Rustic furniture uses natural logs, wooden beams or barnwood planks creating an aesthetic that showcases the raw, natural beauty of wood.  The key characteristic of rustic decor is that it is shorn of adornments or ornamentation of any kind. Instead, this decor style uses timber with visible cracks and spines or rough sawn lumber that is finished minimalistically with organic materials (think clay, wax or clear coat).

FurnitureRoots is among the most trusted furniture manufacturer in India and among the leading furniture exporters in India providing wholesale rustic furniture. We export farmhouse & barn wood furniture styles made from salvaged or rough sawn lumber for furniture stores & wholesalers, rustic-themed cafes, restaurants or bars as well as vacation villas & mansions, globally.



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Wholesale Rustic furniture: All you need to know about the rustic/farmhouse furniture style

While a broad term encompassing many different design styles, rustic furniture is characterised by designs that use and showcase wood that is natural, rough and aged. Splints, cracks and other deformations of wood are par for the course when it comes to rustic style furniture.

Rustic furniture is typically sourced India and Vietnam, countries which have a long history of wood being used in construction of houses and, thus, have no paucity when it comes to old wood reclaimed from old run-down or dilapidated houses or buildings undergoing redevelopment.

The key elements to the rustic or farmhouse-style furniture are:

Emphasis On The Natural

The defining characteristic of a rustic home is the use of natural materials. For furniture, this usually means a lot of wood. The emphasis of rustic furniture style is on the simple, natural and earthy feel of wood. So instead of a sleek, glossy stain on a newly harvested wood, you will find reclaimed and/or unfinished wood being used in the crafting of furniture items.


Rustic furniture is handmade. 

In keeping with the natural theme, rustic furniture is handmade. It’s generally simple in design and shape, letting the materials stand out instead. Rustic furniture is designed to feel warm, inviting and classical. Heavy wood furniture, made from raw logs, wooden beams and rough sawn lumber is common.

The Opposite Of Modern

In the rustic style of furniture, you will be hard pressed to find modern furnishings and materials materials, like metal, plastic, or synthetic fibers. While rustic decor by itself tends to be heavier, darker, and less sparse, however contemporary rustic furniture, a relatively new trend, combines the earthy elements of the rustic style with a clean-lined modern design for a fresh, light, and grounded aesthetic.


Style tips for decorating resort, cafe, bar holiday homes or private residences with rustic furniture

By adding the following signature elements of the reclaimed style, you can up jazz factor of your hospitality business or executive & luxury residences:

– Add a bit of grit to it. Rustic furniture, and the upholstery atop it, have a bit of a roughness to them. Much of it is made from raw woods so it feels a bit undone. You want to feel as though your materials have been roughened up a bit by the elements, so you’ll often find barnwood, railway sleeper wood or driftwood

– Keep it warm and inviting. With its warm color palette, the rustic design style creates an atmosphere that’s friendly, inviting and the kind which spurs conversations. Oversized couches, distressed leather, jute or other natural fibre furnishings, everything that is a bit raw adds the warm colors and textures that are central of the rustic decor and makes it feel particularly homey.

– A natural color palette. Unsurprisingly, the rustic color palette swings towards neutral. Greens, browns, and grays are common. While there is room for bold, but try to stick to earthy tones as the rustic decor favors warmth over colors that have a cold or stark appeal about them.

Manufacturer and Wholesaler Supplier Of Rustic Furniture  

At FurnitureRoots, we have a passion for honoring the beauty of basics. A rustic furniture manufacturer, wholesaler, exporter and supplier in Jodhpur, India, FurnitureRoots is a one-stop shop for furniture stores and retail chains across the globe to import this style of furniture. With our bespoke range of furniture that uses an admixture of leather, dark-stained wood, unfinished beams, stonework and plenty of natural fibers, FurnitureRoots is one of the most trusted furniture manufacturing company in India.

From our furniture factory in Jodhpur, we export and wholesale a wide range range of rustic, barnwood and farmhouse style furniture designs as part of our rustic wood furniture collection.

We work with furniture stores, furniture retail chains, importers, wholesalers, distributors and buying agencies. We also provide furniture for rustic-theme restaurants, bars, cafes and resorts globally. Buy beautiful, handmade, bespoke rustic wooden furniture that provides you or your clients an unforgettable experience that balances luxury with price as well as durability from India’s leading rustic furniture maker: FurnitureRoots.

FurnitureRoots sells Rustic Furniture at these Locations globally.

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