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Sourcing wholesale furniture in Kolkata has never been simpler. We know that apart from a few areas in Kolkata like VIP Road & a few expensive online retailers, there aren’t too many options available for wholesale, custom-made furniture. 

However, we at FurnitureRoots have the perfect solutions to this. We custom manufacture wholesale furniture and supply them all across Kolkata. From NewAliPore to Park Street we have customized our bespoke furniture pieces for several stores and commercial establishments in Kolkata which you can see on our projects page below and deliver them right to your doorstep. What’s more, since you will be sourcing straight from the manufacturer, you don’t need to pay extra margins to unnecessary middlemen, which also meant that you can save more than 30% of your expenses!



    Furniture For Villas & Homes

    For a large apartment or a villa like the ones in Vedic Village, we have the perfect solution that will ensure you save costs while also sourcing furniture as per your tastes and design preference



    Endlessly customizable coffee shop furniture at wholesale prices. Our coffeen furniture solutions include bespoke cafe sofas, cafe tables, industrial styled cafe chairs and several other pieces that will ensure that your cafe stands out from the other cafes in Kolkata!


    Furniture For Restaurants Bars Cafes

    A restaurant furniture specialist, we offer our bespoke restaurant furniture in Industrial, Modern, Rustic & 15 sub-styles depending on the target audience of your restaurant. Get in touch with us to explore pricing options & save more than 33% of your expenses!


    Furniture for Hotels & Resorts

    We manufacture & supply bespoke furniture for all areas in a hotel – Lobby, Reception, Rooms, Dining, Banquet, and Patio & Outdoor furniture. Explore our individualistic hospitality furniture designs.



    Order Process Step 1 - 'Discover Custom Furniture Designs On Website'

    Select from 2500+ furniture designs on website or share your own


    Order Process Step 2 - 'Call Us To Discuss Furniture Customizations For Your Business'

    Discuss customizations at +91-976 900 3311 or


    Order Process - Step 3 'Get Order Delivery'

    Unbox furniture that matches your decor perfectly in a few days

    Industrial Furniture Manufacturer FurnitureRoots

    We manufacture Industrial Dining Tables, Industrial Crank Tables, Industrial Coffee Tables, Industrial Bar Stools, Industrial Dining Chairs, Industrial Sideboards, Industrial Console Tables & much more.

    Distressed Furniture Manufacturer FurnitureRoots

    We manufacture & export white distress furniture & painted furniture to home furniture stores & hospitality businesses. Get Distress Cabinets, Dressers, Coffee Tables, Distressed Leather Sofas & Armchairs & more.

    Reclaimed Wood Furniture Manufacturer FurnitureRoots

    We manufacture & export furniture made from salvaged timber in bulk. Check out our collection of Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables, Coffee Tables, TV Stands, Beds, Console Tables, Dining Chairs & more.

    Automobile Furniture Manufacturer FurnitureRoots

    Get automobile-inspired furniture for your furniture retail store, pub, or cafe, including car sofa & couches, engine block coffee table, tractor & truck counters, jeep & scooter consoles & other automotive furniture.

    Upcycled Furniture Manufacturer FurnitureRoots

    We convert discarded materials into eco-friendly, reusable furniture. Import our range of Upcycled Dining Tables and Coffee Tables, Sideboards & Dressers, Chairs, Couches & Sofas, and Armchairs & many more products.

    Rustic Furniture Manufacturer FurnitureRoots

    Import an eclectic range of farmhouse-style furniture for your furniture store or hospitality establishment. Explore Rustic Coffee Tables, TV Stands, Farmhouse Tables and Chairs, Bar Stools & other Barnwood designs.

    FurnitureRoots ISO 9001 2015 Certified Company

    ISO 9001:2015

    Certified for the provision of internationally benchmarked processes and systems of furniture production

    FurnitureRoots ISO 14001 2015 Certificate

    ISO 14001:2015

    Certified for the setup of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) for furniture manufacturing & processing

    FurnitureRoots OHSAS 18001-2007 Certified Company

    BS OHSAS 18001:2007

    Certified for the provision of appropriate Occupations Health & Safety Standards for all employees

    FurnitureRoots European Union Registered Exporter (REX) Certified Company

    EU REX

    Formally registered to export to EU and a demonstrated history of compliance with EU import regulations


    Apart from the reason that there are very limited options available when one sources from a local supplier, sourcing from FurnitureRoots has a few distinct benefits. For one, we are certified in over 5 different manufacturing certifications, moreover, we trace our roots back into the hospitality industry that is notorious for being very demanding in terms of styles and commercial furniture quality.

    If these reasons aren’t enough, then the fact that you will get end-to-end furniture solutions makes this the best option for wholesale furniture in India 

    So be a smart buyer and procure only commercial-grade furniture instead of purchasing furniture in the same old way!

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