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    Abstract Pendant Lighting

    Make your restaurant, coffee shop or hookah bar stand out with this Bauhaus styled pendant light. Designed in an abstract, rustic manner, this artisanal piece will serve you and your guests for a long time to come. Made with iron and powder-coated metal materials, this distressed metal finished light will brighten an otherwise dull room. Further, this amazing hanging lamp comes fully assembled, reducing any effort on your part. Scratch and stain resistant, it is easy to maintain and clean. Add a magical hue to your favorite space with this unique light. Available in a stunning black color, this trendy piece is all you need to make a difference. Order it today!

    Alluring Chic Dome Pendant Lighting

    Creating the room of your dreams starts with your choice of light. Try this chic pendant light to give your room a truly graceful look. Displaying a weathered, French Provincial style, this rustic dome-shaped hanging light is crafted from iron and powder-coated metal materials. Easy and convenient for daily cleaning, it is scratch and stain resistant, ensuring comfort and warmth to all your patrons. Perfect for a snug corner place, this alluring piece has a distressed metal finish that gives it an artisanal feel. Made with attention to detail, its gorgeous cyan color stands out, making everything under it look stunning. Order it now!

    Antiquated Metal Pendant Light

    If you are in search of a very unique and innovative styled lighting system, then this one will be the perfect choice for you. If you happen to be an owner of a bar, bistro or night club, you should think of introducing this exclusive lighting system in your set up. You won’t have to worry about the maintenance of the product in the long run as this is scratch and stain resistant. In fact, you can easily clean this on daily basis to give it an increased life span. The rustic touch of this light will surely get noticed by the customers and visitors in your hub. This sort of lighting system will fetch a lot of appreciation.

    Antique Dome Hanging Light

    You need to create a very positive and happening environment in a night club, lounge or ice cream parlor to attract regular visitors. That can be done in the best way when you have this hospitality hanging lights in there. This iron made light will last for long for being both scratch and stain resistant. There is absolutely no hassle to clean this on a regular basis either. This brown colored rustic designed light will illuminate a feel of elegance to your commercial set up with ease. You can rely upon the quality as this is made up of powder-coated metal along with heavy-duty inserts and hardware.

    Boho Pendant Lighting

    Whether you own a coffee shop or a bar, selection of the perfect lighting system becomes essential, especially when it comes to the indoor and garden decor. Opt for this ready to install, already assembled, standard-sized lights, that will readily add some spice to your place. Being both stain and scratch resistant, you can easily clean those on a regular basis. The distressed metal finish has given it a royal look that you will just drool over. Since this is made with the usage of powder-coated metal along with heavy-duty inserts and hardware, you can be assured of its superior quality. Alongside, durability is guaranteed as this is composed of commercial-grade materials and joineries.

    Classic Art-Nouveau Pendant Light

    This natural colored pendant light is seamlessly finished in distressed metal, lending it a rustic artisanal look. Crafted from strong iron and powder-coated metal materials, this stain and scratch resistant piece comes fully assembled, reducing your workload to half. Apt in a cozy corner of a bar, cafe or coffee shop, this exuberant hanging light will freshen up your overall decor. Add a touch of whimsical to your space and get your guests to start thinking out of the box. Displaying a classic art style, this dome-shaped pendant light is all you need to make an impression. Order it today!

    Desirable Iron Mesh Hanging Shade

    Do you want to keep your home feeling beautiful without being too fussy or formal looking? With this beautifully crafted iron mesh hanging lamp shade, you can transform your living space into a modern, vintage look. The room will be well highlighted with this iron made scratch and stain-resistant shade that is available in attractive silver color. The high-quality iron material makes this an extremely rare product that can be used in a variety of home or business settings. It is intricately crafted with an industrial design that is proving to be the hottest design. This product is a seamless addition to your living space.

    Enchanting Chic Cone Pendant

    Known to inject some poetry into the soul of trendy design, this chic pendant light is considered a perfect pick to add some life into the room. Made in a simple palette of purple color with iron and powder-coated metal materials, this enchanting cone-shaped light will lend a positive vibe to your brewpub, bistro or even nightclub. Designed in a rustic and artisanal French Provincial style, this weathered light is both stain and scratch resistant, making daily cleaning an easy task. Finished in distressed metal, this gorgeous hanging light will make for a cozy space for your patrons. Transform your lounge into a comfortable zone within seconds. Order this visual treat today!

    Enchanting Pendant Lighting

    This pendant light is a perfect piece to inject some modern style to the Club, Eatery, Bakery and Home. Adding to that, the simple industrial design rendered in iron material gives a clean, classy look to it. Obviously, the iron material looks worldly and long-term sustainability in black color. Further, the color of the pendant light goes with the iron material to make a perfect lamp. Simply pick this fully assembled pendant light and you are halfway up to imprint cuteness to your living space. It obviously has industrial furniture feature, but that’s what makes it so comfy. Features are astonishing for sure. A great way for creating a focal point in your house!

    Exotic Exposed-Bulb Lighting

    This Moroccan inspired exotic light is the perfect blend of modern and traditional design ensuring your space has the right blend of style and positivity. Crafted for a cheerful nook, this attractive hanging lamp will definitely spread a warmth that will keep your guests feeling great. Made from iron and powder-coated metal materials, this black filament pendant light is most suited for a night club, lounge, cafe or even a sheesha bar. Scratch and stain resistant, this easy to maintain piece comes fully assembled. The rustic look of this distressed metal finished piece gives it an artisanal feel. Order this stunning light today!

    Exotic French-Chic Pendant Lighting

    Crafted from strong iron and powder-coated metal materials, this exotic French Provincial styled light is the go-to furniture for your bar, club or hotel to enhance its visual appeal. Easy to maintain and clean owing to its stain and scratch resistance feature, the weathered look of this rustic hanging lamp will spread a warmth around the space that will make your patrons comfortable and at home. Shaped like a dome, it comes with a distressed metal finish that stands the test of time. Spoil yourself with its admirable design and artisanal feel. Also, this amazing piece comes fully assembled, ensuring you have a satisfying experience. Order this chic pendant light today!

    Exotic Old Indian Hanging Light

    Light plays a vital role while decorating any hotel, bistro or club. Opt for this Old fashioned Indian styled pendant light and let that ooze out the authenticity of your choice. If you are on the lookout for something that is both scratch and stain resistant, you have then come across the right product ultimately. This weathered and distressed designed furniture will enchant the restaurant visitors almost instantly. Since you can avail this in fully assembled form, no further tension of assembling it post-purchase. You can vouch on the quality of this product as this is made out of powder-coated metal, heavy-duty inserts and hardware.

    Exotic Oriental Open-Filament Light

    Accentuate the visual appeal of your sheesha cafe or bistro with this Oriental open filament light. Designed in a Moroccan style, this metal finished piece is made from iron and powder-coated metal materials. Scratch and stain resistant, this rustic hanging lamp is easy to clean and maintain. Available in a bold black color, it will add a touch of class to your special corner creating a comfortable and inviting vibe. Additionally, this stunning artisanal light comes fully assembled, making your experience completely hassle-free. Brighten your room and thoughts with this beautiful traditional lamp. Order it today and make your guests feel at home!

    Exquisite Mud-Pot Pendant

    Selection of right sort of lighting system is mandatory to create a dazzling feel to any hotel, night club or brewery. If you own such a setup and are clueless on how to give an extra edge and glory to your place, then just opt for these outdoor hospitality lights. These standard-sized iron made products will charm you to the core with its longevity and elegant look. You will be highly relieved to know this is both scratch and stain resistant. If you want to clean this on daily basis, you will find no hassle while doing so. The burnt metal finish will add a vintage look to this lighting system that can impress your visitors effortlessly.

    French-Elegance Pendant Lighting

    Here comes the perfect opportunity to lighten up your life with the purchase of these pendant lights. If you believe in creating your own signature style and add an optimized feel to your pub, bistro or eatery, you simply have to opt for this. This has a touch of royalty due to its distressed or weathered finish. Since this light comes in an assembled mode, you won’t have to go through the pain of assembling it. If the longevity factor concerns you, then just worry not, as this is made with the inclusion of powder-coated metal and heavy-duty inserts and hardware. Another very positive part of this product is it is easy to clean and both scratch and stain resistant.

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