If you're building out a new restaurant or refurbishing your existing restaurant & you're looking for bulk quantities of restaurant furniture, made by a specialist in commercial dining projects & shipped across India @ less than wholesale prices, then you've landed on the right space. At FurnitureRoots, we offer both direct supply and fit-out solutions for restaurants & we sell some a whole range of customizable unique, generic, off-beat & themed furniture for restaurants and bars

What's more, you'll be procuring directly from a manufacturer of restaurant furniture, this means you'll enjoy ex-manufacturer pricing, commercial-grade furniture quality the highest degree of possible customizations. The only downside of choosing us over your local supplier, store, or dealer is that our wait times are generally slightly higher, but this is a minor pitfall that can be eliminated with proper planning

Please feel free to ask for our restaurant furniture product catalog (with pricing in ₹) & choose from a plethora of seating, restaurant dining chairs, sofas, bar tables, counter height barstools & outdoor restaurant furniture so you can have the interiors & furniture + fittings of your dreams

    Please feel free to reach out to us directly for your furniture requirements @ +91 9769003311 or E-mail us @


    table for restaurants with wooden tabletop and cast iron base

    Commercial and restaurant table tops and bases in unique, custom made designs in engineered wood, solid wood, metal, and marble
    Modern Restaurant Tables
    Bar Dining Tables
    Bistro Tables

    leather restaurant chair

    A wide variety of customized seating options for uncompromised comfort and design excellence for your restaurant & bar
    Restaurant Chairs
    Restaurant Bar Stools
    Restaurant Sofas

    restaurant chairs and tables

    Only the most durable & robust materials are used for our outdoor restaurant furniture which is used in gardens, rooftops & patios
    Outdoor Restaurant Tables
    Outdoor Restaurant Chairs
    Outdoor Dining Sets


    2 seater cabriole sofa for restaurants

    Tufted, fabric upholstered, leather upholstered sofas in cozy vintage and deep contemporary styles. Budget & premium options available 

    picnic-style benches for restaurants

    While these may seem flimsy, benches are made using outdoor-grade wood and cast iron and are great for resto-cafes

    rustic vintage dining sets for restaurants

    For formal dining restaurants, fine-dining restaurants & simple dining arrangements, these table-chair sets are a trouble-free alternative



    Order Process Step 1 - 'Discover Custom Furniture Designs On Website'

    Select from 2500+ furniture designs on website or ask for our full catalog


    Order Process Step 2 - 'Call Us To Discuss Furniture Customizations For Your Business'

    Discuss customizations at +91 9769003311 OR @


    Order Process - Step 3 'Get Order Delivery'

    Unbox furniture that matches your decor perfectly in a few days


    urban masala restaurant furniture set up - project in India by FurnitureRoots


    Public House Cafe & Bistro Furniture Set up - Project by FurnitureRoots India


    Fine Dining Restaurant Chain - Furniture Installation project by FurnitureRoots


    luxury restaurant furniture set-up - Project by FurnitureRoots India


    Outdoor Restaurant chair & table fittings - Project in India by FurnitureRoots


    Outdoor furniture for a small restaurant


    Modern restaurant furniture installation  - Client of FurnitureRoots India


    Brewery Furniture - Project By FurnitureRoots India



    Customize your furniture with an endless array of materials that come from every state in the country

    popular furniture designs in India
    wood grain options offerred by FurnitureRoots India
    upholstery options sold by FurnitureRoots India
    display image of all the color options offerred by Furniture roots India


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      Please feel free to reach out to us directly for your furniture requirements @ +91 9769003311 or E-mail us @ Our team is fluent in multiple languages including English, Malayalam, & Marathi :)

      ISO 9001:2015 Certification Logo For Compliance With Global Manufacturing Standards

      ISO 9001:2015

      FurnitureRoots has been awarded the ISO Certification for systematic processes for furniture manufacturing

      ISO 14001:2015 certification logo for compliance with international standards

      ISO 14001:2015

      Certified for the setup of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) for furniture manufacturing & processing

      OHSAS 18001 Certification Logo For Compliance as per international standards

      BS OHSAS 18001:2007

      For safety & occupational hazard related concerns for all workers, we have been certified by OHSAS

      FurnitureRoots European Union Registered Exporter (REX) Certified Company

      EU REX

      Formally registered to export to EU and a demonstrated history of compliance with EU import regulations


      While getting your hands on furniture for your restaurant may seem simple in theory, It gets complicated quickly. The furniture dealer or carpenter you know most likely would not understand the actual difference between residential-grade and hospitality-grade and figuring out where to source restaurant-specific furniture pieces like bar stools, counters etc is tricky, let alone much more intricate furniture pieces like bar counters etc

      Other than your standard indoor furniture, restaurants are set up in streetsides, hallways within shopping malls, lawns, balcony areas & terraces. These pieces require commercial grade strength that your local restaurant furniture dealer will certainly not be able to fulfill

      Moreover, for restaurants, especially fine dining restaurants, themed restaurants, diners, and youth-oriented cafes, small or large; the success depends heavily on the elegance, vibe, and overall look + feel of the place, to achieve a particular look, furniture, and fittings are some of the most important aspects and they also play a huge role in a diner's perception of the place. This also means that the specific restaurant interior design that you wish to achieve will be done through the furniture and the possible styles, designs, shapes, dimensions, and sizes of furniture is far too diverse to be catered to by a regular furniture dealer

      But wait, customizing furniture tends to be very expensive, right? - Actually, no. Since we're a manufacturer, we execute bulk orders only, most restaurants have a bulk order of more than 15 table-chair sets which is adequate for executing any restaurant order. We use proprietary batch manufacturing processes for making this production cost-effective - its a win-win for everyone! restaurant interior designing useful. We’ve worked on furniture projects for restaurants that have helped them achieve tremendous cost advantage & source of better quality furniture.


      Restaurant Seating

      The "comfort" aspect of furniture is heavily reliant on this, seating options are easily among the most diverse in a restaurant, to make the choices even more confusing, there are western seating options (that many restaurants are adopting) to consider as well. Dining chairs, sofas, booth style seating, benches, outdoor bistro chairs and armchairs are among a few of them you've to consider

      Before finalizing on this, having a floor plan or a seating plan for your restaurant is a prudent and wise decisions. Restaurants globally and even in India prefer to have multiple seating options to add to the aura of the restaurant and also to give guests a wider range of options

      Restaurant Tables

      An assortment of dining tables for restaurants that you simply will not find anywhere else. From height adjustable tables & counter height tables to banquet and relaxed outdoor tables for rooftops and gardens.

      Although wide range of customizations are possible, procuring tables is going to be one of the easier decisions. In all likelihood they only need a few adjustments for sizes

      The only three considerations for a restaurant table is the height, the table top and the table base

      Of these, the most important consideration from a design point of view is the table top, which is a make or break element. Marble tops are heavy and expensive but they're also jaw-dropping to look at. Mild steel tops are low cost but making them aesthetically pleasing will require additional costs


      Instead of mixing and matching arbitrarily, simply choose from our existing collection of designs, they can easily be adjusted for dimensional requirements


      Investing in great quality furniture & placing them in the backdrop of bad lighting is a poor design decision, not just that, it's also an injustice to the furniture pieces you've spent so much on. This is precisely why, we sell matching lighting to those who need it.

      Restaurant Outdoor Furniture

      We've already briefly touched upon this. The bottom line is that furniture for outdoor use are quite different. Make sure you get a minimum lifetime guarantee for outdoor use furniture while sourcing


      We have worked hard to achieve significant strengths in hospitality furniture which is famously difficult as it has to be of a commercial-grade strength & also has to look stunning designs. Now, thanks to the several projects for hospitality furniture requirements that we have carried out, you can rest assured that we provide high quality dining area furniture at an affordable cost.

      We also have a range of furniture designs for your hotel lobby and reception.


      FurnitureRoots also provides custom furniture products like wooden restaurant bar counters, Display Cabinets, Bar Cabinets, Carts, Automobile Furniture, and Furniture Accents to lend your business an uncommon individuality and charm!



      Modern or contemporary style furniture usually features sharper lines and sleek functionality that breeds familiarity in the eye of patrons. With its color palette of white, grey, and pastels, modern restaurant furniture harmonizes casual with informal, masculinity with femininity and thus appeals to a wide range of customers who come over to your foodservice business. With a wide array of finishes, sizes, and styles that we provide, you can customize options to design restaurant furniture of your exact preferences and taste. 


      As a rustic furniture manufacturer & supplier for restaurants, we use timber that has been reclaimed and repurposed into a new, functional product. Not only does this style of furniture helps make a difference by reducing the demand for newly-harvested wood but it makes for stronger products that benefit from the characteristic stability of old wood. Rustic furniture products are completely handcrafted and are truly one-of-a-kind.

      For special furniture pieces, you can also take inspiration from our custom manufactured wholesale bone inlay furniture collections iconic forms that are elegantly rugged, rustic style furniture with its aesthetic rich color, patina, and the natural character of the timber provides unique antiquity to modern hospitality settings


      With the increasing popularity of industrial-style furniture, an increasing number of restaurants are adopting industrial design into their decor. Industrial style furniture infuses the strength of welded metal to the natural warmth and beauty of the wood.  We supply wholesale industrial furniture created by award-winning artisans to restaurants across the globe.


      For fine dining & upscale restaurants in urban areas. We offer genuine and faux leather that are seamed by craftsmen with decades of experience in working different types of leather.
      Most of our leather furniture for restaurants is exported but there are several takers in India as well.


      At FurnitureRoots, we strongly believe in the power of word of mouth. This is why, we strive to provide the best possible service regardless of the size of the order. 

      Sticking to this founding value and mission, we customize, tailor & inspect orders that are for small cafes in the same way that we would for a large premium restaurant.
      Our customizations are fairly simple to understand, A 2 minute call with our team will give you adequate clarity


      There are also a few more considerations when working with a direct supplier & vendor that makes and supplies furniture in-house.  


      With FurnitureRoots, you can customize the designs, dimensions, materials, colors, finish, and engineering/hardware of any product and get furniture products that sync with your decor perfectly!


      Busy restaurants, especially ones with a paucity of seating area can be quite unforgiving for the furniture

      Instead of continuously replacing furniture, fixing the root cause, that is, the furniture quality is the solution to this problem. Regardless of where you're sourcing from, make sure you ask for technical details of the furniture making process


      Sourcing from a manufacturer has its own separate benefits that cannot be ignored. At the risk of losing our potential business, we must mention the few cons that you must be aware of before you embark on this venture. This method of procurement can be time-consuming. You're looking at spending 30% more of your precious time. Also, the timeline for receiving the furniture is also 40% longer than what it would take your local supplier to deliver


      Since a huge portion of our furniture is also exported, we take our credentials quite seriously. Please do check out our manufacturing certifications listed above.

      Alternatively, you can also schedule a call with us along with a furniture expert that you know. Just to be sure


      We launched the businesses after having a slew of poor experiences in restaurants that had their furnishings, fittings & equipment sourced locally. Since then we've tied up with several interior designers & architects in order to make and supply these pieces to restaurants throughout India

      In fact, our Indian business line only deals with restaurants and hotels, unlike most manufacturers you'd have come across - because that's where our core expertise is.

      FurnitureRoots exports & supplies Restaurant Furniture at these locations across India. You may see our contact details listed below and let us know in case of any queries

      FACTORY & SHOP ADDRESS: Plot No. 58/2, Jodhpur-Pali Highway Sangariya, Basni, Baghelao, Rajasthan 342013
      CONTACT NUMBER:+ 91 9769003311



      Q. How much does restaurant furniture cost?
      A. Assuming a dining space of 2000 square feet with 25 tables, 10 booths, 75 chairs & 15 bar stools, below are approximate prices you may be paying for restaurant furniture:

      Restaurant Chair Price (in USD) 1,750 3,250 5,000
      Restaurant Table Price (in USD) 2,000 3,000 4,000
      Restaurant Bar Stool Price (in USD) 400 700 1,000
      Restaurant Booth Price (in USD) 1,450 2,000 2,650
      Restaurant Furniture Price (in USD) 5,600 8,950 12,650

      While these are indicative costs for restaurant furniture based on just a few of the furniture options available with us. We at FurnitureRoots sell directly to restaurants and keep costs low by removing multiple layers of distributors/wholesalers / suppliers, thus getting you furniture that will be 2-4x cheaper compared to available alternatives.

      Q. How many chairs and tables will fit in my restaurant’s layout?
      A. Provide between 12-18 square feet per customer. A restaurant can thus seat 100-150 diners in 2000 square feet of the dedicated dining area, excluding the kitchen area. This includes an 18-inch passage area between tables for easy movement but excludes wider aisles you might want to create to accommodate wheelchair-bound patrons. Visit this page for more tips on restaurant seating layout

      Q. Can you also help us finalizing the furniture?
      A. For larger restaurants that are looking to get this right from the get-go, we recommend enlisting the services of an any of these popular restaurant interior designers in the country. But being in the industry this long, we can at least provide some quality suggestions for the furniture aspect by ourselves

      Q. Do you manufacture furniture from scratch?
      A. Yes, we do, although we have several off-the-shelf collections too. However, since our customizations cost very little, most of our clients customize them – this is when we manufacture them from scratch.

      Q. What materials do you use for furniture? 
      A. This depends on the type of restaurant you have, and the area of the restaurant in question. We make the furniture using cast iron, solid wood, engineered wood, marble, cane weave, rope weave, mild steel, engineered alloys and leather, velvet, rexine and plain fabric.

      Q. What is the lifespan of restaurant furniture? 
      A. Depending on quality, restaurant furniture can last you anywhere from 2-20 years. Two key aspects affecting furniture life are construction quality and raw materials. Contract-grade joinery techniques and commercial-grade materials will help double (or more) the lifespan of your furniture and save you from very costly refurbishments every few years.   

      Q. What are the specific furniture types that you supply apart from tables, chairs, and sofas?
      A. Apart from tables, chairs, and sofas for restaurants, we supply intricate furniture pieces that are mainly used by medium to large scale restaurants. This includes restaurant booth seating, large bar counters, high tables, high-back chairs and couches, height-adjustable crank tables, bar or wine cabinets, and just about every other type of furniture used in a restaurant. We also do lighting for the restaurant, if you haven’t planned on it already.

      Q. Which areas in India do you deliver to?
      A. We deliver across India, into every state and every nook & corner. Shipping rates apply.

      Q. Are there any Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) requirements?
      A. Yes, there is a minimum order quantity or a minimum order value to make the economics work out. But most restaurants pass this criterion by default.

      Q. Do you provide customizations? How much do they cost?
      A. Yes, we do. As strong proponents of great furniture design to complement your restaurant's positioning. We offer mild customizations at negligible costs. However, major customizations do cost a slight bit more, but they do pay off in the long term!

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