If you're looking for a manufacturer with a breadth of expertise in not only Indian furniture styles but also with a modern twist on furniture & fittings for your business or home; you've come to the right place. FurnitureRoots is a manufacturer of furniture that has been in existence for 5+ years now, we cater to bulk & specialty furniture requirements across India & work commercial furniture projects along with furniture for homes and reselling purposes

Beginning our journey in furniture by undertaking turnkey operations across the hospitality sector including manufacturing furniture for Restaurants & Hotels in India, we quickly gained enough expertise to offer a plethora of different furniture designs and started receiving inquiries not just from our home country, India, but from furniture stores and furniture wholesalers across the globe who began taking interest in our unique designs and our contract manufacturing capabilities.

At FurnitureRoots, we understand that the requirements of furniture can be quite diverse, especially when it comes to commercial projects & classical Indian wood furniture may not always be the top choice, this is exactly why we've continuously worked our way to innovate & pioneer contemporary designs & furniture that blends traditional hand working with the vibrancy of the modern era so we are definitively a one-stop-solution for your hassle-free & cost-effective furniture sourcing

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    mangowood Indian style wardrobe with a lightly distressed finish
    Indian furniture is known for its intricate carvings & inlaid work along with sturdy furniture with advanced joinery techniques. We also use modern polishing techniques to bring them up to speed with the 21st century 
    Industrial Dresser with black metal hints & castor wheels

    Rugged and metal furniture with a raw look that is ideal as living room furniture, bedroom furnniture or even furniture for restaurants or other commercial dining businesses

    Rustic Dining Chair: Wholesale Manufacturer & Exporter

    Using barnwood, solid mango wood or acacia, we manage to make some heartwarming rustic furniture that is ideal for log cabins, themed resorts, mountain lodges and homes

    Distressed Wood Bed Frame with representational fabric

    Distressing is a form of antiquing furniture that is popularly we apply not only to vintage reproduction furniture but also to modern furniture styles for commercial & residential use

    cane back hoffman chair with a contemporary design

    Rattan weave and cane weave furniture are suitable for all types of outdoor use. Award-winning artisans have trained our crew in this ancient art and that is celebrated worldwide. Make sure you let us know of the usage type

    aambassador sofa seating by FurnitureRoots

    A tradition that has been carried out in Rajasthan, Kerala, Maharashtra & Gujarat since a long time now. At FurnitureRoots, we make auto themed furniture out of old Ambassadors, old tractors, fiat pals etc

    rustic styled solid finish

    There is simply no substitute for natural solid wood. At FurnitureRoots, we sell both softwood (cherry) and hardwood (acacia, mangowood, Sheesham) but more importantly, our designs encompass a variety of themes and styles

    Industrial Console Table: Manufacturer, Supplier & Wholesale Exporter

    We're also one of the few manufacturers from Jodhpur, India with the skill-set to work all types of metal, including mild steel (MS), stainless steel & cast iron for exclusively metal manufactured furniture or for metal + wooden furniture designs

    Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table: Manufacturer, Exporter & Wholesale Supplier

    We're doing our part towards preserving forests. Our processes of using wooden scraps and using them to make reclaimed wood and recycled wood furniture allows us to be one of the best furniture manufacturers in Jodhpur when it comes to eco-friendliness

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      ISO 9001:2015

      Certified for provision of internationally benchmarked processes and systems of furniture production.

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      ISO 14001:2015

      Certified for setup of appropriate Environmental Management Systems (EMS) for furniture manufacturing.

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      Certified for provision of appropriate Occupational Health & Safety Standards for all employees.

      FurnitureRoots - A Export Promotion Council For Handicrafts (EPCH) India Member Company


      Member of Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH), protecting, supporting and promoting handicrafts.


      Although exports form the bulk of our orders, our specialty in India continues to be our commercial furniture supply and project fit-outs

      We find this model to be the most suitable for us as it helps us experiment and finalize the best custom made products that commercial projects like hotels & restaurants have a consistent demand for.

      These new designs that we develop on our own dime are then added onto our design export portfolio which most furniture traders and furniture wholesalers simply adore

      And this does not just include flamboyant and luxurious hotels, as a specialist FF&E hotel furniture company, even smaller hotels that are looking for low-cost furniture benefit from our business model

      Modern batch manufacturing techniques allows for custom making bulk orders even for relatively smaller quantities, this is exactly why, along with restaurant furniture, we're also able to sell restaurant furniture, even for smaller restaurants (<30 seaters) through our innovative business model.

      Why Choose FurnitureRoots for Manufacturing?

      1. High level of expertise with several furniture designs including intricate & customizable pieces like Bar Counters and Restaurant Booths.
      2. Award-winning craftsmen work with us to provide only the best quality of furniture.
      3. Batch manufacturing capabilities help keep costs low without any compromise in quality.
      4. High level of transparency, please feel free to get in touch with us for taking a tour of the factory or for addressing any questions you may have.
      5. Record delivery and output times – we have some of the fastest output cycles among the manufacturers in Jodhpur.
      6. Strong pedigree in working with and setting up furniture for commercial projects in India and across the globe

      Why Get Furniture Manufactured from India?

      Given the difficulties now associated with importing from China, Indian Furniture Manufacturing has come to the forefront of furniture exports.

      Due to reduced labour costs and the capacity to churn out huge quantities in a minimum amount of time, we are seeing increased traction from furniture importing countries worldwide.

      India has a strong pedigree when it comes to furniture designs and artwork dating back to the 16th century. Indian manufacturers and have inculcated this spirit to this very day and we strive to take this legacy further by expanding our range of furniture designs constantly.

      Please browse through our categories and designs and if you need any clarifications, feel free to get in touch with us via Live Chat or simply drop an inquiry in the sidebar. We’ll get in touch within 1 business day to help you with your requirements.


      From its furniture factory in Jodhpur, FurnitureRoots manufacturers & supplies a wide range of Indian Export Furniture designs and styles. Don’t like any of these Furniture types? No problem. Simply send us a template of the design you want, we will share similar samples or we will specially design one for you. Sourcing Bespoke, quality Furniture in small, medium and bulk quantities has never been simpler 


      There's a very special charm in resurrecting the bygone days, even if most of us haven't lived through it. Maybe it reminds us of much simpler times. Interior designers, homeowners, and business owners always try to achieve this vibe by making a slew of changes and furniture is a critical element to achieve the same. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with either generic vintage designs or mass manufactured furniture with negligible craftsmanship or handiwork and it shows

      To counter this, we at FurnitureRoots are makers of vintage style furniture from Jodhpur, a place known for abundance of highly skilled craftsmen whio handcraft some pretty striking designs that look absolutely sublime in both reproduction styles as well as standard, off-the shelf styles


      Distress painted furniture is part of the shabby chic style of interior design where furniture is chosen for their weathered looks or where new furniture items are distressed to affect signs of age and wear & tear.


      For the eco-mentalists out there reclaimed wood furniture is a top choice for their residential furniture as well as their commercial furniture needs. In fact, progressive governments world over have switched to reclaimed wood furniture as a more ethical alternative to procure wooden furniture

      Reclaimed wood furniture made using scrap lumber either in whole or after mixing the wood fibres in performance-grade glue before a solid plank of wood is ready to be used to make the entire furniture piece itself


      In furniture, weaving is a method of making seats, backrests and armrests of chairs, accent chairs or sofas by tying them in natural fibres like jute, rattan and cane or synthetic materials. This tends to give a natural, earthy look to such furniture items. Some of these furniture items are also used outdoors given the weather and rain-resistant properties of some of these natural fibres.


      If you're looking at procuring furniture in bulk, Jodhpur is one of the best destinations globally for both unfinished and readymade furniture. Wooden furniture manufacturers in Rajasthan and the eastern belt are known for employing exceptional handcrafting techniques and solid wood furniture manufacturers from across the globe find it hard to compete with the heritage craftsmen of our country,

      Even the variety of these items sold by furniture exporters in Jodhpur is far and diverse. Leaving out the imported wood species that come on-shore for special projects, all craftsmen in Jodhpur are quite adept at working reclaimed wood, engineered wood, solid mango wood, acacia wood, and teakwood species quite well. At FurnitureRoots, we pride ourselves as a wooden furniture manufacturer as we work our way through not only a wide range of wood-species but also a whole host of designs, ones that are popular in India and otherwise


      Carving wood is a form of woodworking achieved by means of a cutting tool in one hand or a chisel by two hands or with one hand on a chisel and one hand on a mallet, resulting in wooden products of unsurpassed beauty and old-world charm. FurnitureRoots provides hand-carved furniture that provides visitors of your hospitality or commercial establishment a glimpse of the lifestyle and artistry of yore and evokes the elegance of the bygone era.


      Furniture that is a copy of vintage or antique/old furniture designs is called reproduction furniture. At FurnitureRoots, we help you reclaim the elegance of the old, classic furniture designs by crafting the highest quality reproduction furniture along with the finer details and nuances of such classic designs.


      An inlay, one of the all-time hot trends in furniture designs and decor, is a decorative technique that consists of inserting small pieces of bone, molluscs shell, metal or stone into a pattern. The resulting pattern is used on a variety of furniture products from dressers to desks to tables and chairs. Such furniture products are appreciated for their striking textural contrast and the elegance they add to space.


      Have you ever seen wooden furniture with minor curved, apexes, and even angular designs? Ever wondered how a solid material like wood manages to achieve these designs? You can thank bentwood manufacturing techniques for this. Essentially, solid natural wood, when damp, assumes mild malleable properties which can be moulded into stunnig furniture designs


      One can work with either a set of wooden planks or a single/multiple large natural wood logs to make a given piece of wooden furniture. Read more on wood used in furniture here. The latter radiates a more rustic and countryside appeal that is preferred by purists and furniture aficionados Frankly speaking, they do look a class apart as the wood grain is quite a lot more distinctive and pronounced.

      At FurnitureRoots, we specialize in rough sawn timber furniture that is sawn rather brazenly and we apply minimal primers and coating to avoid splinters and that's it


      For reliving an old charm through quintessentially classical designs, we make antique furniture and supply them to commercial businesses and residences in India & globally. We prefer vintage designs or a mix of classic vintage with either boho-chic or modern mid-century designs. Our clients in the far west love these pieces too, as they're a great alternative to the characterless, mass manufactured furniture that has flooded the market today


      Keeping up with modern demands, we've continuously worked our way through metal furniture designs. Not only because it is the principal parent material used in contemporary Indian styles and designs in the form of brushed copper, chrome gold and red metal finishes but also because expertise in steel, cast iron & other metal types is key for our special "period" designs like mid-century furniture, art deco, art noveau, boho-chic and industrial styles

      Furniture made on a contractual basis and on a tender basis for public areas like gardens & streets is also almost always made in solid metal, most of which is furniture manufactured in cast iron or wrought iron.


      Traditional furniture designs that have classic appeal is generally termed classical furniture. They can be of various types: Victorian classic furniture, Georgian classic furniture, Tudor classic furniture, Louis XV classic furniture, Provincial  French Style Furniture. These are similar to the balloon-type chairs used by the ancient nobilities and kings, FurnitureRoots makes custom and bespoke designs in such classical, Victorian or colonial furniture styles.


      Organic upholstery is made without pesticides, toxic dyes, bleaches. FurnitureRoots exports furniture products in natural, organic fabric upholstery for safe and sumptuous surroundings.


      FurnitureRoots aviator furniture pieces are inspired by Zeppelin Airships and WW-II fighter pilot lifestyles. Our aviator collection features aluminium finishes with a riveted construction. This furniture has a sturdy solid wood construction and aviator style fabulous metallic finishes in aluminium metal with metal screw detail to give you feel of aircraft. Our Aviator furniture collection is edgy and futuristic furniture which add a unique and glamorous look to your space.

      To know specifically about our state-wise logistics-related services, we're listing the popular cities and surrounding cities where we delivery our hospitality and dining furniture



      Q1. What are the average delivery times of an order?
      A. This differs a bit on the state & city where you'd want the furniture delivered. For custom commercial furniture projects, we take about 60-90 days and for readymade designs, we take about 45-70 days.

      Q2. Where will the furniture be manufactured? Is it possible to pay a visit to the factory?
      A. The furniture will be manufactured in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. We encourage all buyers & potential buyers to pay a visit to our manufacturing facility.

      Q3. Are there any chances of damages to the furniture pieces during transit?
      A. Most containerized shipments do not see any significant damages during transit. Proper packaging is the key here. Unlike other furniture suppliers in India, we pack furniture items in 3/5/7-ply boxes (in some cases, more robust industrial-grade packaging materials are also used). In the rare instance where furniture gets damaged in transit, insurance coverage is available for all shipments. Finally, we stand by the quality of our products and our client relationships and we are available to replace the furniture pieces immediately.

      Q. Am I likely to realize any benefits by procuring from a manufacturer?
      A. Ofcourse, if your order is anything more than half a standard container which typically means more than ₹ 2.5 Lacs in value [Approx}, then you definitelty stand to benefit in terms of price, quality and personalization. But delivery times will be at least twice as high

      Q5. How does Indian furniture fare compare to furniture from China?
      A. Let’s address the dragon in the room! Good quality furniture is a product of passion and technique. If you get your furniture from a company that combines both then you’ll get high-quality furniture, irrespective of the country or region you buy from. Where the Elephant (India) fares better than the Dragon (China) is lower input costs. So an India-based company will provide you with stronger pricing, especially if it combines the two characters mentioned above with proper technology and manufacturing know-how.

      So whatever your furniture requirement are, if you are sourcing furniture for your business OR in bulk quantities, sourcing from India is an option that will give you significant business leverage. As with any other major purchases, just do your diligence well. Like you, our clients too traversed this path. And most of FurnitureRoots’ business clients (furniture stores, wholesalers and importers) see 10-20% price advantage when they buy from us. What is more important is that they’re sourcing and selling much higher quality of furniture at the same time.

      Q6. I’m planning to import furniture from India. What are the standard/indicative prices of Indian manufactured furniture?
      A. Price per unit of furniture depends on the designs, type of materials chosen and quantity ordered. However, in general, a full shipping container will cost between US$7000-10000, including shipping. Please feel free to get in touch with us for a detailed understanding of pricing.

      If you are a furniture store who is importing for the first time or a homeowner looking for villa furniture, you can expect to pay the following prices (indicative):

      Living Room Furniture Price
      [Listed In USD - Rupee (₹) Conversion @ 73]
      750 1,250 2,000
      Dining Room Furniture Price
      [Listed In USD - Rupee (₹) Conversion @ 73]
      500 750 1,000
      Bedroom Furniture Price
      [Listed In USD - Rupee (₹) Conversion @ 73]
      1,150 1,750 2,450
      Entryway, Home Office, Kitchen
      [Listed In USD - Rupee (₹) Conversion @ 73]
      500 750 1,000
      Bundled Furniture Price
      [Listed In USD - Rupee (₹) Conversion @ 73]
      2,900 4,500 6,450

      Q7. What is the average lifespan of furniture?
      A. This depends on the materials & quality grade chosen. Since we custom manufacture furniture using advanced joinery techniques and high-grade raw materials, the average furniture pieces we sell easily last 5+ years in a commercial (restaurant, cafe & hotel) set-up and longer in residential setups.

      Q8. What are the materials & quality options available?
      A. Solid Wood (most domestic as well international varieties available), Metal (MS and SS), Stone (Granite, Marble, Quartz), Rope or Cane are a few examples of the materials we use. You can choose from 15 different material types & 4 different quality grades ranging from basic to commercial-grade.

      Q9. What languages does the team speak?
      A. Our team is fluent in more than 5 languages with English being the prevalent one. But since we export our furniture globally, we have provisions to make adequate arrangements for a translator, if needed.

      Q10. Do you custom manufacture the furniture?
      A. Yes, if our off-the-shelf furniture is not to your liking, we customize our furniture in 10 different design styles.

      FurnitureRoots manufactures and exports furniture to these locations across India. You may see our contact details listed below and let us know in case of any queries

      FACTORY & SHOP ADDRESS: Plot No. 58/2, Jodhpur-Pali Highway Sangariya, Basni, Baghelao, Rajasthan 342013
      CONTACT NUMBER:+ 91 9769003311

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