Hotel Reception Area


Our collection of lobby furniture provides you with stylish reception desks & entryway console tables as well as comfortable lobby seating & lobby tables

Hotel Room


Furnish your guest bedrooms with the best in furniture and decor items – from traditional to modern and from classic to contemporary designs

Dining Bar Area


Our furniture provides your hotel’s bakery, coffee shop, bar or fine-dine restaurants with a level of style & comfort that will leave lasting impressions on guests

Hotel Banquet Area


Explore a select collection of banquet furniture like banquet & function chairs and banquet tables, perfect for large events and gatherings

Hotel Room Furniture Set


Hotel Casegoods, including Wardrobe, Desk, Chest, TV Stand, Headboard, Nightstand & Microfridge Cabinet, that are tailor-made for a room’s decor

Hotel Lighting


Our custom lighting options include floor lamps, table lamps and pendant lights will help transform your hotel room and lobby areas



Order Process Step 1 - 'Discover Custom Furniture Designs On Website'

Select from 2500+ furniture designs on website or share your own


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Order Process - Step 3 'Get Order Delivery'

Unbox furniture that matches your decor perfectly in a few days


Why Custom-Made Furniture Is Best For Businesses?

Hotel, Motel & Resort Furniture That Is Custom Made For Individuality

Furniture for hotels comprises of entryway & reception furniture, furniture for guest rooms, bar & dining area furniture and furniture for ballroom and events or banquets and also outdoor areas like spa, pool, patios, gardens and rooftops. At FurnitureRoots we custom manufacture furniture for all of these requirements. Our high quality, commercial-grade furniture is there every step of the way to provide your guests with an exceptional degree of individuality, elegance and comfort.

FurnitureRoots’ furniture for hotel entryway and reception areas is custom made to create a big impact and enchant your customers soon as they step inside. Our lounge & waiting room furniture products like sofas, accent chairs and armchairs ensconce your guests in the lap of luxury and end & side tables and console tables add a bespoke, handcrafted touch to your ambiance.

Our bakery, dining, and bar furniture products for hotels are designed to be sturdy, practical, and individualistic. Our dining chairs, barstools, dining tables, bar tables, and banquettes are custom made to sync in perfectly with a hotel’s theme and heighten its appeal.

Our guestroom furniture is designed to magnify the sense of luxury and comfort. We conceive, design and manufacture all of our room furniture sets – beds, headboards, bedside tables, bed-end benches, wardrobes with integrated fridge or minibar unit, luggage racks, TV panels, study desks & chairs, coffee tables, room chairs, vanity cabinets, and mirror & door frames – to exacting standards of functionality, durability, and elegance.

Important Questions To Ask Before You Buy Commercial Hotel Contract Furniture:

Getting furniture for your hotel, motel or resort involves a substantial investment. It is essential to get it right. Keep a lookout out for these key features and components when buying furniture f
or your hotel, motel, guest house, bed and breakfast (B&Bs), luxury tent/glamping tents or camps or vacation stays, holiday homes or serviced apartments business:

1. Manufacturer’s Experience – Getting a high-quality furniture manufacturer with substantial prior experience in manufacturing furniture graded for hospitality use and specifications is the deciding factor behind getting furniture that serves your business’ requirements perfectly for a lifetime or furniture that requires costly repairs or refurbishments often.

2. Ensure Furniture Syncs with Interior Décor – Since a hotel has a wide range of furniture requirements – from reception counters to lobby sofas to dining chairs and tables to beds, wardrobes, desks, cabinets, etc – it becomes quite difficult for hotel owners to find furniture that complements the ambiance or theme of their business. This is where bespoke furniture comes to a hospitality owner’s aid.

Custom hospitality furniture has always been considered the best way to ensure you get furniture that amalgamates with your hotel’s ambiance easily and, at the same time, helps create a significant impression on your clientele.

3. Correct Dimensions – Correct dimensions and commodious proportions help in providing your clients with ample space and instils a sense of luxury in your clients.

4. Commercial Grade Materials – Always use high-quality raw materials like seasoned wood and rust-resistant coatings for metal furniture; high-density, high resiliency foams; commercial-grade upholstery, be it fabric, leather, PVC or PU, or Rexine; and, importantly, ensure that the manufacturer uses the latest furniture joinery techniques and machinery.

5. Safety Standards – Both foam and upholstery may need to meet local fire-safety regulations/standards. Additionally, all furniture items in a hotel or resort need to be properly weighted, well-balanced, and should be devoid of any protrusions or sharp edges that may cause injury to your bar’s clients or staff.

6. Proper Packaging – Buyer’s need to pay attention to packaging. Properly packaged furniture will save you a lot of time that would otherwise go into reordering items, coordinating logistics with supplier and logistics company, and save you from potential losses associated with pushing back your hotel’s inauguration. Additionally, well-labeled furniture packaging will save you time in installing furniture into your hotel’s bedrooms and public areas.

7. Global Outlet – FurnitureRoots is a hotel furniture outlet with experience of contract hotel projects across the globe. Our experience is used in making hotel furniture that’s at the cutting end of technology and trends. So when you work with us, you are assured of getting furniture for hotel that’s trending up and is the flavor of the season.

8. Budget – Finally, the budget is the deciding factor. Owners of hotels/motels/resorts, or hospitality FF&E procurement companies or architects/designers of commercial hospitality projects must hunt for the right quote for their requirements. Some hotel owners even look for deals with hotel furniture liquidators where they get used hotel furniture for sale at discounted rates. With the choice of furniture spanning from the bespoke luxury to the second hand, hotel furniture prices and packages are subject to substantial variations. Variations in prices of hospitality furniture also stem from variables such as materials, designs, customizations, dimensions, finishes, and, overall, how well those furniture designs can sync with the overall ambiance of the hotel.

The process for RFQ and purchase of furniture for hospitality project goes through the following steps:

1. Once your architect or interior designer has prepared their drawings, render or perspective, it will usually be floated out to multiple specialist hotel furniture manufacturers, suppliers or wholesalers.

2. Then supplier interactions start. At this point, the first level of filter which is usually applied is to assess if the supplier can customize furniture and make the requested designs.

3. This is then followed by supplier’s exercise to price furniture on the basis of its designs, dimensions, materials, colors, finishes, and other customizations required. It is only then that the suppliers send in quotes to hotel owners or their representatives.

4. Once quotes have been received from multiple suppliers, hotel owners or their representatives usually further filter down the suppliers to 1 or 2 reliable vendors.

5. Once the potential vendors have been identified, a room mock-up is usually requested. Room mock-ups are paid for by the hospitality client.

6. Upon completion of mock-up, the hotel or its designers send a team to assess mock-ups.

7. Once mock-ups have been approved and payment terms decided, the order for hotel’s complete FF&E requirements is placed.

Are you planning to get furniture that lasts only a few seasons OR an entire lifetime? Get in touch with us at +91-9769003311 OR email OR fill up an enquiry form on our website in order to get bespoke heavy-duty, commercial-grade furniture that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Custom hotel furniture designs: Hospitality furniture range available at FurnitureRoots:

Fixed Furniture for Guest Rooms

FurnitureRoots makes all furniture products that a standard guest room comprises of. Choose from a wide range of beautiful and durable hotel Casegoods – Hotel Beds, Hotel Headboards, Hotel Bedside Tables, Hotel Wardrobes, Hotel Dressers, Hotel Room Chairs, Coffee Tables, Study and Writing Tables, Luggage Racks, Dressing Tables, Hotel Bedroom Benches, Mirror and Door Frames and TV Panel or Stand / Cabinet etc. products custom designed and manufactured for the needs of a bustling hospitality business.

Public Area Furniture for Reception and Waiting Areas

FurnitureRoots makes Hotel Reception Desks and Counters, Lounge Chairs, Hotel Sofas, Hotel Coffee Tables, Hotel Sideboards, Hotel Console Tables, and other Area Accents for public areas within a hotel like entryways, reception area, lobbies, foyers, and courtyards, etc. Our public area furniture products are custom built to have generous proportions, utilize commercial-grade high-density foam, and are customizable in a variety of upholstery options including natural & synthetic fabrics/leather / vinyl and other options.

Additionally, our Banquet Furniture range placed in ballrooms and outdoor furniture for patios and gardens is designed to impress your corporate and institutional clients, event organisers and cater to wedding, banquets, ballroom and other socio-cultural events organized at your hotel.

Loose Furniture for Bar and Dining Area

With our extensive range of Cafe Furniture that custom made for a hotel’s bakery/patisserie and its in-house coffee shop, bar and restaurants takes the guesswork out of your commercial hospitality furniture purchase.

Given our experience in setting up custom furniture for hotels, we understand that you would want your restaurant to have seamlessly blending furniture that is in-line with the aura of your hotel. Which is why we are equipped with our range of restaurant furniture for your dining/bar area. We can also easily customize the designs if you have something particular in mind. 

Hotel or Resort Outdoor Furniture

When it comes to furniture for rooftop bars, sky lounges, and the outdoor / patio/garden areas of a hotel or a resort, the selection of outdoor furniture gets quite technical. Any furniture kept in the outdoors has to meet far more stringent standards of quality and durability.

With FurnitureRoots’ range of outdoor furniture including Outdoor Restaurant Tables, Outdoor Restaurant Chairs, Outdoor Barstools, and Outdoor Counters you just won’t have to second-guess your hotel outdoor furniture purchase decisions.

With our high-quality coatings and plating techniques as well as materials quality checks and testing, FurnitureRoots is India’s leading specialist when it comes to manufacturing commercial furniture that surpasses stringent global benchmarks applicable for outdoor furniture.

Lamps & Lighting and Common Area Accent Furniture

FurnitureRoots also provides custom-made hotel accent furniture items like Lamps & Lighting, Area Accents, Kitchen Carts, Bathroom Vanity Counters, Artwork, and Vintage Furniture products to lend your hotel’s common areas and uncommon charm and personality!

FurnitureRoots: Country’s Top of Hotel Furniture Suppliers, Manufacturers & Wholesale Hotel Furniture

FurnitureRoots is a leading manufacturer, wholesaler, supplier, and exporter of bespoke, as well as custom, made furniture for hotels, motels and guest houses globally. When you buy furniture with FurnitureRoots, you get the benefit of:

1. Fully Customizable Designs

You can customize the furniture for your hotel to be exactly the way you want! You can personalize furniture for the following parameters – designs, dimensions, materials, colors, finish, and engineering/hardware. So whether you’re constructing a modern hotel or a rustic resort, you will get furniture that matches your hotel’s decor perfectly!

2. High-Quality Furniture Graded For Rigorous Commercial-Use

Commercial setups like luxury hotels, resorts, serviced apartments and executive stays require contract-grade furniture that can withstand long hours of use, constant food & beverage spillages, and regular cleaning.

FurnitureRoots is a specialized furniture manufacturer for commercial and hospitality businesses. All our furniture items are made to higher quality and durability standards that a commercial set up entails. We use commercial-grade raw materials, hardware, and joinery techniques & technology.

So you get furniture that can withstand the rigorous conditions of your hospitality or commercial business and give you long years of problem-free service.

3. Low, Direct-from-Manufacturer, Wholesale Prices

Given that you are getting furniture directly from a manufacturer, eliminating margins of distributors/wholesalers/supply chain, you get the lowest possible prices for commercial-grade furniture.

Buying furniture from FurnitureRoots is an assured way of ensuring you spend minimum for very high quality, custom-made furniture and don’t have to worry about sky-high cost of the furniture that you would otherwise have to shell out on furniture sourced from B2C retailers which is expensive since it has multiple layers margins of intermediaries priced in. Get hotel furniture on sale at discounted prices. If you’re located out of India, we’ve got you covered. FurnitureRoots has delivery networks across continents as a furniture exporter to ensure that your hotel/restaurant gets the best quality furniture at the best possible prices. 

4. Reliability

FurnitureRoots is an ISO 9001:2015 certified bespoke furniture manufacturer and exporter with experience of over 300+ hospitality projects.

We specialize in making commercial-grade furniture that is purpose-built for ruggedness and durability. So you don’t go wrong when it comes to your large ticket-size furniture purchases.

5. Experience Of A Specialist Commercial Furniture Manufacturer

FurnitureRoots offers a professional, full-service experience to Hotel and Resort Interior Designers or Architects, Hospitality FF&E Procurement & Sourcing Companies, Hotel Furniture Wholesalers & Suppliers, Furniture Stores, and Project & Contract Furniture organizations on their commercial hospitality & project furniture requirements. Contact us if you want to team up with FurnitureRoots as your furniture manufacturer of choice.

Apart from hotel furniture, we also specialize as a restaurant furniture manufacturer, we regularly undertake turnkey operations for restaurant furniture across the globe. Contact us for more details on projects undertaken, designs, and more!

FurnitureRoots sells Hotel Furniture at the following Locations globally.

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