The preferred seating furniture option for both small budget restaurants and large fine dining restaurants alike, dining chairs made by FurnitureRoots for commercial dining restaurants come in slew of designs, styles, materials, quality grades, and sizes.

From luxurious, leather-stitched modern chairs to budget folding chairs in plastic or chairs mild steel (MS); FurnitureRoots' catalog of 1,200+ chairs consists of chairs made in stainless steel (SS), solid wood, cast iron that comes padded with performance-fabric or commercial grade foam is diverse enough to suit the widest possible restaurant and café styles in the country.

What's more, since we're manufacturers of furniture for restaurant businesses, we sell these at reasonable wholesale MOQs to restauranteurs and cafe owners at factory prices. Our factory is located in the western belt of India. From here, we sell our chairs to businesses throughout the country. You may simply glance through the dining chairs listed below and "add them to cart" along with your project requirements.

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    Wooden chairs in fully customizable options ranging from casual to fine-dine


    Made of steel, iron or aluminium, metal chairs are heavy-duty and great for outdoors


    Upholstered chairs add comfort and a touch of class and are ideal for an upscale experience


    Made using contemporary materials, glossy polishes & unique but subtle colors


    Farmhouse style restaurant chairs made of solid wood to rekindle memories of the pleasant countryside


    Plain white chairs in glossy, metallic & pearlescent finishes for a subtle & refined ambiance


    Chairs in red metal, red fabric or red-ish gloss finish


    Chairs in black upholstery, black paint, black seat cushion & black padding


    Classic modern-industrial & retro-industrial style chairs in upholstered, modern & simple options


    Seat yourself in comfort regardless of whether it is a rooftop, pool-side, patio or garden seating arrangement



    Restaurant Bar Stools and Bar & Counter Height Chairs


    Sofas & Couches for Restaurants and Hotels


    Restaurant Booth and Banquette Seating


    Restaurant Bench Seating


    Armchair & Accent Chairs for Restaurants


    A restaurant dining experience in our country simply cannot be generalized, the depth and width of restaurant types, cuisines, market tastes and economic classes are far too diverse. You have your standard restaurant chains, Gujarati Thali Joints, Malwani restaurants, Bengali restaurants and quick service south Indian snack stalls and not to mention, a whole range of Dhabas and thanks to Globalization, a whole range of continental restaurants that have popped up in food courts and free-standing complexes

    At FurnitureRoots, we spent the better half of the first 2 years surveying such restaurant owners and during the course of this research, we've zeroed in on what could possibly be the most seamless way of pricing wholesale restaurant chairs that are exactly as per your personalized requirements. But before that: 10 FACTORS TO CONSIDER BEFORE BUYING RESTAURANT CHAIRS Knowing your audience, the chair types they would prefer, how to choose the chairs yourselves, the material used and its approximate costs are all good ideas 1. As a standard practice, the tabletop of a table are about 30 inches high. A general torso to table-top height is about 12 inches, so a standard seating height is ~18 inches from the ground 2. Comfortable seating proportions and seat depth 3. The recline angle should strike a delicate balance between a comfort (meaning more decline) and an healthy recline (which is better for back & diigestion) 4. For leather and fabric padded/upholstered/stitched chairs - the abrasion of the material itself 5. Commercial-grade upholstery, be it fabric, leather, PVC or PU, or Rexine 6. Both the foam base as well as the upholstery cover may need to meet local fire-safety regulations/standards 7. For metal chairs, stainless steel (SS) chairs and mild steel (MS) chairs, ensuring that that they're treated for corrosion resistance by way of power coating or electroplating them is necessary 8. Feet caps & rubber stoppers to prevent scratches on the floor 9. Generally speaking, a curved chair frame that embraces the dining table allows for a much more private dining experience 10. All commercial restaurant seating needs to be properly weighted, well-balanced and should be devoid of any protrusions or sharp edges that may cause injury to your restaurant?s clients or staff Are you planning to buy a restaurant and fine-dining chairs that last only a few seasons OR an entire lifetime? Get in touch with us at +91-9769003311 OR email OR fill up an inquiry form on our website in order to get bespoke heavy-duty, commercial-grade dining chairs that are available for sale at wholesale prices.


    Just as there are various designs styles for restaurant's interiors, there are just as many chairs to choose from that are suited to these interior styles, all of which, we make at FurnitureRoots. MATERIALS WE USE FOR OUR HOSPITALITY-GRADE CHAIRS  Easily one of the most critical factors to consider, as every other design aspect will slightly be influenced by the material used for the chair's frame, the seat padding and the chair back For instance, wood is the material of choice for a much more airy design. Chairs made in solid dark wood are excellent options for premium restaurants, chairs made in plywood are cost-effective and indicate value for money prices and rough-sawn chairs are ideal for a more country-side look indicating the restaurant serves comfort food Metal chairs are typically made in brushed stainless steel (for modern restaurants), mild steel (for budget friendly but premium restaurants) or cast iron (for outdoor restaurant dining) Fabric stitched and foam padded chairs are the most common in India after Rexine. At the higher end you have genuine leather chairs made either in top-grain or full-grain leather Leather chairs impart a sense of distinctive luxury and richness are an evergreen restaurant seating option, especially in fine-dine restaurants. Engineered materials like performance fabrics and Vinyl or Rexine are the de-facto upholstery of choice for high-traffic restaurants. Apart from plain and simple chairs, there’s an increasing trend of restaurants with booth seating instead of chairs A WIDE RANGE OF RESTAURANT-SPECIFIC CHAIR DESIGNS As mentioned earlier, the distinctive nature of each restaurant demands a different restaurant chair design. While we specialize in over 20 styles, here are a few of them that we're particularly adept at making Industrial chairs are the most popular, these are made to look jaggedy and rugged and are usually used in restaurants, cafes, pubs and bistros that are aimed at catering to the requirements of the youth. However, modern-industrial chairs, vintage-industrial chairs and wood + metal dining chairs also fall under industrial styles Farmhouse, rustic or countryside dining chairs are also fairly popular, especially in fine-dining restaurants and family dining restaurants Simple, budget, low-cost, and cheap restaurant chairs are also not a particularly bad choice for restaurants. They indicate the food served and the dining experience is quick, neat, and seamless without much mucking about.

    Regardless of the restaurant-style, we either work directly with you or with your interior designer & we're farily certain that your services will be of a better value and convenience, especially because of:
    1. FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE DESIGNS You can customize your restaurant?s chairs for the following parameters – designs, dimensions, materials, colors, finish, and engineering/hardware. So you get dining chairs that match your restaurant business?s decor perfectly! 2. GRADED FOR RIGOROUS COMMERCIAL-USE The furniture in your restaurant needs to last instead of having to be replaced once every few years. You can’t always prevent food and beverage spills, scratches from heavy materials brushing it. This is bound to happen in the hospitality and restaurant business.FurnitureRoots? restaurant chairs are built to contract chairs’ standards. This means that each one of them has been constructed to withstand heavy usage in a busy hospitality environment and to hold up to wear and tear that occurs from everyday use. They’re made to withstand hot and cold temperatures, constant food and beverage spills as well as the wear and tear caused by regular cleaning and maintenance, all the while retaining a like-new appearance. 3. GREAT PRICES Given that you are getting furniture directly from a contract-grade chair manufacturer instead of a wholesaler or a supplier you get the lowest possible prices for commercial-grade furniture. We can easily export even a medium-sized order to your country through our export furniture program. Even when it comes to intricate furniture items, we are able to manufacture and supply them at a low cost to you, like our collection of wholesale rustic furniture 4. RELIABILITY FurnitureRoots is an ISO 9001:2015 certified bespoke furniture manufacturer and exporter with experience of over 300+ hospitality and commercial dining and bar furniture projects. We specialize in making commercial-grade furniture that is purpose-built for ruggedness and durability. So you don?t go wrong when it comes to your large ticket-size commercial hospitality furniture purchases. FurnitureRoots sells Restaurant Chairs at the following locations across India. You may see our contact details listed below and let us know in case of any queries

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