Metal furniture is easily one of the most versatile materials available out there and is also used in multiple product styles. If not completely then by way of metallic hints that are both aesthetically stunning and a great addition for strengthening & stabilizing any given furniture piece as well.

Metallic furniture can be used to make both traditional looking period furniture as well as modern & contemporary styled furniture with finished bronze, satin chrome & brushed copper look for creating stunning pieces of furniture made in mid-century styles  

At FurnitureRoots, we work with a variety of materials that are ideal for making a variety of furniture types. We make furniture in cast iron, wrought iron, stainless steel, bent metal, engineered alloys, and many more to create both artistic and mass-manufactured black metal furniture, modern metal furniture and gold brushed metallic furniture pieces.

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    Tall, Industrial Style Black Metal Bookshelf

    wooden seating bench for garden/outdoor use with a wrought iron base

    Wrought Iron Park Bench For Outdoor Use

    2-Seater Leather Upholstered Bench with Large Steampunk Wheels

    Metal Sheet Couch With Castor Wheels


    Grey Metal Dining Chair Sets For Outdoor Use

    metal TV stands in dark finish

    Metal Crafted TV Console Stand With Dark Wood 

    stainless steel metal drawer chest in vibrant colors

    Steampunk Style Drawer Chest In Cast Iron Finish

    Rectangular Height-Adjustable Dining Table with Lateral Steel Trestle Legs Base and Wooden Top

    Large Steampunk Style Dining Table In Cast Iron Base

    steampunk wheels in solid metal castor wheels and reclaimed wood table-top

    Metal  Base Coffee Table With Large Castor Wheels



    fabric upholstered armchair with stainless steel hairpin legs and frame



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    Metal furniture is known to be extremely easy to maintain and due to its versatility, it is ideal for a number of different themes and styles. Given the rising cost of wooden furniture and also the environmental impact associated with it, metal furniture is in great demand.

    At FurnitureRoots, for folks who are slightly uneasy of procuring metal furniture, we also give the option of sticking natural-looking laminates which allows for a great texture. Some of our metal-based furniture are by default finished in a natural-looking coating which provides for a dual advantage of killer good looks and easy maintenance.

    The wrought iron furniture and the cast iron furniture we make are ideal for outdoor and rough use. They’re known to last for a long time and are less prone to be infested by pests etc. 

    Metal furniture is also very budget-friendly is the leading style of furniture that our contract furniture customers ask for. 

    The most important advantage of metal furniture is the ability to mix and match different metals and create a plethora of compound alloys, each of them with a unique set of desirable properties and aesthetics. This means that there is a metal furniture variant out there for every requirement.

    At FurnitureRoots we combine modern production technologies like anodizing & electroplating with traditional metal manufacturing techniques like casting and making “wrought” methods of metal furniture making. 

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