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Restaurant Table and Chairs Sets

Table and chair sets that make your restaurant or hotel garner an unreasonable amount of attention! FurnitureRoots makes bespoke, heavy-duty Dining Table and Chairs, Bar-Height Dining Sets, Bistro Tables and Chairs, Booths and Banquettes, and Outdoor Dining Sets that not only look great but can handle the rough and tumble of commercial foodservice businesses. Buy FurnitureRoots’ custom-made designs in restaurant tables and chairs that balance looks with lifetime durability. Available for sale at low wholesale prices but unparalleled quality.

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    Authentic Cafeteria Dining Combo

    Give your staff a homely feel by adding this authentic dining combo to your corporate stay. Sturdy and durable owing to its hardwood top and powder coated heavy duty iron frame, the contemporary style of this table and chair provides utmost comfort to all. Easy and convenient to maintain owing to its scratch and stain-resistant feature, this exclusive furniture comes in an individualistic design that sets it apart. Heighten the charm of your bar, brewery or pub with this beautifully crafted set and watch the buzz of activity increase. Additionally, this trendy combo comes fully assembled, helping you enjoy an experience hassle-free. Grab this fabulous dining combo today!

    Authentic Canteen Furniture Combo

    This beautifully crafted furniture combo creates a cozy corner, inviting a positive vibe that keeps your guests warm and comfortable all day. Built with a hard wood top and a heavy-duty powder coated iron frame, this well constructed chair and table are the right picks for your resort, bar or hotel. Crafted in a modern style that showcases its individualistic design, this elegant combo has a round shaped table top. Easy to clean and maintain owing to its scratch and stain resistant feature, this elegant furniture comes fully assembled, keeping your effort to the minimal. Add a dash of sophistication to your pub, order this classic furniture today!

    Best Selling Bar Furniture Combo

    Get excited and fascinated once you come across these brewpub and vacation villa furniture combo of standard size. The best feature of these table and chair sets are these are scratch and stain resistant. The wooden table top has given a marvellous look to the overall decor. Your customers will find it cozy sitting on these for long hours as these are of bar height. You will get thoroughly impressed at the hardwood top and heavy duty powder coated iron frame material with which these are constructed. The round table top of these furniture has added a spontaneous beauty to its overall look. This furniture set will last really long as these are composed of commercial grade materials and joineries.

    Best Selling Wooden Dining Set

    Try to create a perfect mood within your pub or restaurant by opting for these classic designer dining set. These modern furnitures are wooden and are inclusive of wooden table top as well. The natural finish of this furniture is the main attraction of the set. If you want to create a modern and contemporary interior, then these furniture should be included in your joint. The square table top is indeed worth appreciating along with the hardwood frame material with which these are constructed. This table and bench set indeed ooze out a feel of elegance and comfort in the most perfect way. Go for these as the stock may last soon.

    Visit this page for more wooden commercial dining tables.   

    Build-To-Last Regular Dining Combo

    You can now add a dash of the trend to your resort, vacation villa and brewery with these unique designer chairs and dining table set. These come in already assembled form. The wooden tabletop of the table will look majestic in the room. The counter height of the chairs and table will ensure you get a better sitting experience for long hours. The two-seater dining set combo is made of hardwood top and heavy-duty powder-coated iron frame. If you are concerned about its design, then you will be overwhelmed to know that the tabletop is of a round shape. Now elegance and comfort can be well achieved once you go for this furniture set.

    Cast Iron Metal Outdoor Table Set

    Now refine your style sense with the selection of this super unique iron metal bar and dining set for your pub, brewpub and lounge. You can create a striking effect to the overall decor of the room as the table of this set is inclusive of a royal wooden table top. Also, the round shape of the table top is indeed fashionable enough to impress the visitors. If you crave for both elegance and comfort while selecting furniture, then you will be highly satisfied to know that this dining set will meet your requirement with perfection. Moreover, the space saving feature of this set is indeed another noteworthy feature. Go for this table and chair set soon as the stock is limited.

    Custom Made Foodcourt Furniture Combo

    Custom made to make your lounge or microbrewery stand out, the weathered finish of this fabulously made furniture combo uplifts the feel of your space. Built with a hard wood table top and a heavy duty powder coated iron frame, its square shaped table top adds character to its overall look, leaving a long lasting impression. Crafted to be scratch and stain resistant, these distressed table and chair are easy to maintain and clean. Delivered fully assembled to make your life easy, the chic, individualistic design of this elegant combo will leave your patrons spell bound. Order this alluring furniture today and make your pub the most happening!

    Distress Foodcourt Furniture Combo

    There is no better way to add a rich dose of style to your living space than this classic furniture combo. Sporting a brilliant individualistic design, this distressed table and chair is made using a hard wood top with a heavy-duty powder coated iron frame. Fitted in a square shape table top, the weathered finish of this well-made set will give a shabby yet chic look to your microbrewery, night club or restaurant. Built to be scratch and stain resistant, it is easy to maintain and clean. Give your corporate stay a welcoming vibe with this excellent table and chair combo that comes fully assembled. Order it today and make a remarkable difference to your lifestyle!

    Distressed Compact Dining Set

    If you want to decorate your bakery, club or brewpub with some unique set of dining tables and chairs, then these will fit the bill with perfection. These repurposed or reclaimed wood furniture with wooden table top are really of a high standard. Since you can avail these tables and chairs in assembled form, you can avoid the hassle of assembling post purchasing. The natural raw finish of this solid hardwood structure can just impress your visitors quite effortlessly. If you have a fascination towards round table top, then you will be happy to know that these tables are also of round shape. The rock solid construction of the materials of these furniture ensures its longevity factor.

    Please feel free to visit [this page] if you wish to view more wooden tables for your restaurant. 

    Ever-Lasting Regular Dining Combo

    Bring home this outstanding dining combo that will warm up any living space. Built using hardwood top and heavy-duty powder-coated iron frame, this easy-to-maintain chair and table set is uniquely constructed in a classic style that gives it a timeless beauty. The right choice to create an amiable ambiance in your club, lounge or bistro, this scratch and stain-resistant furniture is easy to maintain and clean. Featuring a round-shaped tabletop, the individualistic design of this industrial furniture gives it an elegant finish. Further, this highly durable combo comes fully assembled. Add a comfortable vibe to your pub or restaurant, order this ever-lasting dining combo today!

    Fortified Cafe Dining Combo

    Finished in an artistic fashion, this fortified dining combo is a must have for your restaurant, pub or brewery. Fashioned with an individualistic design from hard wood and heavy-duty powder coated iron, the round shape of its table top fits into any corner, giving your space a snug look and feel. Adorned with the scratch and stain resistant feature, this easy to maintain furniture comes fully assembled, giving you a hassle free experience. Designed in a modern style that extends an inviting vibe, this wonderful table and chair set will give your guests a comfortable time. Order this classic furniture today and make your club the most happening place to be!

    FR Dining Sets Series 4-Seater Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Slat-Back Chairs

    Often you seek for a four-seater dining set for a night club or brewery but remain clueless on where from to avail that. Now take the perfect opportunity to grab this 4-Seater Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Slat-Back Chairs that you can avail in already assembled form. The wooden table top of these sets will portray your finer sense in terms of interior decor. Solid hardwood structure has given these a superior quality to these chairs and table set. The commercial grade materials and joineries ensure you can use those for years. Often such elegant furniture needs special care to maintain for long term basis. But with these, daily cleaning becomes really a hassle-free task.

    FR Dining Sets Series 6-Seater Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Ladder-Back Chairs

    A food court, bar or cafeteria can be decked up in the best way once you go for this super exclusive 6-Seater Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Ladder-Back Chairs. The reclaimed wood is the primary material of these standard sized table and chair sets. The lacquered finish will provide these with an impeccable look and the rectangular table top will ensure that these give a gracious look to the setup. When it comes to durability part, not to worry on that aspect either as these are made of commercial grade materials and joineries. This table and chair set is a perfect instance where comfort meets elegance. Go and grab these sets at the earliest as the stock may last soon.

    FR Dining Sets Series 6-Seater Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Slat-Back Chairs

    If you want to select the most exclusive six seater dining set with care, you will be just overwhelmed once you come across this 6-Seater Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Slat-Back Chairs. The wooden table top on these will provide a stunning effect to the overall decor of the furniture. The Solid hardwood structure denotes strength and reliability factor. If you believe in opting for durable furniture, then you should be informed that these are made with the implementation of commercial graded materials and joineries. Add a splash of vibrance to the entire set up with the introduction of this multicolored graceful chair and table set.

    FR Dining Sets Series 6-Seater Salvaged Wood Dining Table and Slat-Back Chairs

    If you are thinking of opting for a unique designed dining set for any microbrewery or restaurant, this 6-Seater Salvaged Wood Dining Table and Slat-Back Chairs will fit the bill perfectly. The wooden table top will radiate elegance and scratch and stain resistance quality will increase the trust factor. You can avail these in already assembled shape. The lacquered finish of these furnitures renders a classy look to these. You will surely get fascinated with its rectangular shaped table top. These shabby chic furnitures will occupy very less space of the room due to the space saving feature. You can completely trust on the quality and durability factor of these furnitures as these are made out of commercial grade materials and joineries.

    Related Categories

    Restaurant Tables and Chairs for Commercial and Hotel Use

    As a restaurant or hotel owner or manager, would you like to create a unique atmosphere in your business establishment? Customize your restaurant dining sets according to the decor of your foodservice or hospitality business for an original, unique, and effervescent style that will charm even your most demanding customers.


    FurnitureRoots’ custom made commercial tables and chairs gives you exactly that. Our wooden or metal table & bar stools, restaurant dining room chairs, and benches are custom-made using commercial-grade materials, hardware, and joineries.  We also have a great colletion of premium restaurant booths that can jazz up your establishment instantly! So you get tables and chairs for restaurants that are high-quality, provides an exceptional degree of comfort to your customers, and lasts ages. And with our bespoke designs, you’ll get upscale, diner-style tables and chairs that are exquisite and evocative. Something that your customers want to keep coming back to.


    If you are looking to buy furniture with a personality, FurnitureRoots has just the right products. Explore our commercial tables and chairs for restaurants, and bars online and get the best of both worlds: high-quality commercial bar furniture at great wholesale prices available near you. Delivered to your doorstep, anywhere in the world.

    Restaurant Table and Chair Types

    Dining Sets by Height

    Restaurant table and chair sets come in the following height options:

      • Dining height tables and chairs is the usual height for dining sets. These sets come with tables that are between 29 to 31 inches high with corresponding chairs or stools that have a seating height of 18 to 21 inches from the ground.
      • Counter height tables and bar chairs come with tables that are between 35 to 37 inch high with corresponding bar chairs that have 24 to 27 inch seating height.
      • Bar height tables and barstools come with tables that are between 40 to 42 inches high with corresponding bar stools that have 29 to 32-inch seating height.
      • Extra tall table and barstool sets are made-to-order on the client’s request. Extra tall dining sets have tables that are 43 inches or higher and with corresponding bar stools that have a minimum seating height of 32 inches.

    Wood table and bars stools/chairs are suit a wide range of settings. From vintage or rustic themed restaurant to an upscale, fine-dine restaurant, wooden dining sets fit perfectly into the decor and ambiance of any foodservice business.

    Metal table and bars stools/chairs are ultra-durable and easy to clean. They come in a very wide range of color options, ranging from red, blue, white, black, orange, and numerous other color shades. And with proper coating/finishing, these sets can be used outdoors as well thereby helping you maximize space utilization at your restaurant or catering business.

    Stone-top dining sets usually come in either marble or granite table top options. Both marble or granite enhance the look and richness of tables. They are easy to maintain too. Engineered stone table top dining sets provide even more durability and ease-of-maintenance than natural stone top dining sets. If you’re inclined towards stone-top dining sets, you may want to check out our restaurant booths page as well. 

    Laminated dining table sets are ideal for events and banquets in your hotel, resort, restaurant or Quick Service Restaurant (QSR). They are light-weight, easy to shift, clean and, sometimes, are foldable. Laminate top tables and chairs are available at cheaper prices than conventional solid wood top tables and provide greater configuration for large gatherings as well as easy storage when not in use.

    Wanting to buy restaurant tables and chairs in modern, contemporary, rustic or industrial style? Get in touch with us at +91-9769003311 OR email business@furnitureroots.com OR fill up enquiry form on our website in order to get bespoke heavy-duty, commercial-grade furniture that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

    Buy Commercial Tables and Chairs That are Fully Customizable at FurnitureRoots.com

    FurnitureRoots manufactures, wholesales, supplies, and exports custom-made table and chair sets for restaurants, bistros, cafes, and pubs/bars/brewpubs globally.

    When you buy dining sets for hotels and restaurants with us, you get the benefit of:

    1. Fully Customizable Designs

    You can customize your restaurant tables and chairs for the following parameters – designs, dimensions, materials, colors, finish and engineering/hardware. So you get dining sets that match your restaurant’s furniture decor perfectly!

    2. High-Quality Furniture Graded For Rigorous Commercial-Use

    Commercial set-ups like restaurants, bars and dining & bar areas in hotels and resorts require dining tables and chairs that can withstand long hours of use, constant food & beverage spillages and regular cleaning.

    FurnitureRoots is a specialized furniture manufacturer for commercial and hospitality businesses. All our furniture items are made to higher quality and durability standard that a commercial set up entails. We use commercial-grade raw materials, hardware and joinery techniques & technology.

    So you get furniture that can withstand the rigorous conditions of your hospitality or commercial business and give you long years of problem-free service.

    3. Lowest Prices (Direct-from-Manufacturer Pricing)

    Given that you are getting furniture directly from a manufacturer, eliminating margins of distributors / wholesalers / supply chain, you get the lowest possible prices for commercial-grade furniture.

    Buying commercial bar furniture from FurnitureRoots is an assured way of ensuring you spend minimum for very high quality, custom-made furniture and don’t have to worry about sky-high cost of the furniture that you would otherwise have to shell out on furniture sourced from B2C retailers that, perforce, accommodate multiple layers margins of intermediaries. In fact, even if you’re from outside India, there are substantial savings that you can realize from a relatively small-medium sized order as well since we do direct furniture export to countries to 6 continents

    4. Reliability

    FurnitureRoots is an ISO 9001:2015 certified bespoke furniture manufacturer and exporter with experience of over 300+ restaurant and hotel projects.

    We specialize in making commercial-grade furniture that is purpose-built for ruggedness and durability. So you don’t go wrong when it comes to your large ticket-size commercial furniture purchases.

    5. Experience Of A Specialist Commercial Furniture Manufacturer

    FurnitureRoots offers a professional, full-service experience to commercial and hospitality project Designers, Architects, Hospitality FF&E, Global Hospitality Sourcing Companies, and Project & Contract Furniture organizations on their commercial hospitality & project furniture requirements. Contact us if you want to explore FurnitureRoots as your furniture manufacturer partner of choice.

    FurnitureRoots sells Restaurant Tables and Chairs at the following Locations globally.

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