If you’re planning to open up a new restaurant, bar, pub, cafe or bistro in India and you’re curious about what the prices are like & how to go about sourcing them, this guide is definitely for you.  

First, let’s understand your potential sourcing options for getting these furniture pieces in the first place before we proceed to understand the different furniture items that you may require & what the prices for them will be.

Where Can You Buy Restaurant Furniture From?

This will depend on about 3 odd factors depending mainly on 3 things. 

  • Your Total Furniture Requirement
  • Delivery Timelines
  • Customizations & Desired Quality Grades

    Direct Factory Manufacturer Of Restaurant Furniture

    Restaurants, especially the ones in urban pockets, tend to have larger quantity requirements of furniture, especially for tables, chairs, barstools, and sofas. Just like we’ve previously covered, this also allows them with a unique advantage wherein they can put the products into manufacturing simply for that one requirement. 

Most suppliers have pictures of the various furniture items on their website or on an E-catalog to facilitate buying restaurant furniture online with ease despite the physical distances

But the minimum order quantities for most manufacturers, in this case, is limited to only those restaurants that have 60+ seating provisions to justify transport and manufacturing fixed costs.

Local Vendor/Carpenter

This is a great option if you’re more insecure with a large expense such as furniture because the local carpenter is always accessible. Explaining the designs will also be quite seamless
The cons are that you’ll probably end up paying slightly higher, the furniture won’t be particularly hospitality grade and its not a suitable option if you’re in a hurry.

Used Restaurant Furniture

Another great option for furniture if you’re on a tight budget, not particular about how your furniture looks and blends in with the ambiance of the place, and not too keen about the longevity of the furniture

Prices for these can be quite low but don’t expect these to last for a long time and given the variety of restaurant interior designs out there, its very unlikely that you’ll find this to be as per your exact same requirement


Sharing any absolute value for restaurant furniture based on a fixed number of seats or product types or even a combination of the two would be next to impossible simply due to the plethora of factors that affect the final price that you’ll pay depending on the furniture type that you choose.

But we will try deconstruct the different furniture types used in restaurants, share quality ranges for the same and approximate prices, assuming that your requirement fits the MOQs.



These are likely to be the biggest contributor to the overall outlay towards restaurant furniture & fittings but not necessarily so, the width and depth of chair options are remarkable and they too can have a make or break effect on the restaurant’s interiors and architecture

The premium chairs used for restaurants can cost north of Rs 9,000/Unit, like the first image to the left. Opt for premium leather or a contemporary look & feel, then you’re looking at an expense of about Rs 11,000/Unit

But only the fanciest restaurants and the most exclusive clubs and cafes use these types of furniture. In more than 70% of the cases, the furniture used is of a simple make and quality that is slightly pleasing to look at. 

At the lower end you’re looking at simplistic chairs in either metal or wood, which are just fine for a regular dining restaurant. These can cost as little as Rs 2,200 a piece  


Restaurant tables are right up there with chairs as one of the biggest contributors to the restaurant furniture outlay. 

Unlike chairs, commercial dining tables are endlessly customized for their shape, tabletop material, tablebase shape, height adjustability, the thickness of wood, etc. Which does tend to bump up the cost

The slightly more contemporary tables with marble tops and modern metallic hints that are thin yet robust and a feast for the eyes are the ones that can cost you north of Rs 14,000 a piece for a 4 seater.

Simple ones made in solid wood, wrought iron or even plain cast iron tend to be cheaper and cost as little as Rs 4,000 apiece

bronze legged, marble top restaurant table
rustic indian wood bar height dining table
Channel Tufted Upholstered 3/4 Circle Booth with Metal Leg Base


Although booth seating and dining booths are mainly a western, particularly, an American concept, they’re well accepted in India.

Popularly, they are substitutes for sofas and accent chairs for an audience that demands more privacy. Rarely are these found in budget restaurants or even cafes as they’re a novel and slightly expensive furniture item.

The price of this depends largely on the wood type used, how dense it is, and on the leather grade used for the seating upholstery [full-grain leather, top-grain leather. rexine etc]. Cost overruns further occur due to customizations in shapes and sizes. These are available in round, double sided, single sided & corner booth arrangements


Sofas and sofa seating for restaurants are used either in the reception or waiting areas or as a one-side substitute to restaurant chairs as shown in the adjacent picture.  

Costing for these can vary wildly depending on the size requirements and the quality grade of the leather or the fabric.

A 2 feet sofa in vinyl or rexine can cost up to Rs 8,000 while the same 2 feet sofa in full grain leather can cost as much as Rs 25,000

3-Seater Chesterfield Couch in Solid Wood Frame and Flared Arms with Nailhead Detail
2-Seater Slipper Sofa in Metal Frame with Caster Wheels and Velvet Upholstery with Channel Tufting


Barstools used at restaurants are rare in India but they are often complemented with a well-made bar counter or hightop/counter-height tables

Although several suppliers do & can make barstools that are slightly cheaper, the demand for them is much lower as compared to demand for premium & much more expensive barstools simply because the restaurants that do feature a counter or even a high table are fancy and high-end restaurants in the first place. 

Cheaper variants of barstools in counter-height can cost as little as Rs 2,500 apiece & at the higher end they can cost as much as Rs 10,000 apiece


Restaurant bar counters can easily be made by any furniture manufacturer but typically restaurants don’t consider it a furniture item. Here are a few indicative prices for a few samples anyway

Cafe Counter: Manufacturer & Exporter of Coffee Shop Counters
Pub Furniture: Commercial Bar Lounge Furniture Manufacturer and Wholesale Supplier


Industrial Restaurant Furniture


Custom Restaurant Furniture: Manufacturer



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    As you may have experienced thus far, prices for hotel furniture are quite varied and unpredictable. No amount of reading & research can substitute the good’ol practices of putting yourself out there in the market, reading the intentions of any given vendor/manufacturer, and understanding how best they can fulfill your requirement. 

    These prices are merely indicative and they do not substitute the effort required to ascertain the actual prices of furniture, fixtures, and movables that you require. 

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