Inlaid furniture consists of materials inserted into the outer shell of furniture. FurnitureRoots is a bone, Mother of Pearl, and brass inlay furniture manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter.

If you’re looking to source authentic, high-end Udaipur or Jodhpur-styles inlaid furniture in India, explore our bespoke boney inlay designs. We specialize in custom inlay designs using materials as diverse as bone, mother of pearl, brass, metal, leather, resin, and marble & granite.

Our signature inlaid furniture adorn entryways, lobbies, and rooms of iconic hotels, resorts, restaurants, pubs & bars, and cafes vacation villas, and high-end homes the world over.

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    What is Inlay Furniture: A Quick Guide

    Inlay furniture is a decorative technique that involves embedding delicate, hand-carved pieces of material into the surface of an object.

    Materials used in inlaying range from bone, mother of pearl and metals like brass, silver and more. The substrate is usually wood or engineered wood and, at time, other materials including stones like marble or granite and metal.

    The end result is strikingly beautiful. Enchanting decorative patterns – often floral or geometric – of contrasting colours and materials on furniture add an incredible amount of personality and splendour to any space.

    A centuries old art form, the craft of inlaying bone or mother of pearl on furniture was practiced in ancient Egypt, Japan and India. Nowadays though, this furniture style is typically sourced from India. Udaipur and Jodhpur in India are particular for their distinctive styles and intricate designs. 

    Handcrafted from start to finish by artisans who have learnt techniques passed down through generations, no two pieces of furniture are the same.

    Regardless of the size of furniture, inlaying furniture requires remarkable levels of patience, attention-to-detail, artistry and expertise.

    FurnitureRoots’ Inlay Furniture Collections

    From our unit in Jodhpur, India, we manufacture and export the following range of products as part of our signature inlay-work furniture collection:

      • Coffee Tables,
      • Dressers,
      • Side Tables,
      • Table Tops,
      • Console Tables,
      • Tables,
      • Chest of Drawers and Sideboards,
      • Marble or Granite Inlay Tables,
      • Moroccan Bone Inlaid Furniture Designs,
      • Camel Bone Furniture,
      • Leather Inlay,
      • Brass Inlay,
      • Beds, and
      • Resin Inlay Tables.

    Our bespoke capabilities help you get designs and finishes that match the decor of your hotel, resort, restaurant, villa or home.

    Every furniture piece we make – bone inlay, mother of pearl or other inlaid furniture – always meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

    FurnitureRoots: Bone Inlay Furniture Manufacturers, Wholesale Suppliers and Exporters

    FurnitureRoots has a vast array of mother of pearl/Bone Inlay furniture sold in Australia[Melbourne, Sydney etc] United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Netherlands & Canada as well

    With a wide range of furniture designs, FurnitureRoots makes custom made inlaid furniture for:

    • Luxury & 5-star hotels, resorts, luxury camps/tents, 
    • Vacation villas serviced apartments and high-end homes,
    • Furniture stores, retailers, importers, wholesalers, and furniture buying agencies worldwide

    Providing beautiful, handmade, bespoke classic inlay designs that provide your clients with an unforgettable experience that balances individuality with price and durability.

    FurnitureRoots sells Bone Inlay Furniture in these Locations globally.

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