The Indian furniture industry is marked by the presence of a wide variety of artisanal-made furniture made by expert craftsmen mainly from solid wood (hardwood & soft wood) or metal (mild steel, brass) & covered with traditional fabric & upholstery covering techniques including jute weaving, fabric weaving, leather and making entire pieces out of cane/rattan weave. FurnitureRoots is one such boutique manufacturer that is pioneering the direct-factory model for both medium sized orders for home owners as well as large orders from commercial businesses like hotels, restaurants, cafes, retail businesses, shopping complexes & more

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    We're all aware of what makes Indian furniture truly great, solid, durable wood, vibrant colors that liven up any room/business area. Intricate carvings look like they've taken years to carve. While this may be the hallmark of Indian Furniture, in particular, furniture made in our country has taken a lot of inspiration from European, medieval & western tastes overall. Thus, hand-worked inlaid furniture, distressed styles, warm & cozy rustic furniture and period furniture styles like distressed furniture, coastal furniture & Industrial furniture are all made in India... with Indian-inspired styles 

    Indian Furniture Color Palette


    Indian furniture styles are known to be quite committal, the deep colors of walls, ceilings & fabrics are suited well with naturally beige colors of the furniture. Lighter shades with vibrant colors are also a great way to add a flare of exuberance to your residence/business


    Indian Furniture Element 1 - Traditional Design


    The regality of Indian furniture stemmed from conservative shapes that were more ornate than subdued. Elegant appearances, decorative accents and a course finish adding edge and texture to furniture, unlike the monochromatic styles of the current age.
    Indian Furniture Element 2 - Carved Wood


    One of the oldest art forms, intricate hand-carved designs add dimension and beauty to wooden furniture. Shapes capturing the lines of simple elements like flowers, leaves and vines lent a human touch to furniture and the variety of colors adding liveliness.

    Indian Furniture Element 3 - Distressed Appearance


    On one hand, the age, rarity, condition, utility or other unique features of antique or vintage Indian furniture make it a desirable collectors’ item. On the other hand, distressing furniture is the art of making it appear aged or weathered. The two factors combined make it irresistible.

    Indian Furniture Element 4 - White Washed Appearance


    Indian style furniture embraces a whitewashed look. An old piece of wooden furniture would have layered and chipped paint while the wood grain underneath remains slightly visible. Texture and age of the furniture items are celebrated as a sign of a well-loved furniture.

    Indian furniture style is renowned the world over for its intricate carvings, colorful paintwork, detailed inlay work, and its antique/vintage or weathered appearances. These highly detailed handicraft styles and artisanal flourishes have been passed down by talented Indian Maisons from generation to generation.

    Imagine your living room with a painted entryway console table or a carved sideboard OR your bedroom with an industrial bed with or a reclaimed wood dresser giving your guests a peek into the old and wondrous artwork of India. These ethereal pieces of furniture designs handcrafted by top Indian artisans will transport your hotel, resort, cafe, or lounge guests back to the time of royalty and grandeur with its ethnic decor.

    If classic style or vintage style furniture is not up to your alley, we’ve got you covered there as well. By virtue of working across industries including in the hospitality, interior designing, and the retail sector, we have developed a great amount of expertise in modern and contemporary furniture designs that are loved by all our suppliers, restaurateurs & hoteliers.

    If you plan to give an ethical, artisanal touch to your cafe, resort or hotel lounge OR sell these rare styles of India in your country, please contact us and we’ll be enthused to help set-up your furniture store.


    Indian furniture represents a fascinating mix of cultures. Due to its long history of occupations, India’s furniture designs and style got infused with various styles. See all traditional style furniture sold by us here

    From the early impetus of the Turkish influence between 1200-the 1500s to the blend of Mughal styles from 1500s ceding to European inspiration starting from 1600s with the Portuguese then the Dutch and finally to the infusion of the Victorian style from 1800s to mid-1900s, the resultant Indian style of furniture represents one of the dynamic blend of these varied artistic traditions to form a highly distinctive style of work.

    These settlers wanted furniture similar to their original style with all of its flairs, patterns, and characteristics. So they used local Indian carpenters to develop furniture using Indian materials but blended into their own styles, thereby creating furniture that has its own individualistic panache.

    We at FurnitureRoots have developed a unique knack of blending modern furniture manufacturing processes with artistic furniture making methods that have been passed on since the oden times, this enables us to make some special furniture pieces like


    Looking for an exotic collection of furniture from India to enhance the look of your bedroom, living room, hotel or resort? FurnitureRoots offers an eclectic range of furniture ranging from Dining & Coffee Tables, Beds, Headboards, Sofa, Dressing tables, Bookcase to Indian-style Cabinets, Storage Chests, Swings, Diwans, Chakki, Bajot, Charpoy, Rope Beds, Settees, Antique Chairs, Writing Desk and Benches.

    From the budget furniture options furniture manufactured from locally sourced wood varieties like Acacia, Mango, and Sheesham (Indian Rosewood) to the durable and elegant collections in Teak, Reclaimed Wood, and other imported woods. FurnitureRoots, with its extensive experience with the entire range of Indian wood furniture, showcases furniture collections with unique appeal, longevity, and durable performance.

    We invest significantly in refreshing our collections at regular intervals and ensure that you get the latest design. For the convenience of our clients, we operate both online and onsite. Our online furniture store showcase a broader range of ethnic Indian furniture, traditional and ethnic designs. With a few clicks, you can scan through all our collections from the comfort of your home or office and also get quotes and place orders online.

    Being a wholesale exporter and manufacturer of individualistic and elegant Indian style furniture, we ensure that you get furniture that is of the highest quality at competitive prices.

    Buy superlative ethnic furniture designs for your retail store, hotel/resort, or restaurant/bar/cafe from one of India?s top furniture companies: FurnitureRoots.


    At FurnitureRoots, we ensure that every handcrafted wooden furniture product that we make has a distinct look and unique appeal. Our state-of-art manufacturing facility ensures that every piece of Indian ethnic furniture manufactured by us has an exclusive story to tell. Our teams of skilled artisans devote their creativity and dedicated effort to make the furniture a masterpiece and sheer statement of sophistication. You can choose from two options, we use engineered wood but we’re also manufacturers of solid wood furniture & of all the suppliers in Jodhpur, we make them using both mass manufacturing techniques and bespoke crafting art. 

    You can avail of both luxury and budget alternatives. The type of wood used and the intricacy of craftsmanship are the two key factors behind price variations. For budget furniture items, you can go for low-cost wood options like Acacia, Sheesham.

    Amongst the leading furniture companies in India, we are able to offer you one of the widest range of wooden furniture designs, including but not limited to:

    • Indian style sofas and daybeds,
    • Indian dining tables,
    • Chest of drawers,
    • Indian console table,
    • Indian style beds and headboards, and
    • Indian-style bookshelves and bookcases.

    Amongst the more traditional furniture styles, you can opt for Indian painted furniture or Indian carved furniture. You can also get your orders customized for designs, dimensions, colors/finishes, and materials according to your requirement.We specialize in both residential, home-use furniture for furniture stores as well as commercial-use hotel, resort, and restaurant, bars, or furniture for cafes. FurnitureRoots has managed to consistently outcompete most furniture manufacturers in Jodhpur, thanks to our investment in styling, design & our commitment towards providing excellent service to all our international customers.

    We are a one-stop shop for furniture retailers and stores worldwide to import Indian wood furniture. With our artisanal and handmade furniture products and designs, FurnitureRoots ranks among the leading furniture exporters in India.

    Are you planning to get exquisite, handcrafted furniture from India that stands out? Visit our furniture store in Jodhpur OR email to get bespoke furniture designs that are exported and loved all across the globe.

    You can now have your set of  Indian Furniture through our export furniture program at these locations across India. You may see our contact details listed below and let us know in case of any queries

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