Pub furniture or furniture for taverns in classical English vintage style with rustic hues or in mid century modern styles depending on the design theme of your dining establishment

Standard pub furniture is quite simple for a FF&E specialist to make. Heavy cast iron cues on solid wood countertops, table tops paired with seating options in bare solid wood for budget options & cushioned leather with hand-stitched upholstery as a more premium alternative topped up with our pub bar counter collection and you have already completed 75% of your pub furniture set-up

At FurnitureRoots we've specialized in catering to the requirements of commercial dining furniture with 50+ projects under our belt, being a restaurant furniture selling company with a footprint across India, making furniture for pubs, clubs, lounges and several other dining areas, is our expertise and enlisting our expertise for the same would be a wise decision.

    Our team speaks fluent Hindi, English, Marathi & Malayalam. Please feel free to ask for our catalog with all our prices listed in ₹. We keep them hidden from the site to prevent competitors from imitating our designs.


    Restaurant Pub Tables

    A variety of table tops & bases for bar lounges – round pub tables, outdoor bistro pub tables, white pub table, rustic pub table, industrial pub tables


    Pub Table And Chairs

    Explore round pub table & chairs, tall pub table & chairs, rustic pub chairs & tables, and industrial pub table & stools that pair well with our bar counter designs


    Commercial Bar Stools

    Explore commercial swivel bar stools, commercial industrial bar stools, commercial bar stools with back or commercial outdoor bar stools


    Pub Chairs

    Get exquisite dining chairs for your pub, commercial bar, or lounge including pub chairs with arms, leather pub chairs, wooden pub chairs, and metal pub chairs


    Pub Sofas

    Shop exquisitely custom made sofas for microbreweries or commercial lounges. Get pub couches in leather, cane, fabric, or velvet


    Bar Booths

    Elegant booth seating that is custom made for your choice of dimensions, materials, designs or finishes to match the interior decor of your club or lounge


    Also see our our cafe furniture styles offerrings collections which is more suitable for a chilled out dining & outdoor styled restaurants




    Order Process Step 1 - 'Discover Custom Furniture Designs On Website'

    Select from 2500+ furniture designs on website or ask for our full catalog


    Order Process Step 2 - 'Call Us To Discuss Furniture Customizations For Your Business'

    Discuss customizations at +91-976 900 3311 or


    Order Process - Step 3 'Get Order Delivery'

    Unbox furniture that matches your decor perfectly in a few days

    Cafe Furniture in New Zealand by Furniture for AMJ Ventures in Invercargill NZ



    Patio & Outdoor Furniture: By FurnitureRoots for Byg Brewski in Bengaluru




    Bespoke Designer Hotel Diner & Bar Furniture Project By FurnitureRoots Latitude Hotels Africa 5



    Spa Furniture Project By FurnitureRoots For Leekaja Spa & Salon In Singapore



    Fine Dining Restaurant Chain - Furniture Installation project by FurnitureRoots



    luxury restaurant furniture set-up - Project by FurnitureRoots India



    urban masala restaurant furniture set up - project in India by FurnitureRoots



    Customize your furniture with an endless array of materials that come from every state in the country

    popular furniture designs in India
    wood grain options offerred by FurnitureRoots India
    upholstery options sold by FurnitureRoots India
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      Get the best pub designs for your commercial bar. Schedule a free expert consultation today!

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      Pub furniture that is custom made to enchant

      Your bar, brewpub or microbrewery is a place where clients come to enjoy long hours of conversations with friends, family, and loved ones. So your pub furniture needs to be comfortable, durable, individualistic, and, yes, as intoxicating as your commercial bar!

      FurnitureRoots? custom-made pub furniture affords you exactly that. Our chairs, barstools, and tables for bars are custom-made using commercial-grade materials, hardware, and advanced joinery techniques. So you get furniture that is high-quality, provides an exceptional degree of comfort to your customers and lasts ages. And with our bespoke designs, you?ll get furniture for your bar or brewery that is exquisite and evocative. Something that your customers want to keep coming back to.

      If you are looking to buy furniture with a personality, FurnitureRoots has just the right products. Explore our pub furniture range online and get the best of both worlds: high-quality furniture at great prices. Delivered to your doorstep, anywhere in the world.

      Ask yourself these important questions before you buy commercial bar furniture:

      Getting furniture for your bar involves a significant amount of investment. So it is essential to get it right. Keep a lookout out for these key features and component when buying furniture for your pub: 

      1. Correct seating height

      2. Commodious seating proportions and seat depth

      3. Comfortable recline angle for backrests

      4. Uses high density, high resiliency foam

      5. Commercial-grade upholstery, be it fabric, leather, PVC or PU, or Rexine

      6. Both foam and upholstery may need to meet local fire-safety regulations/standards

      7. In case your furniture is made up of metal or has some metal components, ensure that they have a layer of powder coating or electroplating of the appropriate thickness to prevent corrosion of underlying metal

      8. Have nylon or rubber floor glides to keep the furniture product from scratching, staining, or damaging the floor or carpet

      9. Have provision of kick plates on footrests of barstools

      10. Have handles on the back of barstools and chairs for added convenience

      11. Barstools and even some tables may need to be height-adjustable

      12. Barstools and some chairs may need to stackable to aid regular floor cleaning

      13. Commercial barstools may require a swivel as well as an auto-return function so that they always face the bar counter, and

      14. All furniture items need to be properly weighted, well-balanced, and should be devoid of any protrusions or sharp edges that may cause injury to your bar?s clients or staff.

      We explain why choosing a specialist manufacturer in India is your best option below. If you wish to know from us directly, get in touch with us at +91-9769003311 OR email OR fill up the inquiry form on our website in order to get bespoke heavy-duty, commercial-grade furniture that doesn?t burn a hole in your pocket.

      Pub furniture designs: Types of bar furniture products you can buy at FurnitureRoots

      Pub Tables

      A careful selection of bar tables can increase the seating capacity of your bar as well as make an impact on your patrons by proving them a sturdy, well-balanced, and clutter-free dining experience.

      Pub Chairs

      FurnitureRoots? bar chairs are custom built to have generous proportions, utilize commercial-grade high-density foam, and are customizable in a variety of upholstery options including natural & synthetic fabrics/leather/vinyl and other options.

      Commercial Bar Stools

      FurnitureRoots? bar stools complement bar tables and are available in a number of customizations to provide your brewpub or microbrewery patrons a comfortable perch for those long conversations over refreshments and snacks.

      Pub Table and Chair Sets

      Take the guesswork out with our commercial bar table and chair sets. With heavy-duty, contract-grade commercial tables matched perfectly with chairs & barstools, you don?t have to worry about selecting furniture designs that go well with one another. Simply browse through our selection of pub dining sets and you?re ready to go!

      Outdoor Pub Furniture

      When it comes to furniture for rooftop bars, sky lounges and outdoor/covered / patio areas in pubs, the selection of outdoor bar furniture gets quite technical. Any furniture kept in outdoors has to meet far more stringent standards of quality and durability.

      With our high-quality coatings and plating techniques as well as materials quality checks and testing, FurnitureRoots is India?s leading specialist when it comes to manufacturing commercial furniture that surpasses stringent global benchmarks applicable for outdoor furniture.

      FurnitureRoots: Country’s Top Commercial Bar & Pub Furniture Manufacturer, Wholesaler & Supplier

      FurnitureRoots manufactures, wholesales, supplies, and exports custom-made furniture for pubs, commercial bars, breweries, brewpubs, clubs, tasting rooms, sports bars, airport lounges, and outdoor/rooftop bars globally.

      When you buy bar furniture with FurnitureRoots, you get the benefit of:


      You can customize your pub bar furniture for the following parameters – designs, dimensions, materials, colors, finish and engineering/hardware. So you get furniture that matches your bar’s decor perfectly!


      Commercial setups like bars and pubs require commercial-grade furniture that can withstand long hours of use, constant food & beverage spillages, and regular cleaning.

      FurnitureRoots is a specialized contract-grade furniture manufacturer for hospitality businesses. All our furniture items are made to higher standards of quality and durability than a commercial setup entails.

      We use higher-quality raw materials, hardware, and advanced joinery techniques so that you get furniture that can withstand the rigorous conditions of your F&B and food services business and give you long years of problem-free service. We are an industrial furniture manufacturer of french, victorian & modern designs that are not just suited for commercial establishments but also for residential purposes

      3. Lowest Prices (Direct-from-Manufacturer Pricing)

      Given that you are getting furniture directly from a manufacturer, eliminating margins of distributors/wholesalers/supply chain, you get the lowest possible prices for commercial-grade furniture.

      Buying commercial bar furniture from FurnitureRoots is an assured way of ensuring you spend minimum for very high quality, custom-made furniture and don?t have to worry about sky-high cost of the furniture that you would otherwise have to shell out on furniture sourced from B2C retailers that, perforce, accommodate multiple layers margins of intermediaries.


      FurnitureRoots is an ISO 9001:2015 certified bespoke furniture manufacturer and exporter with experience of over 300+ bars, microbrewery and outdoor bar projects.

      We specialize in making commercial-grade furniture that is purpose-built for ruggedness and durability. So you don?t go wrong when it comes to your large ticket-size commercial furniture purchases. We take complete control of the design aspects as a manufacturer of rustic furniture styles which also means that we ensure that while our furniture looks appealing & aged, it is also made with materials that are robust. 

      5. Experience Of A Specialist Commercial Furniture Manufacturer

      FurnitureRoots offers a professional, full-service experience to interior designers, architects, hospitality FF&E, hospitality sourcing companies, and project & contract furniture organizations on their commercial hospitality & project furniture requirements. Contact us if you want to explore FurnitureRoots as your furniture manufacturer partner of choice. Feel free to check our some of the hotel furniture  products we hoard to get an idea of our completed furniture styles.

      FurnitureRoots sells Pub and Commercial Bar Furniture at these locations across India. You may see our contact details listed below and let us know in case of any queries

      FACTORY & SHOP ADDRESS: Plot No. 58/2, Jodhpur-Pali Highway Sangariya, Basni, Baghelao, Rajasthan 342013
      CONTACT NUMBER:+ 91 9769003311

      Frequently Asked Questions:

      Q. How many chairs and tables will fit in my pub?
      A. Provide between 12-18 square feet per customer. A pub or commercial bar can thus seat 85-125 diners in 1500 square feet of dedicated dining area, excluding kitchen area. This includes an 18-inch passage area between tables for easy movement but excludes wider aisles you might want to create to accommodate wheelchair-bound patrons.

      Q. Can you help design my pub furniture?
      A. Yes, we can. We will help you all the way from figuring out the best pub furniture designs, dimensions, materials, finishes to working out the packaging, logistics and after-sales support. Ask any of our existing clients and you’re sure to get a positive feedback for our services.

      Q. How much does pub furniture cost?
      A. Assuming a dining space of 1500 square feet with 20 tables, 6 booths, 50 chairs & 10 bar stools, below are approximate prices you may be paying for pub furniture:

      Pub Chair Price
      [RE (₹) CONVERSION @ 72]
      1,150 2,200 3,500
      Pub Table Price
      [RE (₹) CONVERSION @ 72]
      1,600 2,400 3,200
      Commercial Bar Stool Price
      [RE (₹) CONVERSION @ 72]
      275 450 650
      Pub Booth Price
      [RE (₹) CONVERSION @ 72]
      875 1,200 1,600
      Pub Furniture Price
      [RE (₹) CONVERSION @ 72]
      3,900 6,250 8,950

      These are indicative cost of furniture for commercial bar based on furniture options available with us. We at FurnitureRoots sell directly to new or upcoming breweries, clubs and lounges across the globe and keep costs low by removing multiple layers of distributors / wholesalers / suppliers, thus getting you furniture that will be 30% to 50% cheaper compared to available alternatives.

      Q. What are the specific furniture types that you supply apart from tables, chairs, and sofas?
      A. Apart from tables, chairs, and sofas for commercial bars, we supply intricate furniture pieces that are mainly used by medium to large scale pubs and bars. This includes pub booth seating, custom bar counters, high tables, high-back chairs and couches, height-adjustable crank tables, display cabinets, and just about every other type of furniture used in a pub. We also do lighting for the establishments, if you haven’t planned on it already.

      Q. Do you provide customizations? How much do they cost?
      A. Yes, as a bespoke pub furniture company we provide customizations. While the cost of custom furniture for pubs depends on specifications, however, customization helps furniture blend in and enhance the pub’s interior design and lends individuality & character to it.

      Q. What is the average lifespan of pub or bar furniture?
      A. Depending on quality, pub furniture can last you anywhere from 3-15 years. Two key aspects affecting furniture life are construction quality and raw materials. Contract-grade joinery techniques and commercial-grade materials will help double (or more) the lifespan of your furniture and save you from very costly refurbishments to your commercial bar every few years.

      Q. Are there any Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) requirements?
      A. Yes, there is a minimum order quantity or a minimum order value given that we are a custom pub furniture manufacturer. Get in touch with us to discuss the specifics of your requirements.

      Q. Which areas in India do you deliver to?
      A. We deliver across India, into every state and every nook & corner. Shipping rates apply.


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