Furniture exporters of rare and exquisite Indian furniture styles, FurnitureRoots exports following furniture designs – Vintage Industrial Furniture, Distressed Furniture, Repurposed / Salvaged / Reused Wood Furniture, Automobile Furniture, Painted Furniture, Carved Furniture, Rustic / Farmhouse Furniture & other niche furniture styles across the globe.

Apart from this, we also export Modern Commercial Furniture, Classic Solid Wood Furniture, Aviator Style Furniture, Rope & Cane Weave Furniture, and Organic Fabric Furniture from our collections of contemporary designs and styles.

Apart from the products listed on this page, almost all of our products undergo some customization due to buyer requirements and negligible additional costs due to our deep technical and manufacturing capabilities. Discover evocative designs in Handicrafts Furniture from India’s leading furniture exporter: FurnitureRoots.


Automobile & Car Furniture Exporter

Get individualistic automobile-theme furniture for your home, pub or cafe, including car sofa & couches, engine block coffee table, tractor & truck counters, vintage jeep & scooter consoles and other automotive furniture.

Upcycled Furniture Exporter

We convert discarded materials into eco-friendly, reusable furniture. Import our range of Upcycled Dining Tables and Coffee Tables, Sideboards & Dressers, Chairs, Couches & Sofas, and Armchairs & many more products.

Rustic Furniture Exporter

Import an eclectic range of farmhouse-style furniture for your furniture store or hospitality establishment. Explore Rustic Coffee Tables, TV Stands, Farmhouse Tables and Chairs, Bar Stools & other barnwood designs.


FurnitureRoots ISO 9001 2015 Certified Company

ISO 9001:2015

Certified for provision of internationally benchmarked processes and systems of furniture production.

FurnitureRoots ISO 14001 2015 Certificate

ISO 14001:2015

Certified for setup of appropriate Environmental Management Systems (EMS) for furniture manufacturing.

FurnitureRoots OHSAS 18001-2007 Certified Company

OHSAS 18001:2007

Certified for provision of appropriate Occupational Health & Safety Standards for all employees.

FurnitureRoots - A Export Promotion Council For Handicrafts (EPCH) India Member Company


Member of Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH), protecting, supporting and promoting handicrafts.



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FurnitureRoots: Exporter of hand-crafted Indian, Rajasthani and Jodhpuri furniture and handicrafts

FurnitureRoots is a custom furniture exporter bringing evocative, handmade furniture designs to wherever you live across the globe.

Given our strong focus on design and quality, we have won several awards, plaudits and recognitions and, as a result, FurnitureRoots leads the list of Indian Exporters & manufacturers of Jodhpur furniture designs across the globe to customers of all sizes. Importing Furniture from India has never been so cost-effective and beneficial at the sam e time since the quality of material that we use during manufacturing is top-notch and ISO certified.

We began our story in furniture when we started manufacturing custom furniture for themed and upscale restaurants. Soon we realized that restaurants and hotel required intricate designs that are not readily available in the retail market, especially in the developed countries. Since we realized this, we’ve been fortunate to successfully help hotels worldwide by manufacturing hotel furniture in India along with some dazzling restaurant furniture that goes along with them. 

FurnitureRoots is an ISO-9001:2015 certified furniture exporter, so you are assured of getting furniture that not only looks captivating but which has also been built for longevity.

FurnitureRoots: Furniture exporter of choice for furniture retail stores & chains, furniture importers and furniture wholesalers globally:

FurnitureRoots works with furniture stores, furniture retailers, furniture chains, furniture importers, furniture wholesalers and furniture buying agencies worldwide, providing beautiful handcrafted furniture designs and products that add a bespoke, handcrafted touch to homes, hospitality businesses and commercial establishments globally.

FurnitureRoots is a one-stop-shop for furniture retailers and stores across the globe to import wooden furniture. With our bespoke and handmade furniture products and designs, FurnitureRoots ranks among the leading furniture exporters in Jodhpur. Unlike Indonesian or Malaysian Furniture Exporters with single product lines, FurnitureRoots’ works with a curated list of highly awarded artisans and organizations and is thus able to provide a one-stop shop experience. Be it wooden furniture exporters, metal or handicraft furniture exporters, you will find us leading the Indian exporters list as well as the list of handicraft exporters in Jodhpur.

Are you planning to get exquisite, handmade furniture that stands out? Get in touch with us at +91-9769003311 OR email OR fill up an enquiry form on our website and order today to get bespoke furniture designs that are exported and loved all across the globe.

Export Furniture Designs and Styles available at FurnitureRoots:

From its furniture factory in Jodhpur, FurnitureRoots exports a wide range of Indian Export Furniture designs and styles. Don’t like any of these Furniture types? No problem. Simply send us a template of the design you want, we will share similar samples or we will specially design one for you. Sourcing Bespoke, quality Furniture in small, medium and bulk quantities has never been simpler 

Vintage Industrial Furniture

Industrial style or vintage industrial furniture refers to an aesthetic trend in furniture design that takes dilapidated and discarded materials of old factories and industrial spaces. Sometimes, usage of unexpected materials in furniture also gets tagged as industrial chic.

Distress Painted Furniture

Distress painted furniture is part of the shabby chic style of interior design where furniture are chosen for their weathered looks or where new furniture items are distressed to affect signs of age and wear & tear.

Reclaimed Wood and Recycled Wood Furniture

Reclaimed wood furniture is made using wood that comes from old timbre. Such wood usually comes from old buildings being dismantled or it may be discarded wooden sleepers of a railway track or driftwood. The main benefit of reclaimed furniture is that it is sustainable and eco-friendly since its simply old wood being reused, saving new trees from being felled and cut. Further, such wood has already aged, weathered and dried. So it doesn’t shrink or bend. Neither does it need to be finished, unlike most other woods.

Weave Furniture – Rope and Cane Weave Furniture

In furniture, weaving is a method of making seats, backrests and armrests of chairs, accent chairs or sofas by tying them in natural fibres like jute, rattan and cane or synthetic materials. This tends to give a natural, earthy look to such furniture items. Some of these furniture items are also used outdoors given the weather and rain-resistant properties of some of these natural fibres.

Upcycled and Repurposed Furniture

Upcycled or repurposed furniture is furniture created by transforming discarded materials and creating, fusing or forming them into new products of better quality and environmental value.

Furniture Inspired From Car and Automotive Parts

Automobile furniture is furniture designs that are inspired from old automobiles, like car or truck grills, dining table made from a discarded scooter or motorcycle frames, coffee or bar tables made by reusing old automotive parts like chains, engine bays etc. While this type of make-shift furniture is popular in India, popularity for car & automotive furniture is increasing across the globe. 

Hand Painted Furniture

Paint has an amazing power to transform any piece of furniture. When you need a furniture refresh to appeal to match the Boho or shabby chic ambience of your business establishment, all it takes is a coat of paint. In an age of mass production, we at FurnitureRoots are proud to keep the unique traditions of hand painting furniture alive.

Hand Carved and Carved Wood Furniture

Carving wood is a form of woodworking achieved by means of a cutting tool in one hand or a chisel by two hands or with one hand on a chisel and one hand on a mallet, resulting in wooden products of unsurpassed beauty and old-world charm. FurnitureRoots provides hand-carved furniture that provides visitors of your hospitality or commercial establishment a glimpse of the lifestyle and artistry of yore and evoke the elegance of the bygone era.

Reproduction or Replica Furniture

Furniture that is a copy of vintage or antique/old furniture designs is called reproduction furniture. At FurnitureRoots, we help you reclaim the elegance of the old, classic furniture designs by crafting the highest quality reproduction furniture along with the finer details and nuances of such classic designs.

Inlay Furniture – Bone or Mother of Pearl Inlay, Metal Inlay Furniture, Stone Inlay Furniture

An inlay, one of the all-time hot trends in furniture designs and decor, is a decorative technique that consists of inserting small pieces of bone, molluscs shell, metal or stone into a pattern. The resulting pattern is used on a variety of furniture products from dressers to desks to tables and chairs. Such furniture products are appreciated for their striking textural contrast and the elegance they add to space.

Curved Furniture, Bentwood & Organic Design Furniture

Bentwood furniture items are made either by steaming wood and bending it and letting it harden into curved shapes and patterns or by chipping thick wooden plans into smaller curves which are then co-joined to make the whole furniture product. FurnitureRoots produces some of the most unusual but elegant bentwood or curved furniture designs.

Rough Sawn Furniture

FurnitureRoots’ ruff sawn products feature wooden furniture items made with lumber that is sawn or gritted as close to the condition of the original cut as possible. Such saw marks are left in the wood instead of being sanded out. This gives the wooden furniture items a rugged yet warm appeal. These rustic dining tables, charismatic bedroom furniture and enigmatic dressers are all handcrafted for the pure bliss for fans of rustic furniture.

Antique & Vintage Furniture and Artefacts

The term vintage furniture usually refers to a piece between 30 to 100 years old and antique furniture refers to a piece that is 100 years or older. Given their scarcity, vintage furniture pieces give your decor individuality and style that can’t be achieved when furnishing entirely with new pieces. FurnitureRoots deals in vintage furniture items for commercial and hospitality projects.

Contemporary and Modern Furniture

Contemporary-styled furniture merges with modern designs by utilizing simple and clean lines focused on comfort. Business establishments with contemporary décor often have minimalist appeal, have furniture that appears light, airy and visually appealing with a modest appearance. FurnitureRoots makes custom and bespoke designs in both modern as well as contemporary furniture styles.

Classic / Victorian / Colonial Furniture in Solid Wood

Traditional furniture designs that have classic appeal is generally termed as classical furniture. They can be of various types: Victorian classic furniture, Georgian classic furniture, Tudor classic furniture, Louis XV classic furniture, French provincial classic furniture. FurnitureRoots makes custom and bespoke designs in such classical, Victorian or colonial furniture styles.

Natural & Organic Fabric Upholstered Furniture

Organic upholstery is made without pesticides, toxic dyes, bleaches. FurnitureRoots exports furniture products in natural, organic fabric upholstery for safe and sumptuous surroundings.

Aviation-Inspired Furniture

FurnitureRoots aviator furniture pieces are inspired by Zeppelin Airships and WW-II fighter pilot lifestyles. Our aviator collection features aluminium finishes with a riveted construction. This furniture has a sturdy solid wood construction and aviator style fabulous metallic finishes in aluminium metal with metal screw detail to give you feel of aircraft. Our Aviator furniture collection is edgy and futuristic furniture which add a unique and glamorous look to your space.

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