Dressers and chest of drawers that match the aesthetics of your hotel or home/villa bedroom while providing ample storage space. FurnitureRoots’ bedroom dressers come in an exciting range of designs from modern to antique/vintage; small to tall dressers; wooden dressers to industrial-style wood & metal dressers. All our dresser cabinets come fitted with high-grade hardware and accessories. All colors, styles, shapes, size, materials can be customized as per your budget.

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    Dressers and chest of drawers for hotels, resorts and homes/villas

    Custom dressers and chests of drawers that help you store and organize your clothes and knick-knacks in style. Whether you need to get ready in front of the mirror or need design storage solutions, you’ll find the right combination with our wide selection.

    You’ll be never short of options with our bedroom dressers designs – from modern & contemporary to farmhouse and from mid-century modern to distressed & shabby chic, we can make dresses in any style to match your bedroom’s decor.

    We manufacture and supply stylish yet sturdy dressers and chest of drawers to::

      • Furniture Stores and Furniture Retail Chains,
      • Hotels, Motels, Guesthouses, Resorts, Spas, and
      • Luxury Homes, Villas and Apartments.

    An ISO 9001:2015 certified bespoke furniture organization with experience of over 300+ hospitality projects so you get durable furniture that has been purpose-built for longevity.

    What is the difference between a Dresser and a Chest of Drawers?

    Dressers are usually shorter in height and have a wider footprint, whereas a Chest of Drawers is typically higher and narrower.

    Although both Dressers, as well as Chest of Drawers, perform the same function – storing clothes – but given their waist-level height, most dressers pair well with vanity mirrors on top. These mirrors can either be affixed to the dresser itself or it can be fixed on a wall behind it, helping Dressers address the need of people to get ready.

    What’s the best dresser design for my style?

    We make a wide range of dressers and drawer chests, including:

      • Dressers by Design: Choose from a range of Modern or Contemporary, Industrial, Rustic & Farmhouse-style, Shabby Chic, French Provincial, Distressed, Indian, and Carved Dressers,
      • Wardrobes by Color: You can get FurnitureRoots’ chest of drawers in a choice of colors ranging from White, Black, Grey. We can customize Dressers for any finish of your choice, and
      • Dressers by Dimensions / Use: Choose from Large or Small, Semainier or High Boy, Corner or Closet Dressers.

    With FurnitureRoots you can get furniture that is fully customizable to match your home or hotel decor! You can customize your dressers or chest of drawers for designs, dimensions, materials, colors, finish and engineering.

    Custom dresser – types of customizations possible:

    From antique/vintage to the latest closet dressers, our dresser designs are customizable for the following features:

      • Dresser dimensions,
      • Configuration of drawers,
      • Finishes ranging from dark to light as well as configurable for different types of materials ranging from wood, engineered wood, metal, and leather; and hardware, and
      • Custom hand-crafting, glass paneling, inlay-work, and other customizations of your choice.

    FurnitureRoots sells Custom Dresser and Drawer Chests at the following Locations globally.

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