Bone Inlay Furniture and Mother of Pearl, Metal & Stone Inlay Furniture

Inlaid furniture consists of materials inserted into the outer shell of furniture. FurnitureRoots is a Bone Inlay Furniture and Mother of Pearl Furniture manufacturer, wholesaler, exporter and supplier. A Jodhpur, India-based company, we make bone, mother of pearl, brass, metal, leather, resin and marble & granite inlay furniture for hotels, resorts, bistros, restaurants, pubs & bars and cafes as well as furniture wholesalers and furniture retailers globally.

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Boho Print Block Cabinet

This standard sized classy hotel and restaurant chair has become a must item in a majority of the esteemed bunks, tents or hostels. So time to deck up yours now with this reclaimed wood made scratch and stain resistant chair. This bedroom furniture will render a clam effect to the overall decor of the room due to its white distress finish. Side by side, you can’t overlook the multicolored vibrance of this chair. Overall, this is a highly commendable item as this is made of commercial grade materials and joineries. One of the most striking specialty of this chair is its space optimizing feature. This block printed chair also reflects an ethnic look that can stun anyone easily.

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Buddha Carving Reclaimed Hotel Wardrobe

Now invite your guests with pride in your vacation villa, inn or B&B once you embrace this reclaimed wood made chair. This chair can be aptly labeled as Indian furniture due to its artisanal handmade design. This designer chair has already gained so much popularity for being scratch and stain resistant. Since this is made of solid hardwood and heavy duty inserts and hardware, you can rely on its genuine quality. This global inspired furniture has already been considered to be a highly commendable furniture by many as this can be easily cleaned on day to day basis. Grab this unique opportunity to own this very unique and fashionable chair at the earliest.

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Cabinet Furniture Series Wooden Sideboard With Hand Painted Edges And Mirrored Doors

Cabinet Furniture Series Wooden Sideboard With Hand Painted Edges And Mirrored Doors by FurnitureRoots has a highly individualistic & evocative design. It is fully customizable to match your business’s theme & accentuate its interiors.


  • Built-for-Commercial: Dura-Strong© construction to withstand rigorous Commercial use
  • Fully Customizable
    • Materials: Can be custom-made in a range of Iron / Wood / Glass / Upholstery options
    • Dimensions: Fully customizable for your business’s unique requirements
    • Choice of Finish: 20+ wood & metal finishes to match your business’s decor
  • Quality: FurnitureRoots is a ISO 9001:2015 company. All our products are built to highest international quality benchmarks


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Ethnic Budha Old Style Trunk

A chair can easily escalate the beauty of a boarding house, bed and breakfast or a camp quite easily. This season, never forget to buy this scratch and stain resistant classic chair that has been made with extra care with reclaimed wood. This inlay furniture looks stunning due to the distress finish look. The multicolor of this old school vintage styled chair can win anyone’s heart at the first glimpse. Time to splash a feel of Global essence within your space once you opt for this ethnic designed chair. You can avoid the hassle of assembling this chair post buying as this is available in assembled form in market. Save enough space in your commercial hub as well once you bag this designer chair.

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FR Cabinet Furniture Series Accent Storage Trunk 36″ Wide with Inlaid Brass Panels

The Accent Storage Trunk 36″ Wide with Inlaid Brass Panels is a beautiful work of art that will attract anybody’s attention. This brown storage box with an old-style vintage design is a perfect furniture for use at time share, bakery or inn. The trunk box has enough space for storage and its high enough to be used as a table. It comes fully assembled with a lacquered finish and globally inspired interiors. For durability, this Indian style furniture is made using reclaimed hardwood and heavy-duty powder-coated metal and inserts. Its a stain and scratch resistant furniture that is easy to clean daily. The standard sized furniture has eclectic looks and is crafted for space optimization.

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Multicolored Distress Trunk

Time to mesmerize the world with the inclusion of this standard sized classic chairs that can deck up and stylize any bed and breakfast, guest villa or boarding house with ease. This bedroom furniture has a royal look due to its distress finish. This multicolored storage bench occupied minimal space of the room due to its space saving property. You will be over ecstatic to know that this designer chair is available in ready to use format and you won’t have to put any effort to assemble this post buying. Another feature that can attract any buyer is the block print or organic dyed design embellished on this.

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Natural White Coffee Table

Coffee tables have a vital role in enhancing the beauty of a camp, boarding house or a vacation villa. Now you can find an ultimate solution once you come across this white colored super fashionable and trendy coffee table. This furniture has a captivating look due to its distress finish and block print or organic dyed design that is embellished on this. You will simply rely on the material of this table as this is made of solid hardwood structure. The rectangular table top has an essence of grace that will fall into anyone’s attention effortlessly. Also, you won’t have to worry about its lasting property as this coffee table as they have used commercial grade materials and joineries.

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Old Country Style Sideboard

This classic chair has a magical capability of beautifying a night club, brewery or pub in a jiffy. All you need to do is place this white distress finished furniture in a chosen space of the room and then observe the magical transformation of the room by yourself. This unique piece of chair is constructed with hard wearing commercial grade inputs like knobs, hinges, handles and so on. The multicolor of this handcrafted furniture will have a mind blowing effect to its overall beauty. When it comes to space optimizing feature, you won’t have to doubt on that. This magical chair will occupy very less space of your setup.

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Shabby Chic Distress Cabinet

Time to embrace something really special this season that can transform the mundane look of your guest house, tent or a corporate stay almost instantly. Go for this classic chair that is made of reclaimed wood and add a splash of brilliance to the overall space. One of the most striking features of this bedroom furniture is its white distress finish. This multicolored artisanal handmade chair will showcase your elegant and eclectic taste in terms of interior decor. This chair can brighten up the given space with its space optimizing feature and designer look. Order yours as the stock is limited.

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Timeless Drawer Small Cabinet

Give some life to your vacation villa or resort with the introduction of this standard sized cabinet that is made of reclaimed wood. You will fall in love with its unique scratch and stain resistance feature. This bedroom furniture will just rock with its distress finished look. Since this is made with solid hardwood and heavy duty inserts and hardware, you will get something really genuine and classy once you opt for this. Durability is guaranteed due to the presence of commercial grade materials and joineries. This artisanal handmade designed vintage furniture has been widely liked so far. If you have a fetish for elegant furniture, you simply cannot give this a miss.

Inlay Furniture guide

Inlay refers to an ancient decorative technique that involves embedding delicate, hand-carved pieces of material into the surface of an object.

Materials used in inlaying range from bone, mother of pearl and metals like brass, silver and more. The substrate is usually wood or engineered wood and, at time, other materials including stones like marble or granite and metal.

The end result is strikingly beautiful. Enchanting decorative patterns – often floral or geometric – of contrasting colours and materials on furniture add an incredible amount of personality and splendour to any space.

A centuries old art form, the craft of inlaying bone or mother of pearl on furniture was practiced in ancient Egypt, Japan and India. Nowadays though bone inlay furniture is typically sourced from India.

Handcrafted from start to finish by artisans who have learnt techniques passed down through generations, no two pieces of bone inlay furniture are the same.

Regardless of the size of furniture, inlaying furniture requires remarkable levels of patience, attention-to-detail, artistry and expertise.


FurnitureRoots’ inlay furniture products

FurnitureRoots manufactures and exports a wide range of inlay furniture designs including:

    • Bone Inlay Coffee Tables,
    • Bone Inlay Dressers,
    • Bone Inlay Side Tables,
    • Marble Inlay Table Tops,
    • Bone Inlay Console Tables,
    • Bone Inlay Tables,
    • Bone Inlay Chest of Drawers and Sideboards,
    • Marble Inlay Tables,
    • Granite Inlaid Furniture,
    • Moroccan Bone Inlaid Furniture Designs,
    • Camel Bone Furniture,
    • Pearl Inlaid Furniture,
    • Luxury Inlaid Furniture,
    • Leather Inlaid Furniture,
    • Brass Inlay in Wooden Furniture,
    • Bone Inlay Beds, and
    • Resin Inlay Tables.

Our bespoke capabilities help you choose designs and finishes in order for the inlay furniture pieces to match the decor of your hotel, resort, restaurant, villa or home.

Every furniture piece we make – bone inlay, mother of pearl or other inlaid furniture – always meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.


FurnitureRoots: An inlaid furniture manufacturer and exporter

As a bespoke inlay furniture manufacturer and exporter, FurnitureRoots is a one-stop shop for furniture retail stores, office & commercial, and hospitality chains across the globe for importing inlaid furniture designs. With our bespoke capabilities, FurnitureRoots is the leading bespoke inlay furniture maker in Jodhpur, India.

FurnitureRoots is an ISO 9001:2015 certified furniture manufacturer and exporter so you get commercial-grade furniture that has been custom built for longevity.  

With a wide range of furniture designs, FurnitureRoots makes custom made inlay wholesale furniture designs for Resorts, Luxury Camps / Tents, Luxury Hotels, 5-Star Hotels, Luxury Villas and Homes.

FurnitureRoots works with hospitality groups (hotels, resorts, FF&E, restaurants, bars, and cafes), serviced apartment owners, furniture stores, furniture retailers, furniture importers, furniture wholesalers and furniture buying agencies worldwide providing beautiful, handmade, bespoke classic and inlay furniture designs that provide your clients an unforgettable experience that balances individuality with price and durability.

FurnitureRoots sells Bone and Mother of Pearl Inlay Furniture in these Locations globally.


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