The mid-century era period falls on the timeline immediately after the world-war. Since then manufacturing furniture was a symbol of looking forward into the future and the eccentricity and uniqueness of the furniture was grounded in our idea of what the future styles would look like. Inspired by this design philosophy, we've begun experimenting with various furniture pieces to come with some truly marvellous modern mid-century furniture pieces     

While the term was first coined in the west, mid-century furniture has had many modern spin-offs and a classic contemporary furniture style & the melange of Indian-contemporary furniture has taken roots during the birth of mid-century designs 

Mid century design is essentially a design that emerged during the mid-1900s, due to the dilapidated conditions of most economies in post-war era, extravagant furniture with carvings and ornamentation was not feasible. So under the pretext of using fewer materials but building the frame intelligently (as a cost-saving measure), the mid-century design was conceived.

Since then, the style has just stuck around and manufacturers like us have been rather intrigued by it, so much so that we've made a business out of it.

Through our network of logistical arrangements, we supply customized traditional & vintage furniture across every state in India

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    Mid century design (around 1950s) has its roots in the Industrial revolution which was resulted in another furniture design taking birth, called the Industrial furniture, another furniture style that we also make. During the mid-century period, the technologies, materials, finishing techniques were a lot different than the ones we are privy to now.

    This has resulted in subtle differences between the original mid-century making techniques and that which is practices today. As a result, the former came to be known as vintage mid-century design & the ones popularly available in the market today are referred to as modern mid-century design but the underlying principle remains the same. 

    As a result, furniture designs that are still sleek, thin, geometric, and subtly curvy with ornate carvings with a slightly rougher finish and ornate carvings to a certain extent, are interchangeably called vintage mid-century furniture.   

    coffee table with brass top


    FurnitureRoots specializes in making mid-century vintage-themed furniture that not only looks absolutely stunning but also adds warmth to your home, living room, bedroom, or even your business. 

    As a specialist in vintage reproduction furniture, that spans our expertise in manufacturing vintage furniture, making french provincial furniture, and even contemporary & modern Indian furniture, we have a breadth of expertise in working different furniture style that are both labor-intensive and capital-intensive as well.

    See some of our furniture designs that are influenced by art deco & art noveau styles from the mid-century.


    sofa in distressed black fabric
    bedside table in retro green mid century design
    clean wood bar cabinet in traditional mid century sstyle
    mid century armchair in brushed wood


    Heavily influenced by the Scandinavian school of thought, modern mid-century furniture is minimalist, made of both traditional & modern materials combined, straight lines, heavy curves, and a lot of randomized designs.

    Mild colors are predominant in these furniture styles, and most materials are suspended on an extremely thin frame. A popular theory that goes about indicates that the reason for this was due to the fact that the modern mid-century furniture movement took off right after world war 2 and the great depression.

    During these times, thick furniture meant a whole lot more raw materials. Extravagant vintage-style furniture that preceded this style meant whole more man-hours, expensive metals to incorporate & a lot of wages to pay. These factors made the olden styles obsolete and too expensive a trend to continue.

    Today’s modern & contemporary furniture styles that feature brushed stainless steel, marble claddings, and so on take a lot of cues from mid-century furniture. Ironically, the design philosophy that dominated most of the 20th century, one that has proven to be one of the most successful centuries in all of mankind’s history, was started as a cost-cutting measure.

    The love story with mid-centry styles continued and today; contemporary, sleek yet strong furniture has a wide acceptance among several most folks 

    distressed green, mid century sectional


    If compared thoroughly, the difference between mid-century architecture and furniture designs vis-a-vis 21st century’s modern designs are negligible. The only discernable aspects that contemporary furniture makes use of a lot brighter elements & hues.

    Additionally, contemporary furniture of today also means heavy use of materials that only the 21st century is privy of including plywood/plywood, engineered wood, stainless steel, aluminum and a whole host of different materials that are shine through & compliment deep colors rather well.

    stainless steel, gold brushed contemprray dining set
    straight lined, geometrically shaped modern TV stand in darkwood
    darkwood walnut nightstand in thin shaped mid century vintage design
    reclining lounge chair in rattan weave design


    At FurnitureRoots, we began our journey undertaking furniture fit-out & FF&E projects for the hospitality and commercial dining industry. Both of these can be extremely demanding in terms of designs and themed furniture requirements but thanks to our persistent efforts and the luck of being a manufacturer from Jodhpur, Rajasthan with abundant access to skilled manpower, access to raw materials, and logistical infrastructure, we’ve been successful in catering to the requirements of our FF&E clientele so far.

    This worked wonders for our reputation in the market and we soon began receiving bulk orders for our themed & period furniture from both retailers & wholesalers of specialty furniture.

    Since then, we consistently innovate experiments & sample our work towards new product designs to come up with glamorous furniture pieces like mid-century furniture. antique reproduction furniture, African-themed furniture, and so on.

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