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Dresser in White Distress Finish

This Chic French Dresser by FurnitureRoots has a highly individualistic & evocative design. It is fully customizable to match your business’s theme & accentuate its interiors.


  • Built-for-Commercial: Dura-Strong© construction to withstand rigorous Commercial use
  • Fully Customizable
    • Materials: Can be custom-made in a range of Iron / Wood / Glass / Upholstery options
    • Dimensions: Fully customizable for your business’s unique requirements
    • Choice of Finish: 20+ wood & metal finishes to match your business’s decor
  • Quality: FurnitureRoots is a ISO 9001:2015 company. All our products are built to highest international quality benchmarks


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Dura-Strong© Serving Cart

This cart is a shelf design that has been converted to a moveable piece of industrial furniture by adding wheels to it. A Dura Strong serving furniture, this cart is best suited for restaurants and Cafeterias to move the ready food orders to the guest’s tables or to put the excess drinks, bottles, or unserved snacks on the side of the guest’s main table. Add this to your classical decor and see what difference a play of this wood and metal cart can make to the ambiance. A functional, simplistic, utilitarian cart which can also work well as a minibar. Comes in a brown-black color story.

Esoteric Indian Hand-Cart Display

Your hip new resto-bar is just a click away. We mean it. This Esoteric Indian Hand-Cart Display is crafted in iron and has unmatchable aesthetics. This one-of-a-kind hospitality display can give a new life and look to any Bistro, Brewery, and Restaurant. A furniture accent with an old school vintage design and an elegant retro feel, this cart saves space while becoming the center of attraction. Keep your interiors minimalistic as you add this magnet at any drab corner of the room. Designed keeping in mind, the space constraint in cafes and breweries. We assure you that you will have all the eyeballs rolling.

Exceptional ZigZag Pattern Bookcase

Perfect time to showcase your refined and aesthetic sense towards style and fashion with the selection of this standard sized zigzag pattern bookcase. Being scratch and stain resistant, you won’t have to worry about its genuine quality. Side by side, the cabinet styled bookcase is made with the implementation of solid hard wood and hard wearing powder coated iron work. This handicraft uncolored product is on huge demand in the market already due to its durability feature as well. The durability part can be easily gauged as it has been made with the selection of hard wearing commercial grade inputs like knobs, hinges, handles, etc. Don’t miss it out. Grab it now!

Green Distress Kitchen Trolley

Sporting a distressed metal finish, this rustic, green colored trolley is a true inspiration. Suitable in the kitchen of a resort or cafeteria, it has been made using a robust mix of solid hard wood and hard wearing powder coated iron. Displaying a functional design that stands out, this retro inspired furniture is scratch and stain resistant, making it easy to clean and maintain. Place this fully assembled kitchen trolley to brighten the look and feel of your space. Featuring multiple shelves and compartments that can hold various products, this vintage trolley is both trendy and practical. Order it today and add some aesthetic value to your space!

Grey Shaded Contemporary Cabinet

Crafted using durable mango wood along with heavy duty inserts and hardware, this fabulously built sideboard has a raw, natural finish, giving it a ruff yet inviting look. Sure to heighten the visual appeal of your resort, bed and breakfast or vacation villa, just place it on the bedside and feel at home. Displaying its natural color that blends in any space, this rough sawn furniture is handcrafted in an artisanal design that proffers unmatched elegance. Delivered fully assembled to keep your efforts to the minimum, this scratch and stain resistant product is easy to maintain. Used as a dresser or storage, this versatile sideboard adds grandeur to your room. Order it today!

Heavy-Duty Kitchen Cart

Add this vintage piece of furniture and give your resort, cafeteria or restaurant a makeover. This Duco finish fully assembled industrial furniture that is made in Iron and is scratch and stain resistant, makes it easy and convenient for cleaning and maintaining. A cart style rustic piece of furniture, this piece can be used as a showpiece or to display or sell various items in a quirky way. This sturdy piece of furniture can withstand commercial-use environments and has a space maximizing construction. An eye-catchy piece in black color that is a functional as well as an aesthetically appealing design.

Hut Inspire Serving Display Trolley

Creativity and style meet here at the hut inspired serving and display trolley with a wheel like base. This beautiful work of art that has hut shaped top is perfect for use at bakeries, coffee shops and cafes. The custom made furniture is individually designed to provide a comfortable and entertaining dining experience. It has designer spaces for decor and a beautiful natural finish. Fully assembled for convenience, the counter has a wooden table top and a heavy duty powder-coated iron frame. The rock solid construction can withstand the weight of commercial items and rigorous commercial activities. Own this display trolley to attract customers.

Industrial Metal Kitchen Cabinet

 This standard size cabinet will definitely lend cuteness to your Bar, Country Club, Resort or Home. With its rolling wheels, this scratch and stain-resistant Industrial Metal Cabinet fits anywhere you need extra storage. Adding to that, the best part about this black color cabinet is it fits in a variety of rooms adjusting to a variety of styles. With its Duco finish, classic industrial design, this piece provides designer looks with space optimizing construction. The bold, black color of the powder-coated iron framing the hardwood top is all about adding your own style to an otherwise blank space. Go ahead and order now!

Metallic Wheel Base Serving Trolley

Serve your guests with unmatched grace using this dashing wheel trolley. Constructed in a robust mix of solid hard wood and hard-wearing powder coated iron, this easy and convenient furniture is scratch and stain resistant. Featuring a functional design that proffers durability, this vintage themed trolley will add a dash of spunk to your hotel, restaurant or banquet event. Displaying a sleek, duco finish, this modern style product makes a bold and beautiful statement with its elegant look. Also, this well-made furniture comes fully assembled, giving you a hassle-free experience. Add creativity to your hospitality, order this bold, black trolley today!

Multi-Coloured Kitchen Trolley

Available in multi-color, this vintage themed trolley will instantly add character to your kitchen space, creating a happy vibe. Designed in a functional, rustic style, this breath-taking product is crafted from a robust mix of solid hard wood and hard-wearing powder coated iron. Well-constructed to proffer durability, it is scratch and stain resistant, making its maintenance super easy. Displaying a rust finish, it will give your restaurant a charming look. Get the attention of your guests at the next banquet or event with this highly talked about furniture. Further, this fantastic product comes fully assembled, adding to its appeal. Order this awesome trolley today!

Multi-Purpose Storage Outdoor Rack

The stunning vintage design of this old school storage rack will spruce up the ambiance of your resort, eatery or brewpub in an instant. Custom made from powder coated iron with heavy duty inserts and hardware, this fabulous furniture can be used to store almost anything. Displaying a rust finish that gives it an appealing look, this industrial multi-purpose rack can be placed outdoors too. Sporting a rugged brown color, this scratch and stain resistant product is easy to maintain. Spoil yourself with its fabulous style and leave a lasting impression on your guests. Grab this fully assembled product to minimize your efforts. Order it today!

Rare Edition Casting Wheel Trolley

Custom made to suit your needs, this magnificent casting trolley elevates your serving style, leaving everyone impressed. Displaying a functional, vintage design, this industrial furniture is made from good quality iron with a robust mix of solid hard wood. Built to be scratch and stain resistant, this wheeled trolley is easy to maintain. Its amazing shampoo finish gives it a smooth look while its natural color blends seamlessly into any space. Add a dash of class to your brewery, food court and restaurant with this rare edition furniture or wheel it around at an event or banquet to give your guests easy access to food and drinks. Order it today!

Rare-Edition Metal Service Counter

A great addition to your food court or restaurant, this eye-catching service counter will liven things up with its unique style. Custom made in a functional design, this vintage themed counter is a rare edition piece that will leave your guests in awe. Crafted in a robust mix of solid wood and hard-wearing powder-coated iron, it’s scratch and stain resistance make its maintenance super easy. Further, this industrial furniture comes with a shampoo finish proffering a sleek look. Delivered fully assembled, it gives you a hassle-free experience. Place this uncolored, classic service counter just about anywhere and see the charm spread everywhere. Order it now!

Rugged Utility Cart

Built keeping in mind optimum utilization of space along with a durable body and an unmatchable finish, this standard size cart gives an instant touch of glam to any hotel, cafeteria, banquet or any event. This industrial piece of furniture comes fully assembled and is easy to clean owing to its scratch and stain-resistant finish which makes it super easy to maintain. Crafted out of a robust mix of solid hardwood and hard-wearing powder-coated iron, this minimalistic decor piece is totally worth investing in. Inspired by the Bauhaus movement, this one is totally drool-worthy. Go ahead and order this stylish furniture now with just a click.

Rustic Wheel Base Multi-Purpose Trolley

This multipurpose trolley looks phenomenal and is highly functional as well. You can deck up your resort, brewery, even a banquet with the inclusion of this standard sized retro inspired furniture. The rust finished look of this trolley will carry a vintage feel in your setup. Also, the durability part is another striking feature of this item. The durability of this trolley is guaranteed as this is made with the amalgamation of solid hard wood and hard wearing powder coated iron work. This functional designed furniture can attract anyone’s notice due to its incredible design. The vintage look of this furniture is well revealed with its brown colored look.

Scandinavian Bar Cart

This Scandinavian bar cart that is moveable as it has wheels will prove to be the trendiest piece of furniture in your hotel or food court and will be the coolest way to serve drinks and snacks. This food and beverage cart that comes with a rustic finish forms a part of the new minimalistic decor in vogue. Constructed to utilize minimum space but give maximum utility, this is a piece of furniture which is strong and can be used both indoor and outdoor. A scratch and stain-resistant piece of furniture that has a durable chassis. Don’t wait! Go ahead and order now!

Shabby Chic Metal Mesh Cart Trolley

Add this custom-made vintage cart trolley to your kitchen decor to give it an immaculate look. Crafted using strong mango wood along with a robust mix of hard-wearing powder coated iron, this functionally designed industrial furniture comes with a natural, raw finish giving your resort, cafeteria or hotel a homely feel. Built to be scratch and stain resistant, this fabulous mash trolley is easy to maintain and clean. Displaying a shabby yet chic furniture style, this classic product comes fully assembled, reducing your efforts drastically. Give your serving style a boost and leave your guests asking for more. Order this amazing trolley today!

Vintage Retro Three Shelves Bookcase

This highly functional bookcase has been custom made to suit the needs of your tent, lounge or restaurant. Featuring a three shelved, vintage design, this old school inspired furniture comes fully assembled, keeping your efforts to the minimal. Built to be scratch and stain resistant from powder coated iron with heavy duty inserts and hardware, this industrial furniture is easy to clean. Available in a black color, its duco finish gives it a stunning look, leaving a lasting impression. Place this retro bookcase in a cozy corner and let your patrons experience complete happiness. Order this elegant bookshelf today and add unparalleled beauty to your space!

Wheel Base Storage Metal Bookcase

Designed in a vintage style with a shelf and storage area, this wheel bookcase is trending high for its versatility. Crafted from powder coated iron with heavy duty inserts and hardware, the duco finish of the custom-made product gives it a smooth look that blends seamlessly in any space. Jaw-droppingly beautiful, this scratch and stain resistant industrial furniture is easy to maintain and clean. Its old school feel proffers a homely ambiance to your tent, bakery or brewery, keeping guests comfortable for hours. Delivered fully assembled to negate any effort on your part, this retro bookcase can easily hold its own. Give your space an eclectic edge, order it today!

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