Distressed furniture style is where furniture are chosen for their weathered looks or where new furniture items are distress painted to affect signs of age and wear & tear. Manufacturer & wholesale supplier of exquisite distressed wood furniture, FurnitureRoots exports rustic, antique and French provincial Distressed Wood Furniture & White Distressed Furniture designs for homes & villas, restaurants, bars & cafes, hotels & resorts as well as for furniture stores & furniture wholesalers globally.

Get distress painted furniture at 1/2 or 1/3rd the cost by sourcing them directly from top-rated furniture manufacturer in India. Apart from products listed here, almost all of our products undergo some customization given buyer requirements and negligible additional costs. Explore elegant custom designs in Distressed Furniture from one of the most trusted distressed wood furniture exporters in India: FurnitureRoots.



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    What is distressed furniture? A complete guide to distressed wood furniture

    Distressed furniture is furniture that looks aged and weathered.

    Distressing can be achieved through a range of techniques including sanding, waxing, wet or dry brushing, scraping and whitewashing. You can use these techniques stand-alone or even in combination with one another.

    The end result, though, is always irresistible. Wooden furniture with chipped off edges or whitewashed appearance and irregularly painted surfaces lend an unmatched bucolic charm to any space and stirs up everyone’s imagination. Distressed wood furniture amplifies the decor of any resort, hotel, cafe or bar be it in designs as varied as shabby chic, country/farmhouse, industrial or modern.

    The key elements of distressed OR shabby chic style furniture are:

    A combination of paint and wood

    Distressed furniture is essentially wooden furniture painted or chalked to make it appear alluring. There are some wood types which take to distressing better than others. Wood species like Mango and Pine form better substrates for distressing given the neutral grain structure of these woods. Additionally, lower density woods or softwoods are better for distressing given they can be sanded, chipped or rough sawn with relatively less efforts and risk than hardwoods.

    Aged or weathered looks

    Distressing makes furniture appear old and weathered. Distressed finishes are often created by wearing or scratching the paint off the furniture.

    Vibrant palette

    When it comes to distress painted furniture, messing up your palettes is good! Since distressing usually involves more than a single color and then wearing them down, the final products are a lot more peppy, effervescent and chic than your other furniture items.

    Distressed style furniture: Bringing the design style into your restaurant, bar, cafe or resort & hotels and vacation homes and villas

    Adding a few signature elements of the distressed style can augment the ambience of your foodservice or hospitality business to the uber-chic:

    – Get the walls done up in whites and creams or other neutral shades. Having colorful distress-finished furniture placed against the backdrop of whitewashed walls magnifies the coolness factor of your classic hotel furniture set-up

    – Furniture in softer distress tones adds unmatched elegance to cafes and restaurants with a modern or contemporary decor. Whereas furniture with stronger tones lends a rustic charm to resorts, vacation-stay hotel and guesthouses.

    FurnitureRoots: Manufacturer & Exporter of Wholesale Distressed Furniture from Jodhpur India

    FurnitureRoots manufactures, wholesales and supplies distress painted furniture to furniture stores, homes and hospitality businesses globally. Our bespoke & custom distressed look furniture styles combine warm and natural materials like leather and wood with edgy silhouettes of metal to create a visually interesting focal point in a living room, dining room, bedroom or offices. From our Jodhpur furniture factory, we create rustic and antique distressed furniture designs for homes, distress-look restaurants, bars, distress-theme cafes, resorts, hotels as well export distressed furniture globally to furniture stores and retailers.
    Q. Which furniture types are available in distressed furniture styles? 
    A. We regularly custom manufacture distressed chesterfield sofas, distressed tables, distressed chairs, distressed style furniture for restaurants, stools & several other shabby chic furniture styles.

    Q. Are there any minimum order quantities to manufacture them? 
    A. There aren’t any minimum quantity requirements, but in order to reap maximum benefits, sourcing from a Jodhpur based manufacturer is beneficial only over 5 units.

    Q. How does it get delivered & supplied to us? 
    A. We custom manufacture and deliver furniture pieces all across the world through our deep logistics network. Shipping costs are negligible and tend to be in the range of 2.5% – 5% of the order itself which makes the entire sourcing process extremely cost-effective. 

    Q. Am I likely to realize any cost benefits by sourcing distressed/shabby chic furniture from a manufacturer? 
    A. Yes, certainly. Jodhpur is a furniture manufacturing hub that hosts several specialist manufacturers of distressed/shabby chic furniture. Due to a lower labor cost & large-scale manufacturing, you can save anything between 25-35% of your order total expenses and at the same time get higher quality furniture.

    Q. How do you distress the furniture pieces? 
    A. Distressing is a long & complicated process. Sandpaper is used to brush away the wax & top layer of paint along with light machinery to guarantee an enticing, shabby look.

    Q. Apart from standard furniture, do you also do distressed decor?
    A. Being a specialist in hospitality furniture, we also distress just about any furniture piece for a holistic theme.

    FurnitureRoots sells Distressed Furniture at these Locations globally.

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