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It’s a term that gets thrown around quite often and it can get quite perplexing. Isn’t all furniture the same? What’s so special about hospitality furniture? Just that they’re used in different areas within the hotel or resort, right?

Well, It’s not all that simple. There is a fine distinction between the two & there’s a strong reason as to why there exists an entirely different hospitality furniture industry.

At the face of it, hospitality furniture & hotel furniture, are used interchangeably since a hotel is the most comprehensive hospitality business that requires all types of furniture that are popularly referred to as hospitality furniture.

We’ve listed the different types of customers & furniture types that use hospitality-grade furniture & we also mention their styling requirements so that you get a fair idea.


The difference lies the way the quality of the material grades are sourced, the way they are constructed, joined, adhesives used, joinery techniques used, and the number of detachable parts that are used to ensure the longevity of the furniture piece in question.

Commercial hospitality furniture OR in this case, hospitality grade furniture is almost exclusively made using hardwoods like teak, mango wood, oak, and such hardwoods to enhance longevity and ensure that the furniture is solidly built to last an entire lifetime.



dining roomchair, upholstered


As mentioned earlier, commercial hotel furniture or commercial restaurant furniture are required to be made in a much stronger grade and build quality to ensure that it can take on more load-bearing times, withstand the constant lugging around, moving around, and stacking.

This is very common in commercial dining businesses and the furniture should also be able to take the weight of heavier than usual individuals to prevent breakage and collapse of the furniture which can be a nightmare recipe for lawsuits and poor customer experience, especially for reputed hospitality businesses.

This is further compounded by the fact that hospitality guests are not the average lot, which is understandable, you’re much more likely to less careful and less particular of furniture that is at a hotel or a restaurant instead of furniture at a hotel or a resort. Add the fact that there are quite a few outdoor furniture items for resorts & hotels & the need for strong build quality becomes fairly evident.

This is why commercial hospitality furniture should be made in a way so as to withstand these spillages, scratches etc.


Apart from the strength and quality aspects, hospitality grade furniture should fulfill another important distinction, they should not only be spectacular to look at but they should be consistent with the interior and decor cues of the rest of the hotel or restaurant business.

One may argue that this is a requirement that is a thumb rule for pretty much any interiors, regardless of whether it is a home, hotel, or even any commercial dining business and they’d be right. The fine line of distinction here is that hospitality businesses typically have a said set of themes and styling cues that are simply not popular elsewhere due to the costs involved.

Typically, hotels go for any of the interior styles and themes like coastal furniture, modern & contemporary Scandinavian designs, french provincial furniture, and such. These are styles that are best catered by specialists who are then referred to as hospitality furniture manufacturers


The last aspect to consider is pricing. The demands of hospitality furniture are unique because it doesn’t traditionally fall into the gamut of the other two requirements that furniture manufacturers fulfill.

Residential furniture manufacturers make large batches of single designs in quotas. Since the audience for buying this furniture is fairly large and spread out, FurnitureRetailers don’t mind stocking the same SKU.

Custom manufacturers say suppliers of designer furniture for luxury villas and penthouses typically make only a handful of quantities or even single pieces.

Hospitality furniture falls somewhere in between this, because the furniture requirement is fairly large and is also quite diverse so customizations are necessary. To make the economics of all of this workout, we have hospitality furniture a separate terminology that is catered to by hospitality furniture manufacturers.

Since it’s already come down to prices, we’d like to take this moment and shamelessly plug our hotel furniture & fixture offerings, at FurnitureRoots, we directly supply furniture from our factory so you enjoy competitive prices.



Since all of the above set-ups, namely, cafes & coffee shops, restaurants, pubs & resorts can be part of or synonymous with the hotel business, hotel furniture is interchangeably used with hospitality furniture. 


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