The total number of India's commercial & eatery destinations have grown leaps and bounds in the last decade. Increasingly western tastes, high competition & a demanding consumer means that restaurants will need to make ample arrangements for high quality dining tables 

Apart from this, the only effective way to compete in the market is by craving out a narrow own niche in your segment, and interiors play a huge role in this & furniture is a huge part in the overall interior set-up.

A one-size fits all solution rarely works for such businesses. Moreover, bulk orders for restaurants tend to be economical for medium-sized, manufacturer to put a unique design into production and supply them to you at factory costs

This is precisely what we aim to do here at FurnitureRoots, to make you, the consumer, have the best possible sets of choices when it comes to furniture for your restaurant so you can get exactly the kind of furniture you want at affordable prices. 

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    Restaurant Tables Series Dining Table with Mesh Table Base and Wooden Table Top
    contemporary dining table with quartz tabletop & stainless steel disc plate
    Restaurant Tables Series Industrial-Style Rectangular Table With Square Metal Bases And Reclaimed Wood Live Edge Top
    6 seater restaurant table with 4 prong legs
    commercial restaurant table with round tabletop and disk base pedestal
    heavy duty restaurant table with height adjustable table base
    bajaj chetak inspired automotive dining table for restuarant use
    upcycled restaurant dining table made from Mahindra tractor
    Height-Adjustable Crank Dining Table with Trestle Legs & Wooden Top in White Distress Finish
    Restaurant Tables Series Dining Table with Lateral Table Base and Wooden Table Top
    8 seater restaurant table with expediter table base


    Top Factors to Consider When Selecting Restaurant Tables:

    Getting tables for a resto-bar is a big investment. It is essential to get it right. Before you buy commercial tables. In an ideal case, especially if you're procuring furniture from a single supplier, it's a good idea to pair these tables with all the other restaurant furniture items like chairs, barstools, sofas. To know the best possible combination to help you choose your tables better, we have compiled this mini-guide.

    At FurnitureRoots, we have a mission to assist buyers from every nook and corner of India, this is precisely why our team provides assistance in every possible language to make for a smooth buying process.


    Metal tabletops are also a great option, as they’re extremely utilitarian, robust & durable for outdoor use. Available material styles are wrought iron, cast iron, stainless steel & a few more compound metals.

    Marble tabletops that are made in stone, quartz, granite, or Italian marble are also great for premium  restaurants

    2. Designs

    A table is the first thing that grabs the attention of any patron when they enter a restaurant, bar, or cafe. This is one of the main reasons to create a lasting impression by choosing dining tables of unique patterns and designs.

    These almost always call for personalization that we can easily accommodate thanks to our manufacturing expertise

      1. Tabletop shapes:
        Tabletops usually come in round, square, and rectangular. There are a few other shapes discussed below that can be custom-made. Each shape has its own advantages as well as space considerations.
      1. Table Base Designs
        Table bases not only provide support and are key for a well-balanced table but also come in a number of designs.


      • Round table tops: Good for facilitating conversations since everyone at the table sits opposite or at an angle to each other. However, the round shape is not the most layout-efficient design since it takes up more usable space than other tabletop shapes.
      • Square table tops: The traditional tabletop design in which people sit equally spaced ? maybe not the most ideal design for sparking conversations ? however, the shape makes it easy to add tables against each other to provide ample seating for larger groups.
        • Cross base tables: The most used table base design, cross is ?X? shaped table bases that provide ample support and balance and are not intrusive when you have diners seated on the table.
        • Round base table: Although round bases provide a substantial degree of balance and support, however, they are not the most interesting to look at.
        • Trestle base tables: An aesthetically pleasing design, trestle bases also provide a high degree of sturdiness and stability.
        • Custom bases for restaurant table: Although more expensive than usual bases, however, custom-designed table bases add a lot of character and pizzazz to the restaurant?s décor.Rectangle table tops: Another conventional tabletop design in which people sit equally spaced. While it isn?t comparable to round the round tables, however, rectangular tables are the most space-efficient designs
    3. Table height

    Tables that are kept in restaurants usually come in 3 table height options:

      • Standard height tables are usually 30-inch high and are designed for use with chairs of ~18-inch seat height which is the standard sitting height for most dining chairs.
      • Counter height tables are usually 36-inch high and are designed for use with counter-height chairs or stools of ~24-inch seat height. You may also click here to check out designs for our restaurant counters that marry well with our table collections
      • Bar height tables are usually 42-inch high and are designed for use with bar chairs or bar stools of ~30-inch seat height.
      • Extra tall tables are made-to-order as per the requirement of clients. One needs to engineer them carefully with wider bases for balance and foot rings to allow for comfortable ingress and egress.

    Due to these various complexities, procuring restaurant tables is a pleasant, hassle-free & disappointment-free process when done by a specialist in commercial dining furniture like FurnitureRoots.

    FurnitureRoots sells Restaurant Tables at the following locations across India. You may see our contact details listed below and let us know in case of any queries

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