Restaurant Booth & Banquette Seating

Choose between modern, retro or custom Restaurant Booths or Banquette Seating. FurnitureRoots’ elegant and classy booth designs including Custom-Made Banquettes, Curved Booth Seating and Wall Benches that are perfect for use in restaurants, cafes, bistros, bars, fine dines, pubs as well the bar and dining areas in a hotel or a resort.

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Restaurant booths in fully customizable designs for restaurants, cafes and bars

FurnitureRoots manufactures fully customizable designs in commercial booths and banquette seating. You can choose the material and colour scheme of the booth, banquette or wall bench to suit the décor and ambience of your restaurant, bar or cafe or for the dining area of a hotel or resort.


Selecting the correct booth or banquette seating design for your dining area:

Choosing the appropriate booth design plays a pivotal role in the overall ambience of the diner. Before making your purchase, evaluate the following banquette designs that FurnitureRoots custom makes:

Single Booth

Single booths feature a flat back. They are versatile pieces of seating that can be placed against a wall in your restaurant.

Double Booth

Double booths have back-to-back benches with a middle divider. Double-sided booths optimize restaurant space quite well and are best suited for busy, high-traffic foodservice establishments.

Wall Bench

Wall benches are placed against the wall in your restaurant. This arrangement utilizes the space next to walls more efficient vs. placing single booths back-to-back.

Half-Circle Booth

1/2 circle booths work well when paired with large round or square restaurant tables. These booths provide guests privacy as they dine.

Three-Fourth Circle Booth

3/4 circle booths are perfect for use with large round or square restaurant tables. These booths can hold at least 3-4 diner and provide privacy as they wine and dine.


Bespoke Banquette Seating by FurnitureRoots

FurnitureRoots is a manufacturer of bespoke commercial booths. With our custom made booths, you can get restaurant seating in any material, design and style of your choice – from metal booths to wooden booths, modern to retro booths; from round booths and L-shaped diner booth to curved booth seating, you can design the best booth for your restaurant, bar or cafe.

We work with restaurant and hotel owners as well as hospitality architects & interior designers on their projects. As an ISO certified manufacturer, we specialise in making heavy-duty commercial booth and banquette seating for cafes, restaurants, eateries, diners, bars, pubs, brewpubs, lounges, tasting rooms and microbreweries.

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