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Alluring Ladder Bookshelf

What better way to give a makeover to boring interiors than adding an exuberant piece of furniture in one corner than adding this Alluring Ladder Bookshelf. Put this in a Boarding House or a Camp and you’ll surely add to the experience of the person putting up with this. Constructed in a robust mix of solid hardwood and hard-wearing powder-coated ironwork, this has a scratch and stain-resistant surface. A designer piece with a space optimizing construction, this is something that blends in with interiors of any style. A piece of furniture that is a collectible and can be passed on generations.

Art-Deco Hutch Cabinet

Trade your expensive furniture for this Art-Deco Hutch Cabinet and you’d know you’ve satisfied your whims and fancies in the right way. Made from reclaimed wood, this standard size cabinet can be put in hostels, lodgers or hotels owing to its size, utility and easy maintenance. With a lot of compartments and space to store and keep all your big and small things, this repurposed or reclaimed piece of furniture does the job of at least two storage units. It has a natural and raw finish that attracts the eye and catches attention in the first look itself. Stylish, functional and wallet-friendly!

Authentic Ruff Mango Wood Hotel Wardrobe

If you have a confusion regarding the bookcase that goes perfectly with your newly built house, get home this scratch-resistant bookcase. The Authentic Ruff Mango Wood Bookcase looks great against all sorts of room decor. In addition, this bookcase has been carefully crafted from mango wood material which is of premium grade and powder-coated iron too. In addition to that, this bookcase is also scratch-resistant and stain-resistant. Plus, the natural finish of the shelf can instantly perk up the look and feel of the room in a home, cafeteria, motel, and inn. In fact, this bookcase also makes for a great gifting option.

Blue Distress Luggage Rack

This lovely luggage rack with its design can set the theme of your room and also add accents of color to the atmosphere. Plus, the Blue Distress Luggage Rack is undoubtedly a great product. Additionally, the blend of mango wood and iron makes the luggage rack look amazing. This quintessential multicolored cabinet is made up of durable material and will definitely give a luxurious look to your room decor. Definitely, it would be nice to be able to add this rack to your room, guest villa, lodge, or country club. Also, this pre-assembled cabinet has all the good things that a user looks for in a rack. It is just perfect!

Boho Chic Recycled Wood TVC

This TV unit will add that extra pop you’ve been looking for to your Guest House, Inn, Bed and Breakfast or home. This standard size Boho Chic Recycled Wood TV Unit is specially developed using fine quality materials. This easy-to-clean, scratch and stain-resistant TV unit is constructed with a robust mix of solid hardwood and hardwearing powder-coated ironwork. Create a designer look with a space optimizing construction for a no-fail answer to your decorating needs. The multicolored one-of-a-kind exquisitely handcrafted design will enhance any room. You cannot go wrong with the purchase of this wooden TV unit. So order now!

Boho Distress Single Hotel Wardrobe

This vibrant Boho Distress Single Display Unit is carefully designed in a fun multi-color. If you’re looking for a durable reclaimed wood and iron material cabinet with a rustic feel for your B&B, Bunk or Resort, this would fit the bill nicely. In addition to that, this cabinet, with its scratch and stain-resistant powder-coated iron material, in a weathered and distressed finish, caters well to even the most discerning owner. Furthermore, this fully assembled cabinet is perfect for someone looking to make their room look grander and more luxurious. Own this cabinet and you can easily result in a gorgeously decorated room.

Distressed Open Bookcase Display Unit

There is no need to figure out which way to bring a sophisticated edge to your Guest House, Motel, Hostels or home if you opt for this Distressed Open Display bookcase. And, the luxury of this Duco finish bookcase is its multicolored look. This scratch and stain-resistant powder-coated iron material bookcase is a worthwhile investment at a great price. Not to mention, the unit comes fully assembled for ease in decorating. And, what about the one-of-a-kind feature of this awesome bookcase. You will be you smiling for sure and you will feel good about buying this extraordinary bookcase. Buy Now!

Distressed Open Ship Pattern Bookcase

Impress the world now with the purchase of this exclusive designer cabinet styled bookcase for your treasured lounge or hotel. This reclaimed wooden furniture is ideal for any modern hub for its sleek weathered and distressed finished look. This elegant and aristocratic furniture is constructed with solid hard wood and hard-wearing powder-coated iron work. The best feature of this bar display cabinet is its Vintage French provincial style. If handcrafted furniture amaze you the most, then you will have to consider this at the earliest. This multicolored furniture will win your heart for its space optimizing feature and stylish look. Buy Now!

Eccentric Bookcase-cum-Table

Marry form and function with an on-trend design and you are sure to get this Eccentric Bookcase-cum-Table as a result of it. This standard size hospitality display is designed keeping in mind the need of such minimalistic and utilitarian piece of furniture in either a hotel or a motel. Also, this Industrial piece of furniture would compliment any rustic decor owing to its metallic finish. Use it to decorate showpieces, add books, or plants or just about anything that you may like your guests to see. A wonderful design of furniture that is well executed and a total value for money.

Eccentric Indian Wine Rack

No matter what time of year it is, this eccentric Indian rack is always appreciated. Built to last with iron and a mix of solid hardwood, its timeless elegance goes well with both classic and contemporary decors. Scratch and stain resistant, the exemplary design of this wine rack will add a touch of brilliance to your hotel, pub or guest house. Available in a striking red color, this custom made automobile furniture comes with a sleek metal finish that catches the eye. Exclusively handcrafted to suit your needs, it will definitely be a conversation starter leaving all patrons spellbound with its brilliance. Fill your space with this flawless, one-of-a-kind piece. Order it today!

Enchanting Wine Cabinet

Give your guests a treat for their eyes apart from just pleasing them with amazing drinks, food and your service. An Enchanting Wine Cabinet that can uplift the mood and style of any microbrewery, guest house or bar owing to its unique shape and raw and unfinished natural finish. This up-cycled piece of furniture is scratch and stain resistant owing to the reclaimed wood its made from. Apart from 3 display or storage shelves, it has a wine rack at the bottom and is a one-of-a-kind bar cabinet with an uncolored look. Available at a reasonable price, you can order this cabinet with just a click!

English Cottage Solid Wood TVC

This English Cottage Solid Wood TV unit is unique among its peers. A very beautiful one-of-a-kind designed cabinet is perfect for use in your Tent, Country Club or Guest House to display your TV and to organize books, decorative items and other essentials. Spoil yourself with the elegant designs finished in reclaimed solid hardwood and powder-coated ironwork. This unit is scratch and stain-resistant, easy-to-clean, and ready to adorn any room. In addition to that, this magical multicolor unit selection gives an exciting focal point. This marvellous product is specially designed from reclaimed wood material that is superb in its simplicity. Don’t pass this TV unit up!

Esoteric Metal Hotel Bedside Table

No matter what the reason for your purchase is, this Esoteric Metal Side table is always appreciated. This gorgeous coffee table makes the room look more modern and luxurious. Made from a good combination of solid hardwood and iron material, this coffee table can also be kept in a lodge, resort, or bunk. Bring a shade of black color into your living space with this sturdy coffee table. This stain-resistant coffee table is just perfect to enjoy your evening cuppa, and not to forget, this coffee table is also very easy to maintain. Featuring a duco finish, this coffee table is available at an attractive price.

Expertly-Crafted Reclaimed TVC

This TV unit is a great piece for a Motel, Lodge, and your home. Decorate your house with this striking piece of furniture. You can also buy this admirable Expertly-Crafted Reclaimed TV Unit for giving your Motel, Lodge and home a complete makeover. The iron and solid hardwood material used is of the best quality. The house looks refreshing with its cool black color but not overly ornate. Furthermore, this black color tv unit has cabinets and comes pre-assembled too. Durability and the anti-scratch and anti-stain features make it a fantastic centerpiece for any living space. This easy-to-maintain tv unit is perfect for a buyer looking to make their living space look grand and luxurious.

FR Automobile Counters Series Tractor Bar Counter with Solid Wood Top (Small)

Counter table of an ice cream parlor, cafe or an eatery can create a very positive impact amidst the customers if chosen with care. Thus, go for this Tractor Bar Counter with Solid Wood Top (Small) that is made of hardwood top and heavy duty powder coated iron frame and stun the world. You will love its rectangular shape of table top with wooden finish. This duco finish table has already become an alluring item. When it comes to its durability factor, be assured on that part as this is made of commercial graded materials and joineries. Being scratch and stain resistant, you won’t have to put any extra effort to maintain this. This automobile furniture requires minimal maintenance and can be easily cleaned on day to day basis.

FR Automobile Counters Series Tractor Wine Counter with Reclaimed Wood Top

The right selection of bar setup for a resort, club or brewery can leave a positive impact to the overall interior decor of the space. Go for this Tractor Wine Counter with Reclaimed Wood Top and bring out a radiant alteration to the look of the hub. This automobile furniture will be available in assembled form and won’t get stain or scratch easily. Since this is composed of hard wearing commercial graded inputs like knobs, hinges, handles etc, you won’t have to worry about the durability part. This red colored handicrafted furniture is comprised of unique items that can easily impress anyone with ease. This custom-made furniture has already created a sensation in the market. Go and grab your set soon.

FR Automobile Counters Series Truck Bar Counter With TATA Grill Design And Wooden Top

This Truck Bar Counter With TATA Grill Design And Wooden Top is an automobile furniture that defines creativity and beauty. The red colored reception counter will be the first attraction at your bistro, restaurant or eatery. Created using commercial grade materials and joineries, the welcoming table will withstand high traffic use. The oval table top is made of hardwood and the frame is of powder-coated iron frame for comfort, stability and durability. This custom made furniture has a duco finish and beautiful designer spaces that give life to the counter. The fully assembled construction does not get scratched or stained and can be cleaned daily easily and conveniently.

FR Automobile Tables Series Morris Ambassador Car-Inspired Bar Counter in Yellow

This Morris Ambassador Car-Inspired Bar Counter in Yellow is a quirky piece of furniture that can enliven the feel of any room, be it at your home, or in a bakery, bistro, or eatery. Further, it works beautifully for adding a dash of creativity to your room. Designed in the shape of an ambassador car, this bar counter is made from iron material and has a metal tabletop. Featuring a neat duco finish, the lovely bar counter will lend an interesting look to the whole set-up. With features like anti-scratch, anti-stain, this is a product that should not be missed at any cost.

FR Cabinets Furniture Series Wooden Display Cabinet in Rough Sawn (Aara) Finish

This Wooden Sideboard in Rough Sawn (Aara) Finish can stun the customers in your camp or bunks quite effortlessly due to its incredible natural finish. This rough sawn furniture is popular already for its scratch and stain resistance property. Being easy to clean, this furniture is so very easy to maintain for several years at a stretch. You will love this furniture for its uni-colored one of a kind design. Another positive aspect of this sideboard is it occupies minimal space in a room for its space optimizing property. Since this is made out of hard wearing commercial grade inputs like knobs, handles, hinges etc, you won’t have to worry about the longevity factor either.

FR Cabinets Series Boat-Design Multipurpose Cabinet in Distressed Finish

If you want to match a reclaimed wooden furniture to your interior, then this Boat-Design Multipurpose Cabinet in Distressed Finish would be fun to try. Crafted from best quality reclaimed wood, this bright and inspirational white color bar cabinet is a perfect choice for your motel, bar or vacation villa. This French provincial style furniture is specially designed by experienced craftsmen to create a pricelessly designed ship pattern. The fully assembled furniture has a distressed finish and a rustic decor to match the creativity. Made from solid hardwood and powder-coated iron, the wine rack is surely made to last. It’s scratch and stain resistant and very easy to keep clean.

FR Cabinets Series Carved Vintage Curio & China Display Cabinet in Teak Wood

This Carved Vintage Curio & China Display Cabinet in Teak Wood will offer you the traditional feel that you could have been yearning for. The brown colored vintage furniture is made using teak wood and bears a natural raw finish that turns your spa or inn into an attraction site. This stain and scratch resistant cabinet is made to last using commercial grade materials like hardwood and powder-coated iron. Inputs which include hinges, knobs and handles have been firmly fixed too to ensure strength and durability during daily cabinet use. Sold fully assembled, the cabinet with a classical decor is designed to offer great display using minimal space.

FR Cabinets Series Contemporary Octagonal Metal & Wood Bookcase in White Finish

This Contemporary Octagonal Metal & Wood Bookcase in White Finish with a Duco finish is the right choice for bakery, restaurant, brewery and home to keep things arranged for a neat look. Made with metal and wood, this bookcase comes in a fashionable white color that can gel well with almost all color interiors while adding a relaxed feel in the ambiance. With powder-coated metal construction and heavy-duty inserts and hardware, it is easy and convenient for daily cleaning and maintenance. This bookcase with the blend of modern and contemporary styles is apt for the current trend and will add an elegant retro feel

FR Cabinets Series Hand Carved Vintage Open Display Bookcase in Solid Teak Wood

Your corporate stays, bed and breakfast or time share will be enhanced with this colonial design Hand Carved Vintage Open Display Bookcase in Solid Teak Wood. Made primarily using teak wood and exquisitely crafted by hand to bring out a uniqueness that matches your taste, the Indian style furniture will not disappoint. It has global inspired interiors and a natural finish which can easily be maintained by daily cleaning. Durability of this bookcase is ensured by the hard wearing commercial grade materials of teak wood and iron used in its construction and in the making of the inputs like knobs, hinges and handles. Its both stain and scratch resistant with a standard size for space optimization.

FR Cabinets Series Industrial-Design Metal & Reclaimed Wood TV Stand with Media Unit Shelf

This Industrial-Design Metal & Reclaimed Wood TV Stand with Media Unit Shelf can effortlessly grace your hotel or time share the moment you embrace this since this iron made standard sized black colored TV unit has already been delighting so many hotel owners. This duco finished reclaimed or repurposed wooden furniture can mesmerize visitors in your set up. This black colored handcrafted furniture is indeed a unique item that is getting wide popularity. This shabby chic furniture takes very less space and that has categorized this unit as space optimizing furniture too. You will be ecstatic to know that this exclusive wooden furniture is available in assembled form. Buy now!

FR Cabinets Series Industrial-Design Metal & Wood Display Rack in Natural Finish

This Industrial-Design Metal & Wood Display Rack in Natural Finish with a natural finish is a great addition to a club, brewery or cafe’s decor. The stain and scratch resistant industrial furniture blend well with the surrounding due to its natural color and classical decor. The reclaimed wood that is used in making this industrial furniture together with the other heavy duty inserts, give the furniture the strength to withstand heightened commercial use. The closet tower is artistically designed to show elegance and style in a unique way. This fully assembled standard sized retro furniture provides organized storage while optimizing on space. It is easy to clean daily.

FR Cabinets Series Industrial-Design Metal & Wooden Cabinet with 3 Storage Drawer & 3 Open Display Shelves

If you want to surprise your visitors with the inclusion of a very elegant designed furniture, then you will have to opt for this super trendy Industrial-Design Metal & Wooden Cabinet with 3 Storage Drawer & 3 Open Display Shelves. If you happen to be a hostel, tent or inn owner, you will simply admire this furniture in every aspect. This duco finish industrial furniture is available in assembled form. If you are not ready to compromise material wise, then you will be happy to know that this is made of robust mix solid hard wood and hard wearing powder coated iron work. This black colored display cabinet is a handcrafted furniture that has an ethnic touch.

FR Cabinets Series Industrial-Design Open Shelving Bookcase 4-Tier

The Industrial-Design Open Shelving Bookcase 4-Tier is an ideal furniture for ice cream parlors, cafes and pubs. It has an old school vintage design that gives off an elegant retro feel. This natural colored storage rack is primarily made using mango wood but has a powder-coated metal frame. The materials used in making the rack are of an industrial grade to ensure strength and durability that is necessary for high level commercial storage. This mid century modern furniture is sold fully assembled and has a scratch and stain resistant natural finish. The book case is of a standard size with an eclectic design that saves on space.

FR Cabinets Series Industrial-Design Open Shelving Bookcase with Enclosed Base Storage

This Industrial-Design Open Shelving Bookcase with Enclosed Base Storage is a perfect storage furniture in an ice cream parlor, pub or club. Its steady and strong enough to handle excess weight due to the use of powder-coated metal and heavy duty inserts that are of a commercial grade. This black retro furniture is designed as an old school vintage that gives off an elegant feel. The duco finish and classic decor make the rack look timelessly good. This standard sized and fully assembled storage rack is scratch and stain resistant and can be cleaned daily very conveniently.  Its eclectic design makes it save on space.

FR Cabinets Series Industrial-Design TV Stand in Metal & Reclaimed Wood

This unique Industrial-Design TV Stand in Metal & Reclaimed Wood will make your TV watching experience fun. The black colored hutch television stand is exquisitely handcrafted to offer it a personalized look that will match your taste. It can be used in a guest house, camp or bunks with a guarantee that it will outlive heavy commercial use. With hard wearing inputs like knobs, hinges and handles, solid hardwood and powder-coated iron, durability is not at all in question. This reclaimed wood furniture has an executive boho decor and a duco finish that makes it easy and convenient to clean. The shabby chic style TV unit is standard sized to optimize on space.

FR Cabinets Series Industrial-Design ZigZag Ladder-Style Bookcase 5-Tier

Perfect time to showcase your refined and aesthetic sense towards style and fashion with the selection of this standard sized Industrial-Design ZigZag Ladder-Style Bookcase 5-Tier. Being scratch and stain resistant, you won’t have to worry about its genuine quality. Side by side, the cabinet styled bookcase is made with the implementation of solid hard wood and hard wearing powder coated iron work. This handicraft uncolored product is on huge demand in the market already due to its durability feature as well. The durability part can be easily gauged as it has been made with the selection of hard wearing commercial grade inputs like knobs, hinges, handles, etc. Don’t miss it out. Grab it now!

FR Cabinets Series Large Carved Wooden Library Bookcase in Distressed Finish

Your guest villa, hotel or spa will surely get an uplift from this Large Carved Wooden Dining Hutch in Distressed Finish. Made using mango wood and designed exclusively to offer a natural look, this display cabinet will add decor to dining times. The fully assembled Indian furniture is white in color with globally inspired interiors and a distress finish. It does not scratch or get stained making it easy to maintain. Solid hardwood and hard wearing iron work particularly on hinges, knobs and handles ensure the durability of this dining hutch. It has a designer look that is purposed to maximize on space. Buy Now!

FR Cabinets Series Mid-Century Modern Round Metal Bookcase with 3 Marble Shelves in White

Mid-Century Modern Round Metal Bookcase with 3 Wooden Shelves in White by FurnitureRoots has a highly individualistic & evocative design. It is fully customizable to match your business’s theme & accentuate its interiors.



  • Built-for-Commercial: Dura-Strong© construction to withstand rigorous Commercial use
  • Fully Customizable
    • Materials: Can be custom-made in a range of Iron / Wood / Glass / Upholstery options
    • Dimensions: Fully customizable for your business’s unique requirements
    • Choice of Finish: 20+ wood & metal finishes to match your business’s decor
  • Quality: FurnitureRoots is a ISO 9001:2015 company. All our products are built to highest international quality benchmarks


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FR Cabinets Series Multi Colored Reclaimed Wood Dining Hutch Cabinet

This Multi Colored Reclaimed Wood Dining Hutch Cabinet is made from a robust mix of solid reclaimed hardwood and hard-wearing powder-coated iron. The inputs like knobs, hinges and handles are also of a commercial grade to ensure durability of this bar furniture. Ideal for use at resorts, guest houses and boarding houses, this exquisitely handcrafted furniture will provide storage in a unique way. The shabby chic style cabinet with a boho decor and a natural finish is scratch and stain resistant. Sold fully assembled, this bar display cabinet is very easy to clean daily. It’s standard sized with a design that optimizes space.

FR Cabinets Series Narrow Industrial Metal & Wood Wireframe Display Rack 6-Tier

One of the simplest ways of achieving a unique perspective in your eatery, resort or tent is to purchase this Narrow Industrial Metal & Wood Wireframe Display Rack 6-Tier. Though with minimal decor, this mid century modern furniture has an enviable look. It has a space optimizing design which incorporates multiple chambers for storage. This fully assembled industrial furniture has a stain resistant burnt metal finish that is easy to clean. Its made with attention to detail without compromising on its style and quality. This superbly designed rack is built using commercial grade powder-coated metal that guarantees many years of use.

FR Cabinets Series Reclaimed Wood 4-Drawer TV Stand in Distressed Finish

You can revive your Inn, guest house or home with this luxurious Reclaimed Wood 4-Drawer TV Stand in Distressed Finish. The four drawers TV unit is made using reclaimed wood that is hand painted with a boho decor. The stain and scratch resistant shabby chic style furniture is constructed using solid hardwood and powder-coated iron which makes it strong and durable. Hinges, knobs and handles are also made using commercial grade materials to make them withstand high traffic commercial use. The fully assembled cabinet is handcrafted to give it a unique design that maximizes space. The boho decor gives the enclosed shelving TV stand a gracious look that makes entertainment time fun.

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