Even without mentioning the hotly contested idea that purchasing furniture made from reclaimed wood has its fair share of environmental benefits, from a purely selfish point of view, procuring furniture made from wood that was previously used for rigid applications and wood that has been broken down, only to be reinforced for greater longevity cannot be a bad deal!

Then there's the price to consider, generally speaking, furniture made from reclaimed wood when compared to the solid wood furniture we manufacture tends to be a ~20% cheaper. If set-up craftily in classically distresssed or rustic styles, reclaimed wood furniture definitely enhance the interiors of your commercial business or home

Being a specialty manufacturer of furniture in India and having served several restaurant and hotel projects PAN India, our design portfolio for reclaimed wood furniture spans far and wide & we've woven a number of Indian & modern designs into them.

In essence, reclaimed wood is strong, cheaper, great for molding into the right design and it also leaves you with a clean conscious since you've played your part in saving the planet

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    What has reclaimed wood furniture? A guide to reclaimed furniture

    Reclaimed wood is timber recovered from old buildings for reuse in another form. It is salvaged from sources as varied as doors and windows of old houses, wooden sleepers on railway tracks, discarded fishing boats, and even wood that has drifted ashore. 

    Reclaimed timber is typically sourced from countries in the East that’ve had a rich tradition of hand-carved wood for use in homes. They’re especially used in dining rooms for residential & commercial purposes & FurnitureRoots is a mass manufacturer of solid wood dining room furniture made in reclaimed wood & 5+ wood types so you’ll be sourcing from a specialist in solid wood & dining furniture as well.        

    The key elements of reclaimed-style furniture are:

    It is one-of-a-kind furniture

    Given how reclaimed wood is salvaged from old buildings versus fresh-off-the-mill timber, no two pieces of reclaimed wood can ever be alike.

    Things like knots in the wood, weathered grains, erratic patches, remnants of paintwork, nail holes, and mineral deposits are characteristics that really set each piece apart. The more such variances, the higher the uniqueness.

    It is this unparalleled eccentricity that such wood provides is that makes reclaimed designs so special.

    A story encapsulated in history

    Do some background research on where the wood originated from.

    More often than not you?ll see how your reclaimed piece is made of up of wood that?s seen decades if not centuries go by. And those aged colors of your furniture item ?  vintage reds, weathered creams,  moody blacks and rustics browns ? adding vibrant angles to that history.

    You might discover that your furniture carries a story worth harking or a heritage worth passing on.

    Old and new are a perfect match

    Don?t be nervous to try reclaimed furnishings with the modern or contemporary decor of your business establishment. When it comes to reclaimed wood furniture, you simply don?t go wrong! The contrast of sleek, straight line furniture and sophisticated furnishings interspersed with rustic reclaimed pieces that impart earthiness and warmth to a space is deceptively charming.

    Top 5 reasons why you should buy furniture made from old, reused & recycled wood

    There are a variety of reasons why people choose furniture made of reclaimed wood. We?ve listed the top 5 below:

    1. Environment friendly: Reclaimed wood is wood that comes from any source except a new tree. When you use furniture made from reclaimed timber, you?re playing a big role in conserving not only forests but also the fauna that lives in it as well as the ecology that such flora and fauna drive.

    2. Rich history: Whether it is the Sal wood from a 200-year old haveli or driftwood pieces collected on the shores of Italy to the raw beauty of white oak reclaimed from an old 1890s English barn, for many people having wood that?s seen so decades if not centuries of history pass by adds an incomparable charm and story to their spaces.

    3. Originality: In today’s age of mass production, finding something that?s original is a boon. Reclaimed wood can come to your help, and without costing a bomb either! Reclaimed wood is one-of-a-kind, with no two pieces of it are ever alike, which makes reclaimed wood furniture so special.

    4. Durability: Wood used in old buildings used lumber that originated from virgin forests with trees that had already grown to their full potential instead of plantation trees that lumber is sourced from nowadays. Such lumber from such mature trees is always substantially stronger and durable than lumber from trees in newly harvested forests that have been felled before reaching their prime. This is one reason why those old residences, warehouses and factories have stood strong for hundreds of years! Using wood salvaged from such sources assures you the toughness and robustness of your furniture.

    5. Stable: Old wood is dimensionally stable than fresh timber. This is because those old reclaimed wood planks have passed through decades or more of different weather and changes in climate. This gives pieces constructed from old wood far more stability than lumber that has been newly harvested. This is why reclaimed wood furniture is far more capable of handling the wear and tear of everyday life than furniture made from fresh wood. Consequently, your furniture pieces will remain looking good for more decades to come.







    How to Decorate Resort, Hotel, Holiday Homes, and Private Residences with Reclaimed Furniture

    By adding the following signature elements of the reclaimed style, you can up the oomph factor of your hospitality business or executive & luxury residences:

    The reclaimed style is quite characterful by itself. So it looks great on backdrops that range from the artsy Boho or shabby chic decor styles to contemporary interiors in neutral colors and sleek designs.

    If you?re planning on a rustic or vintage look for your resort or cafe, the unfinished and basic looks of reclaimed wood furniture can help you tone down the otherwise colorful backdrops of the more artsy Boho and shabby chic interior design styles.

     Reclaimed goes well with the neutral backdrops and sleek lines of modern interiors. Using reclaimed wood furniture in contemporary business settings amplifies the elegance of the establishment by introducing a dash of earthiness and warmth.

    Place an artistic reclaimed dresser against the backdrop of sophisticated Casegoods of a modern hotel and resort bedroom or add the warmth of a reclaimed console table to the contemporary settings of a high-traffic hotel or resort entryway.

    FurnitureRoots works with furniture stores, furniture retailers, furniture chains, furniture importers, furniture wholesalers, buying agencies as well as restaurants, bars, cafes & hotel resorts worldwide providing beautiful, handmade, bespoke reclaimed wood furniture that provide your clients an unforgettable experience that balances luxury with price as well as durability.

    FurnitureRoots sells Reclaimed Furniture at these locations across India. You may see our contact details listed below and let us know in case of any queries

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    Q. Am I Likely to Realize Any Cost Savings By Sourcing From a Manufacturer? 
    A. Yes, you certainly will. Although you have to make sure you engage with your supplier/manufacturer & ensure that what you’re actually getting is reclaimed wood furniture at the best possible price in that country.

    Q. What are the Different Variants of Reclaimed Wood Furniture?
    A. There are mainly two kinds of reclaimed wood furniture. There are upcycled furniture pieces that are not broken down into a separate form. Instead, using advanced joinery techniques, parts from used cars, disposed of wood & other sources are sanitized, mildly tread, and made into a separate furniture piece. Alternatively, repurposed/recycled furniture is broken down & a completely new furniture piece is created.

    Q. Do Reclaimed Wood Furniture Products Last?
    A. It mainly depends on the quality of wood that was originally used. Most reclaimed wood furniture pieces are made of high-quality wood that only becomes stronger as it ages so they tend to last for decades. 

    Q. Are Reclaimed Wood Furniture Pieces Eco-Friendly? 
    A. Yes they are, anything that does not require additional felling of trees is eco-friendly. The same is true for reclaimed wood furniture as well. 

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