Restaurant Furniture in Pune

Chairs, table and barstools for foodservice business – custom-made to suit any decor, from modern / contemporary to rustic and industrial.

Hotel Furniture Pune

Bespoke resort or hotel room, lobby and dining & bar area furniture. Refined and elegant furniture that is custom-made for your hospitality interiors.

Cafe Furniture in Pune

Cafe tables, chairs and bistro sets in bespoke designs and with high levels of comfort that will leave lasting impressions on your cafe’s customers.

Pub Furniture in Pune

Commercial bar stools, bar chairs and bar tables. Highly individualistic and durable furniture custom-made for your pub.



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Why Custom-Made Furniture Is Best For Businesses?

Pune: The university city

A bustling metropolis of Maharashtra, Pune is often referred to as the Oxford of the East given the huge number of colleges and universities dotting the city. Pune blends modernity with tradition; wisdom of the retirees with the liveliness of youth; modern buildings sprinkled with colonial-era houses and monuments.

With plenty of eating options that range from street food to upscale restaurants, Pune is renowned for its bakery items. From cookies, pastries to cakes, you can’t afford to miss Pune’s mouth-watering desserts.

Pune is also renowned for its bustling nightlife given its population of young university-goers. With pubs and clubs dotting pretty much the entire city, Pune is among those rare cities of India where pubs open till early in the morning.

FurnitureRoots is proud to have worked on a number of hospitality projects in the city. Check out some of our product offerings in your city below:

Restaurant Furniture in Pune

Are you a restaurant owner in Pune? Discover FurnitureRoots’ extensive range of bespoke dining furniture. We manufacture commercial-grade restaurant furniture including Restaurant Chairs, Barstools and Restaurant Tables in a variety of styles: modern, classic, contemporary, fine-dine etc.

Restaurant furniture created by FurnitureRoots is entirely customizable : you can chose the designs, materials, dimensions, finishes and colors that will suit your interior design.

Prefer a bespoke, custom-made creation? Our designers will create the perfect furniture for you based on a simple drawing or sketch of your needs. Explore all our furniture designs now!

Hotel Furniture in Pune

Are you a hotel or resort owner or an architect or designer for hospitality projects in Pune? FurnitureRoots’ extensive range of bespoke hospitality furniture is manufactured using high-grade raw materials, commercial joinery techniques and engineered for heavy-duty use.

From luxury hotels to boutique guesthouses to expansive resorts, our collection of Hotel Room Furniture, Lobby Furniture and Dining Area Furniture will provide your guests with the highest level of comfort and refinement.

Cafe Furniture in Pune

Your cafe in Pune needs to differentiate and stand out from competitors. FurnitureRoots’ bespoke range of cafe furniture will help you do just that.

Our custom-made Cafe Chairs, Tables and Bistro Sets are available in a variety of styles: modern, classic, contemporary, fine-dine, industrial, rustic, Boho or shabby chic. All highly individualistic, refined and elegant.

Bar Furniture in Pune

You own a pub, craft brewery or commercial pub in Pune? FurnitureRoots’ bespoke range of pub furniture will help create warm, friendly and a relaxed ambience that will enchant your guests.

Our Bar Stools, Chairs and Bar Tables are fully customizable and will harmonize perfectly with the ambience you are aiming for. Whether you are looking for modern, vintage, chic, contemporary or retro style furniture, you will be able to find the perfect pieces from our large selection of commercial bar furniture.

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