Choosing from the available range of seating options for your restaurant is a confusing ordeal in and of itself. You have barstools, dining booths, sofas, chairs & benches to name a few, Add the potential combinations of materials, design styles, colors and features and you'll find yourself caught in a web.

Seating furniture at commercial businesses like restaurants and cafes is generally a lot more important than the others, the customer's comfort, perceived furniture quality, and aesthetics for most restaurants in India tend to mostly be dictated by the seating furniture items. Does that mean, one can solely invest heavily simply on the chairs, sofas and barstools and skimp on the rest? Absolutely not!. This is where consistency in the restaurants' design comes into play

At FurnitureRoots, we began our journey by selling furniture and providing FF&E services to commercial businesses in India. Our USP is the fact that we're manufacturers of furniture for restaurants and through our existing set of delivery networks, we manage not only to supply them across India but also undertake installation services on-site for some intricate furniture items

    Please feel free to reach out to us directly for your furniture requirements @ +91 9769003311 or E-mail us @ & access our full catalog with prices in ₹
    Restaurant Chairs

    Dining chairs that are made in deep modern, traditional Indian, foldable, stacking, countryside & industrial designs for restaurants and bars and bistros

    Restaurant Arm Chairs
    Metal Restaurant Dining Chairs
    Wooden Restaurant Dining Chairs
    Leather Restaurant Dining Chairs
    Outdoor Restaurant Chairs

    Restaurant Stools

    Not only used by the uber-Indian but also widely used by mid-range & high-end Dhabas, thali joints & even Udipi restaurants

    Swivel Restaurant Barstools
    Metal Restaurant Barstools
    Wooden Restaurant Barstools
    Outdoor Restaurant Barstools
    Restaurant Barstools With Arms

    Restaurant Booths

    A novel concept in India, booth style seating is a western seating arrangement used in diners and are ideal for high-end continental or boutique restaurants in the country

    Wood Restaurant Booths
    L Shaped Dining Booths

    Leather Restaurant Booths
    U-Shaped Restaurant Booths
    Double-Sided Restaurant Booths

    modern sofa seating for restaurants and cafes in beige

    From large sectional couches for dining to 2-seater slipper sofas for cafe & coffee shops. Sofas make for great secondary seating in a restaurant's layout

    Deconstructed Sofas
    High Back Chairs
    Balloon Chairs

    Aged Leather Sofas
    Leather Armchairs

    outdoor cushioned armchair for commercial restaurants

    Armchairs, especially the ones with a high-back and upholstered padding with performance foam are also a great idea, depending on your restaurant's design

    simple outdoor benches for restaurant use

    Bench seating is common not only in restaurant outdoors but also as indoor dining sets for more privacy

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      Accessorize, personalize and customize your restaurant seating furniture when you buy with us

      popular furniture designs in India
      wood grain options offerred by FurnitureRoots India
      upholstery options sold by FurnitureRoots India
      display image of all the color options offerred by Furniture roots India
      glamorous modern restaurant furniture set-up

      From mid-century modern furniture designs to deep modern Indian styles that are ideal for contemporary restaurants


      industrial (steampunk) restaurant seating set-up

      The most popular interior theme for restaurants and cafes use cast iron, stainless steel & tufted seating furniture. All of which we've expertise in!


      countryside farmhouse bar seating furniture

      Discover the earthy tones of our rustic seating designs that are inspired by the simple and rugged beauty of nature




      Order Process Step 1 - 'Discover Custom Furniture Designs On Website'

      Select from 2500+ furniture designs on the website, or preferably,  inform/share your own design ideas


      Order Process Step 2 - 'Call Us To Discuss Furniture Customizations For Your Business'

      Discuss customizations at +91 9769003311 OR @


      Order Process - Step 3 'Get Order Delivery'

      After your shipping arrives within a few days, Unbox the perfect seating arrangement that matches your decor seamlessly

      Restaurant Seating Manufacturer

      Initially, we worked our way solely through dining chairs and some sofas for smaller, low-cost restaurant furniture projects. Over time, with an increasing number of different seating options and increased customer demands, we forayed into making some pretty unique barstools, dining booths and benches for outdoor restaurant seating as well as indoor seating.

      Over the course of time, we also quickly came to the conclusions that the commercial dining businesses do not mind paying a reasonable price for furniture, particularly seating furniture, as long as they're made to last, are customizable (at least mildly) and are sold at value prices. Precisely to fulfill all of these requirements from the checklist, we make our way solely into manufacturing to be able to easily customize the furniture, have full control over the quality & also to offer manufacturer prices to discerning restaurant furniture customers like yourselves.

      Specialty Restaurant Furniture Supplier
      Apart from the business model (which is unique in itself), we've also worked alongside several popular and upstart dining, restaurant, bistro, cafe, and Dhaba restaurant chains to set-up satisfactory furniture and fittings for them 

      With time, and with a unique business model like this one, we've grown to understand our local customers throughout India & all our domestic services are specially geared towards catering to their seating furniture in the most effective wy possible

      The Process 
      If you're unfamiliar with the process of working with a supplier like FurnitureRoots, don't fret. Our team is on stand-by to provide answers to your queries

      A typical delivery process works something like this

    • We share our full catalog of seating furniture units either by mail or by Whatsapp
    • After selecting the furniture and desired customizations, we share prices
    • After the prepayment (~30%) is completed & samples have been dispatched, we begin our work and share weekly updates with you

      Before you know, you're almost through and on your way to get your hands on seating furniture exactly as per your restuaurant's needs that will last at least a decade before needing a replacement

      Through our existing delivery arrangements and our local partnerships we manage to deliver to these locations throughout India growing list of satisfied customers. Get in touch with us and let’s set the foundation of a successful restaurant!

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