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Getting the interiors of your restaurant right, from the very get-go is critical to the success of your restaurant not just for a pleasant experience for dine-in visitors but as a marketing initiative and to spread the word of your restaurant as one that takes care of the finer details.

Getting the designs of your restaurant’s interiors right is not an objective task but is one where the aim of a restauranteur should be to delight the largest possible audiences that’ll them be evangelists of your restaurant business.

To get this right, it is important to understand your target audience, what their tastes and preferences are & depending on the type of restaurant [QSR, fine-dining, diner’s fast food], you may then choose different styles which will include lighting, furniture & several other interior decoration aspects.


This will depend on about 3 odd factors depending mainly on 3 things




Probably the most important aspect for ensuring that the desired theme and design style at the restaurant is achieved.

Furniture also happens to be one of the largest outlay for non-movable expenses that accentuate a restaurant’s interiors [See Prices Of Restaurant Furniture Here]

The materials used, design styling, sizes, and combinations of restaurant chairs, restaurant booths, restaurant tables & restaurant bar counters are key to nail the decor objectives of the restaurant.


Lighting is possibly one of the most underrated ways of ensuring that a particular interior design aspiration is being met for the restaurant.

There are a few thumb rules that restaurant interior designers and architects tend to follow while making lighting arrangements. Also, lighting not only directly contributes to the aesthetics but also indirectly contributes to the beauty of the restaurant.

For instance, a chandelier that emits white light not only accentuates the appeal of darker furniture pieces but also makes the restaurant look exquisite while turned off


No surprises here, it is obvious that the paint schemes in restaurants are a make or break factor for ensuring interior design consistency.

The paint schemes chosen will be apt depending on the type of restaurant, the cuisine served, the climate of the region where the restaurant etc

With these critical influencers of interior design out of the way, we’ll explain the different restaurant interior & furniture styles and a few sample restaurants that nail them as well.


It is important to understand that all your personal stylistic aspirations for your restaurant are meaningless since the success of your restaurant depends mainly on how your diners find the ambiance.

This is why at FurnitureRoots, we always insist on carrying out a thorough, unbiased study of your audience/potential market to finalize on interiors that will be difficult to reverse later on.



Also popularly referred to as Scandinavian restaurant interiors & styling. These modern restaurants boast furniture that is sleek and made using light but strong materials like stainless steel and aluminum that ensures furniture which is both strong yet looks expensive and brittle.

Most modern restaurants go for a minimalistic look which means plenty of free and airy space, objects placed in perfect symmetry, and is noted by a conspicuous absence of clutter.

Lighting for modern restaurants is characterized by an absence of artificial lighting. Instead, natural lighting is allowed to flow freely through windows & window sills which also aids with the above-mentioned objectives if decluttering the space. Most modern restaurants prefer light colors, mostly grey and white without much in the way of graphics.

As for the cost, modern restaurants are notoriously difficult to build and even more difficult to maintain. But the ones that do, are in a position to charge higher prices.  


This appeals mostly to families and has a vintage annotation to it as the trend of fine dining restaurants is being replaced by themed restaurants and uber-chic restaurants to quench the tastes of boomers and millennials.

However, even among these groups, there are a few occasions where fine dining is preferred, this explains why some of the oldest fine dining restaurants enjoy a cult following even today.

The lighting preferred for such restaurants is usually dim, especially for the fine dining restaurants that are frequented by couples. Alternatively, fine dining restaurants also opt for glaring lighting arrangements which are complemented by a lot of glassworks not only in cutlery but also in handicrafts and furniture pieces like the counter.

Furniture preferences for fine dining restaurants are typically made from leather or leatherette and even these restaurants are combined with a particular theme such as ?Industrial Style?, which either uses exposed metallic tufting and industrial era cues.

Button Tufted Single Back Upholstered Booth in Wooden Frame in Espresso Finish
engineered wood round dining table
Bespoke Library Cafe Furniture Project By FurnitureRoots The Critics Poetry Cafe 1


These restaurants are styled to resemble a bucolic & village diner, one that most of us have visited as a child.

Rustic style is the polar opposite of contemporary styling meaning that all the design cues and materials used in furniture & fixtures are largely made using natural elements with minimal processing.

This explains why rustic furniture & rustic interior styling is inextricably linked to wooden furniture & wooden styling and occasionally use fabrics as part of its design mainstay.

Ideal for western diners and evening family diners, these are not just popular in the west but every country has a spin-off of rustic design as wooden furniture is universal.


To add a vintage vibe akin to the hearty meal you?ve had at your grandma?s the distressed a.k.a shabby chic theme is ideal to exude a naturally aged look to your restaurant and when coupled with a menu that features comfort food.

Lighter colors with furniture that is distressed using modern techniques to achieve a ?worn-out? look are ideal for a restaurant whose unique selling point is its vintage more than anything else.

Distressed furniture is also an opportunity for restauranteurs to explore designs & themes in colors that are otherwise considered too gaudy, like green, yellow, red, etc. [See the pictures to the left]

Distressed French
outdoor cane dining furniture hotel poolside
Bespoke Rooftop Lounge & Bar Furniture Project By FurnitureRoots Backstage Sky Lounge, Pune 4


Perfect for restaurants and cafes that are feature an outdoor area. With the growing consciousness of ecological damage, restaurants, and cafes that are committed to preserving the planet with a ?0 waste? mission are popping up all over the world, most of which are present in the west.

These restaurants don?t use plastic, avoid serving meat, some of them serve artificial meat and feature all types of ecological awareness décor and painting. Even the furniture is made from reclaimed/recycled wood & several décors or art pieces are upcycled with used items or parts.

These restaurants and cafes also feature tons of plants and many of them also opt for tons of lighting.


Quick service restaurants aren?t just limited to the McDonalds & Pizza huts that we?re all aware of but also include several other QSRs that do make arrangements for slightly more accommodative dining but also for the officegoers and the busy folk who are always on the run to catch the next meeting.

Quick service restaurants aren?t necessarily dull & monotonous but they?re also a great way to unwind and adding a few themes and decorations in & around the restaurant will work wonders for its design & appeal.

For instance, an automotive-themed café, an American diner, a European bistro & an Indian coffee house are all examples of some great QSRs that can be made great in terms of interior design & styling.

Rooftop Restaurant Furniture Project By FurnitureRoots Imperfecto Lago Lakeside Open Air Restro, Nagpur 4
Diamond Tufted Fully Upholstered 3/4 Round Booth in Grey
Patio & Outdoor Furniture: By FurnitureRoots for Byg Brewski in Bengaluru


Pubs are a great way to unwind after a stressful week and apart from the service & the drinks, the interiors are something that?s best-attended to. Pub complexes are large, typically multi-storied dining establishments that embrace a particular theme and leave cues of the theme throughout the complex.

While it may seem that these are favored only by the youth, these are favored by people of all age groups. Due to the sheer size of pub complexes, breweries & brewpubs, the furniture requirement of every area can be quite diverse and the owner will most likely require an assortment of furniture instead of any single set of standard pieces


We?ve all seen these in most classic American movies, American diners & bars feature an unusual amount of red & retro colors, some bits, and pieces of leather, a large café counter & restaurant dining booths which is a concept popularized in America.

Restaurants that serve tex-mex, Mexican food, American comfort food, steakhouses, and American brunch diners should definitely give this design style a strong consideration.

premium dining sets for restaurants & cafes
Bespoke Resto Pub Furniture Project By FurnitureRoots Leather Resto Pub Sofas Little Easy, Mumbai


Regardless of whether you’re looking for cheap, inexpensive furniture solutions, or whether you’re looking for bulk & premium furniture solutions for your restaurant, FurnitureRoots has a solution for your restaurant furniture requirements.


We look forward to serving all your hotel furniture requirements. You may directly contact us via call, or share your details or walk-in to our factory/head office
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