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We live in a world that is divided into two extremes. While a good number of us are more fortunate than otherwise, there is still a large set of population that goes to bed low on both nutrition and hope. While we acknowledge that we will not be able to assist everyone, but it is FurnitureRoots’ aim to be of lasting help to at least a few.

We are employing Furniture for Good at GrassRoots. Read how we’re doing it…

Furniture For Social Empowerment FurnitureRoots

FurnitureRoots was built for Care

The founders building FurnitureRoots ground up had a clear, unifying vision about what would the defining ethos of FurnitureRoots be – Care.

Care for the craftsman, craftsmanship & community; care for designs & their chemistry with human emotions; care for clients to get furniture they desire without having to overpay for quality; and an inviolable sense of care for our environment.

Care for Craft & Crafters

FurnitureRoots as a company has a deep-rooted belief in the value of the craftsmen (our employees) and their craftsmanship.

Which is why we employ people from marginalized groups by providing to them extensive training and mentoring, a secure employment, a fair pay and, importantly, a platform that empowers them to achieve their hopes.

It is a matter of great pride for us that all artisans at FurnitureRoots are equally passionate co-believers of our mission – crafting individualistic, high quality furniture that engages, empowers and elevates.

Furniture For Empowering Communities FurnitureRoots - Artisanal Handmade Sofa
Furniture For Sparking Artisanal Creativity FurnitureRoots Rajasthani Carpenter

Care for Artisan’ s Creativity

Emotions drive designs.

At FurnitureRoots creativity makes all of us happy. And it makes us even happier that creativity translates into designs which have the power to influence and transform user’s emotions & experiences.

So we provide training, tools, techniques and support to help empower artisans in their quest for excellence in Craftsmanship.

Care for Clients

We want you as our brand ambassador!

Too many businesses focus their energies and activities on acquiring new customers while failing to value their existing clients. We at consider this a cardinal sin.

At FurnitureRoots we believe trust forms the bedrock of forming long-lasting relationships with our clients. Which is why everything we do is geared towards product quality.

Furniture For Social Impact FurnitureRoots Leather Sofa
Eco Friendly Furniture FurnitureRoots Securing Global Environment With Furniture

Care for our Environment

A sustainable approach is at the heart of everything we do.

FurnitureRoots produces eco-friendly furniture by reusing reclaimed wood, railway sleeper wood, unused wooden pallets, recycled wood and other kinds of unused wood. Additionally, we have transitioned significantly to iron-based furniture instead of wood-based furniture.

From reclaimed to recycled furniture, from transitioning towards iron instead of wood, from planting trees to supporting desert afforestation initiatives, FurnitureRoots is constantly evolving ways to minimize our environmental footprint.



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