Vapour Bar Exchange in Gurgaon




Customize all aspects of your furniture selection when you buy with us

Custom Furniture Styles & Designs
Variety of Wood Options
Custom Wood Finishes and Stains
Custom Leather Vinyl or Fabric Options

Get the best cafe designs for your coffee shop. Schedule a free expert consultation today!

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How to choose cafe furniture?

After you’ve chosen your location, the immediate next task that a future cafe owner has to work on is deciding the cafe’s ambience. Once the atmosphere has been defined, the owner has to decide on furniture. That’s a difficult one!

Because when you buy furniture for a commercial cafe, it has to don many hats – not only must the furniture complement the cafe’s interiors and go with its ambience, but it also is the place where guests will be spending most of their time and so it needs to comfortable and sturdy.

Below we’ve outlined 4 tips that will help you base your buying decisions on reality and get the best for your investment into furniture for your coffee shop:

1. Plan the ambience / themeThe first deciding factor is to figure out the concept of your cafe. This can be based to a significant extent on your location and the type of clientele your cafe is going to cater to.

If you have a target audience that is largely eco-conscious, nature lovers or lovers of the good’ol days, we recommend you also consider our wholesale reclaimed wood furniture collection

Or if the cafe is in the relaxed-pace of a shopping district or a sidewalk cafe where people come to chill, then go for comfortable upholstery furniture where your clients can sit comfortably for longer periods of time. If you have several family visitors you should also consider going for choosing from our wholesale rustic furniture collection

2. Decide number of covers Once you’ve figured out the concept of your cafe then arriving at the number of covers (i.e., the number of seats) required will become easier to calculate.

You simply have to figure out how large is your seating in your diner and decide on the style and number of tables and chairs keeping the overall space in mind.

If your cafe will cater to small groups of walk-ins, you’ll likely consider keeping smaller tables with seating for 2-4 people. Or if your cafe is expected to cater to large families or groups, you’ll likely need to buy longer dining tables with 4+ covers per table and plan the covers according to the overall space available.

3. Buying commercial grade furniture Don’t make the mistake of buying residential grade furniture for a commercial environment such as a cafe.

Residential grade furniture is often built for 1-2 hours of gentle use a day and so  will often not stand up to the hard-wearing, 10-15 hours/day of unforgiving use in a coffee shop.

Commercial quality products will make sure the joinery, hardware and other potential problem areas are of a sufficient standard for heavy use.

Furthermore, your furniture will be regularly picked / pulled / dragged / stacked; will see food or beverage spillages; and come in regular contact with cleaning liquids. This translates into a significant upkeep and maintenance requirements, which effects the life of furniture substantially.

Try to buy furniture keeping in mind such upkeep and maintenance issues in mind. You may want to choose chairs with handles on backrests for easy pick / pull; ensure use of high quality floor glides on chair legs; use high quality powder coating or electroplating for outdoor furniture in metal; use PU or Vinyl upholstery for seats; ensure cafe chair and table designs that prevent of collection of food crumbs.

If you’re not based out of India, we’ve got you covered. Our Import Furniture from India as well as Export Furniture from India programs are extremely convenient and helps our international clients achieve top-notch quality at record-low prices.

Cafe furniture styles: Furniture designs available at FurnitureRoots:

FurnitureRoots is a leading manufacturer, wholesaler, and supplier of furniture for cafes, coffee shops, coffee bars, outdoor cafes, sidewalk cafes, and French and Italian bistro cafes globally.

With FurnitureRoots’ bespoke capabilities, get furniture in a wide range of designs, including industrial, rustic, vintage/retro, modern, or distressed cafe tables and chairs.

Cafe Seating

The design of the chairs in a cafe is driven, to a large extent, by the clientele the cafe is aimed at. FurnitureRoots makes a wide range of chair designs catering to a range of requirements. Choose between the elegant and relaxing bentwood chairs to metal chairs that create an industrial and vintage feel to outdoor cafe chairs made of rattan/wicker. Or select between Cafe Benches, Sofas, Counter & Bar Stools, Folding Chairs, and Booth Seating.

Cafe Tables

Cafe tables consist of tabletops and table bases. These are usually ordered separately; the bases are almost always pedestals which maximize the seating flexibility. As an industrial furniture supplier, we also provided options in tabletops in a choice of wood, metal, glass-top, marble, or granite stone and engineered stone.

FurnitureRoots also provides tables in a variety of shapes. Choose from a range of Round Tables, Square Tables, Live Edge Tables, Small Tables, Tall/High-Top Table.

Cafe Table and Chair Sets

Take the guesswork out of the equation! With FurnitureRoots’ pre-matched selection of tables and cafe chairs, you don’t have to spend thought or time on mixing and matching tables with chairs. With FurnitureRoots’ wide range of cafe dining sets that are fully customizable, you can be assured of finding furniture that is suits your cafe’s decor perfectly!

FurnitureRoots sells Cafe Furniture at these Locations globally.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How many chairs and tables will fit in my coffee shop?
A. Provide between 12-18 square feet per customer. A cafe or cafeteria can thus seat 85-125 diners in 1500 square feet of dedicated dining area, excluding kitchen area. This includes an 18-inch passage area between tables for easy movement but excludes wider aisles you might want to create to accommodate wheelchair bound patrons.

Q. Can you help design my cafe furniture?

A. Yes, we can. We will help you all the way from figuring out the best cafe furniture designs, dimensions, materials, finishes to working out the packaging, logistics and after-sales support. Ask any of our existing clients and you’re sure to get a positive feedback for our services.

Q. How much does cafe furniture cost?
A. Assuming a dining space of 1500 square feet with 20 tables, 6 booths, 50 chairs & 10 bar stools, below are approximate prices you may be paying for cafe furniture:

Cafe Chair Price $1,150 $2,200 $3,500
Cafe Table Price $1,600 $2,400 $3,200
Cafe Bar Stool Price $275 $450 $650
Cafe Booth Price $875 $1,200 $1,600
Cafe Furniture Price $3,900 $6,250 $8,950

These are indicative cost of furniture for coffee shop based on furniture options available with us. We at FurnitureRoots sell directly to new or upcoming coffee shops across the globe and keep costs low by removing multiple layers of distributors / wholesalers / suppliers, thus getting you furniture that will be 30% to 50% cheaper compared to available alternatives.
Q. What are the specific furniture types that you supply apart from tables, chairs, and sofas?
A. Apart from tables, chairs, and sofas for cafes, we supply intricate furniture pieces that are mainly used by medium to large scale coffee chains. This includes cafe booth seating, custom cafe counters, high tables, high-back chairs and couches, height-adjustable crank tables, display cabinets, and just about every other type of furniture used in a cafe. We also do lighting for the cafes, if you haven’t planned on it already.

Q. Do you provide customizations? How much do they cost?
A. Yes, as a bespoke cafe furniture company we provide customizations. While the cost of custom furniture for cafes depends on specifications, however customizations helps furniture blend in and enhance the cafe’s interior design and lends individuality & character to it.
Q. What is the average lifespan of cafe furniture? 
A. Depending on quality, cafe furniture can last you anywhere from 3-15 years. Two key aspects affecting furniture life are construction quality and raw materials. Contract-grade joinery techniques and commercial-grade materials will help double (or more) the lifespan of your furniture and save you from very costly refurbishments to your coffee shop every few years.

Q. Are there any Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) requirements?
A. Yes, there is a minimum order quantity or a minimum order value given that we are a custom cafe furniture manufacturer. Get in touch with us to discuss the specifics of your requirements.
Q. Which countries do you deliver to?
A. We deliver all over the globe.

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