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1920s Victorian Restaurant Chair

If you are fond of Victorian styled classic chairs for your brewery, food court or eatery, you will get ecstatic once you come across this armless industrial furniture. The classical decor of this chair is well highlighted with its retro and designer looks. If space is a major constraint, then you should be informed that it takes minimal space of your room. This amazing chair with a duco finish and metal seat top can mesmerize anyone quite effortlessly. If you feel this is a delicate item, then get rid of that notion as this sturdy designer chair is not only scratch resistant but is resistant to stain too. This seating furniture will be delivered to you in an assembled mode.

Alluring Chic Dome Pendant Lighting

Creating the room of your dreams starts with your choice of light. Try this chic pendant light to give your room a truly graceful look. Displaying a weathered, French Provincial style, this rustic dome-shaped hanging light is crafted from iron and powder-coated metal materials. Easy and convenient for daily cleaning, it is scratch and stain resistant, ensuring comfort and warmth to all your patrons. Perfect for a snug corner place, this alluring piece has a distressed metal finish that gives it an artisanal feel. Made with attention to detail, its gorgeous cyan color stands out, making everything under it look stunning. Order it now!

Antiquated Metal Pendant Light

If you are in search of a very unique and innovative styled lighting system, then this one will be the perfect choice for you. If you happen to be an owner of a bar, bistro or night club, you should think of introducing this exclusive lighting system in your set up. You won’t have to worry about the maintenance of the product in the long run as this is scratch and stain resistant. In fact, you can easily clean this on daily basis to give it an increased life span. The rustic touch of this light will surely get noticed by the customers and visitors in your hub. This sort of lighting system will fetch a lot of appreciation.

Antique Dome Hanging Light

You need to create a very positive and happening environment in a night club, lounge or ice cream parlor to attract regular visitors. That can be done in the best way when you have this hospitality hanging lights in there. This iron made light will last for long for being both scratch and stain resistant. There is absolutely no hassle to clean this on a regular basis either. This brown colored rustic designed light will illuminate a feel of elegance to your commercial set up with ease. You can rely upon the quality as this is made up of powder-coated metal along with heavy-duty inserts and hardware.

Art Nouveau Cycle Stool

This Art Nouveau cycle stool is sure to bring back memories of school, tuition and many more evening hangouts with friends when cycling was huge and your only reachable way of transport. A perfect piece of furniture for a cafe or Bistro, this stool will suit best the mood of any eatery, a coffee shop or an Ice cream parlor. Crafted in iron, and finished with solid hardwood and hard-wearing powder coating, this backless stool comes fully assembled. It has proper old school cycle legs and paddle in silver complementing its rustic duco finish wooden seat. Favorite among people with a penchant for style!

Avant-Garde Art Deco TV Cabinet

Impress your guests with this fully assembled standard size TV Cabinet. This Avant-Garde Art Deco piece of Hotel display furniture is ideal for use in bedroom, lodges, guest villas, and tents. Crafted of iron, this cabinet comes under the category of industrial furniture and is easy and convenient to clean and maintain. It has a rust finish and a scratch and stain resistant surface. Durable and sturdy, this cabinet is constructed using hard-wearing commercial grade inputs like hinges, knobs and handles and has a retro design. Handcrafted with an exquisite design, this cabinet is totally worth its price. Buy now with just a click!

Avant-Garde Rustic Table Lamp

Treat your aesthetic sense in the most flawless way with the purchase of this table lamp, that is apt for any hotel, lounge, and eatery. Being made of iron, this is quite sturdy for regular and rough usage. Moreover, this is both scratch and stain resistant. This rustic furniture can be cleaned on regular basis in a simple way. The elegance of this product gets well highlighted due to its brown color and industrial design. Thus, opt for this metal finished lamp to optimize a particular corner of your space in the most effective way. For sure, the designer look of this lamp will fetch you with loads of compliments.

Barstool: 1940s Art-Deco

Barstool is a vital and a very basic component in any eatery, coffee shop or bistro. If you want to glorify your hub with a touch of style, go for this iron made, standard-sized armless bar stools. You will love this product due to its retro look and powder-coated finish. This black colored backless barstool is indeed going to render a sprinkle of class to your eatery junction. You will get fond of this industrial furniture as this is very easy to clean and you can do that on a daily basis. When it comes to its assembling, you won’t have any headache on that part either as this comes in assembled mode. Since this is made with the usage of commercial-grade materials and joineries, you won’t have to worry on the durability part either.

Bespoke Parsons Dining Chair Sofa

Designed in a modern yet contemporary fashion, this armless dining chair proffers a relaxed vibe that is inviting to all. A perfect pick for your lounge, brewery or cafe, this white-colored chair is made from PU and faux leather. Its high-density foam padded seat along with its backrest provides unmatched comfort while it’s scratch and stain-resistance feature makes it easy to maintain and clean. Fitted with floor glides, this fabulous piece keeps the scrapes away. Additionally, this exuberant sofa comes fully assembled, making your experience hassle-free. Order this holistic chair today and offer your guests a warm and cozy ambiance!

Captivating Mango Wood Iron Bench

Create your own fashion statement with the introduction of this super trendy standard-sized cafeteria seating furniture in your tent, hostel or hotel. You can easily brighten up the desired corner by placing this duco finish bench of black color. You can completely rely on its quality as this is made with a blend of solid hardwood and hard wearing powder-coated ironwork. Durability will be the ruling factor in this furniture as this is constructed with commercial-grade materials and joineries. You will be ecstatic to know that this iron made seating furniture occupies very less place. Since this is being offered in an assembled mode, you can avoid the installation hassle too.

Chic Barstool in Orange Distress

Bar stools of a vacation villa, pub or club can either impress or disappoint the visitors the moment they step in. So select your bar stools with utmost care. Opt for this standard-sized distressed metal finished bar stool that comes in an assembled state. The metal top of this stool has a drain hole. This backless and armless stool is of Boho style and made with the inclusion of commercial-grade materials and joiners to ensure that it stays for a long span. This backless bar stool will highlight the particular corner of the room with its vibrant orange color. Elegance and comfort are the main characteristics of this industrial furniture. You won’t have to worry about the space constrain factor as this occupies very less space.

Classic Art-Nouveau Pendant Light

This natural colored pendant light is seamlessly finished in distressed metal, lending it a rustic artisanal look. Crafted from strong iron and powder-coated metal materials, this stain and scratch resistant piece comes fully assembled, reducing your workload to half. Apt in a cozy corner of a bar, cafe or coffee shop, this exuberant hanging light will freshen up your overall decor. Add a touch of whimsical to your space and get your guests to start thinking out of the box. Displaying a classic art style, this dome-shaped pendant light is all you need to make an impression. Order it today!

Classic Backless Bar Stool – Bar & Restaurant Stool | FurnitureRoots

Designed with a space optimizing construction, this classic backless bar stool is the perfect fit in any hotel or microbrewery. This standard size stool is made with an upcycled feel and elements that make it eye-catching. Stool that is comfortable and would blend well with the rustic decor of a place. It has a duco finish and an unmatchable finish. It is made using commercial-grade materials and joineries that make it long-lasting and durable. This stool comes with a play of black legs and a brown wooden seat that makes it look designer and irresistible. Want it? Buy it or regret not doing it later.

Classic Retro Bar Stool

Rejuvenate your sense this season with a radical transformation in the makeover of your resort or night club with the selection of this standard-sized iron made chair that is scratch and stain-resistant. This duco finish furniture will be sold to you in an assembled form. So no need to face any hassle in that sense. Moreover, this backless chair looks stunning due to the inclusion of the leather seat top. If you are worried about the floor scratches that may happen, you will be glad to know that this bespoke furniture won’t ever scratch the floor due to the presence of floor glides. So opt for this instantly and let your customers enjoy some quality time in your joint.

Country Style 1920 Restaurant Chair

If you are fond of old fashioned retro-styled classic chairs for your food court or bakery, you will be highly delighted to get hold of these standard sized iron made chair that has a flavor of 1920 in it. This chair is made with a metal seat top and a distressed metal finish. The material is surely worth appreciating as this is made up of powder-coated iron frame structure. If you are worrying on the durability part, it should be mentioned here that this rustic furniture is made with the usage of commercial-grade materials and joineries. Since you can avail this in an assembled form, you can start using this instantly after purchasing. This French Provincial style furniture is well embedded with a space optimizing feature also. If you want to turn your eatery to a more happening joint, just go for this pristine white-colored bistro chair and figure out a noticeable change all by yourself.

Decorative Pendant Lighting

Adorning your living space with this pendant light is a simple and striking way to create a unique visual effect. It works for lending a modern-inspired touch to the ambiance. Well, the industrial design looks crisp against the iron material. Adding to that, the iron material is responsibly selected for matchless comfort. You happen to infuse trendy into your room decor, especially with this particular magenta shade pendant light. The magical magenta color iron material is truly beautiful. With standard product size feature, you will feel good about buying this distressed metal finish pendant light. The destination on a quest to find a pendant light to finally create a comfortable and stylish retreat.

Eclectic Country Side Drum Chair

Beat those Monday blues as you relax on this comfortable, quirky yet chic chair. An Eclectic Countryside Drum Chair that’d fit in well in a hookah bar, a brewpub or a night club with an out of the box interior. This chair crafted in iron with a fabric upholstered seat and a powder-coated structure is a scratch and stain-resistant. An amazing piece of upcycled furniture with a backrest but no arms. This chair which comes in a red hot color and a padded seat, exudes elegance, luxury and comfort. An individualistic design executed well and made using commercial-grade materials and joineries. Rustic piece of furniture that comes with floor glides to prevent floor scratches.

Eco Conscious Cycle Stool

Burn those calories or treat yourself as you have something to fiddle with while you enjoy a drink or escape from that not so interesting talk. This Eco-Conscious Cycle stool is slowly gaining popularity in coffee shops, cafes and ice cream parlors as it enhances the users experience while being eco-friendly and comfortable. It has a short height and a wooden seat top with paddles that one can actually cycle with or use them as leg rest. Upcycled piece of furniture with a duco finish and a sturdy manufacturing, this is something you sure would want to invest it. Don’t regret later, order now!

Enchanting Chic Cone Pendant

Known to inject some poetry into the soul of trendy design, this chic pendant light is considered a perfect pick to add some life into the room. Made in a simple palette of purple color with iron and powder-coated metal materials, this enchanting cone-shaped light will lend a positive vibe to your brewpub, bistro or even nightclub. Designed in a rustic and artisanal French Provincial style, this weathered light is both stain and scratch resistant, making daily cleaning an easy task. Finished in distressed metal, this gorgeous hanging light will make for a cozy space for your patrons. Transform your lounge into a comfortable zone within seconds. Order this visual treat today!

Esoteric Indian Hand-Cart Display

Your hip new resto-bar is just a click away. We mean it. This Esoteric Indian Hand-Cart Display is crafted in iron and has unmatchable aesthetics. This one-of-a-kind hospitality display can give a new life and look to any Bistro, Brewery, and Restaurant. A furniture accent with an old school vintage design and an elegant retro feel, this cart saves space while becoming the center of attraction. Keep your interiors minimalistic as you add this magnet at any drab corner of the room. Designed keeping in mind, the space constraint in cafes and breweries. We assure you that you will have all the eyeballs rolling.

Ever Lasting Pub Chair

If you are looking to create a unique and inspiring space, then try this scratch and stain-resistant bar chair. This ever-lasting piece is made from iron with a metal seat that is fitted with a drain hole, making this full back chair multi-functional. Designed in a boho style, this bright yellow chair is easy to maintain and clean. Finished with a powder coating, it enhances the look of your club, lounge or vacation villa in an instant. Built at counter height, it will keep patrons comfortable and at ease. Fitted with glides to keep the floor scrapes away, this excellent commercial piece will optimize your room. Order today!

Ever Lasting Swivel Bar Stool

Bar and brewery furniture should always be selected with utmost care. If you are in search of bar stools for your bar this season, you need to have a sneak peek at this product. This bar stool is really sturdy and durable as this is made of iron. You can call this as industrial furniture as they have used various commercial-grade materials and joineries so that it lasts for years. You won’t find any hassle if you intend to go for daily cleaning of this stool. Being backless and armless, this looks too sleek and sizzling. The metal seat top on it is providing a sparkling look. Being of bar height, the customer won’t find any hassle to drink while sitting on this and by placing the drink on the bar counter.

Exotic French-Chic Pendant Lighting

Crafted from strong iron and powder-coated metal materials, this exotic French Provincial styled light is the go-to furniture for your bar, club or hotel to enhance its visual appeal. Easy to maintain and clean owing to its stain and scratch resistance feature, the weathered look of this rustic hanging lamp will spread a warmth around the space that will make your patrons comfortable and at home. Shaped like a dome, it comes with a distressed metal finish that stands the test of time. Spoil yourself with its admirable design and artisanal feel. Also, this amazing piece comes fully assembled, ensuring you have a satisfying experience. Order this chic pendant light today!

Exotic Old Indian Hanging Light

Light plays a vital role while decorating any hotel, bistro or club. Opt for this Old fashioned Indian styled pendant light and let that ooze out the authenticity of your choice. If you are on the lookout for something that is both scratch and stain resistant, you have then come across the right product ultimately. This weathered and distressed designed furniture will enchant the restaurant visitors almost instantly. Since you can avail this in fully assembled form, no further tension of assembling it post-purchase. You can vouch on the quality of this product as this is made out of powder-coated metal, heavy-duty inserts and hardware.

Farmhouse Recycled Drum Bench

If you are fussy of selecting chairs for your guest house, hostel or B&B, then you need to check out this rustic chair with a duco finish. This upcycled furniture is comprised of a fabric upholstered seat and comes being fully assembled. This scratch and stain proof chair can be easily cleaned on a day to day basis. You can rely on its quality as this is made in a powder-coated iron frame structure. This blue colored drum bench has padded seat and is made in space-saving mode. This rustic furniture will win your heart effortlessly with its individualistic design that portrays sheer elegance and comfort. Also, the implementation of floor glides helps to save the floor of your setup from any scratch.

French-Elegance Pendant Lighting

Here comes the perfect opportunity to lighten up your life with the purchase of these pendant lights. If you believe in creating your own signature style and add an optimized feel to your pub, bistro or eatery, you simply have to opt for this. This has a touch of royalty due to its distressed or weathered finish. Since this light comes in an assembled mode, you won’t have to go through the pain of assembling it. If the longevity factor concerns you, then just worry not, as this is made with the inclusion of powder-coated metal and heavy-duty inserts and hardware. Another very positive part of this product is it is easy to clean and both scratch and stain resistant.

Heavy Duty Oversize Bench

Comfort and elegance – both are equally essential while it comes to the selection of restaurant chairs. If you are in search of something really excellent and unique, go for these armless rooftop restaurant chairs. This industrial iron made furniture is apt for any country club, hotel or bed, and breakfast. You can easily clean those on a daily basis and there is no chance of those getting damaged due to scratch or stain. Customers can experience total relaxation while sitting due to the wooden seat top and the presence of decent backrest. The powder-coated finish of these chairs will convey your aesthetic sense in the most perfect way.

Iconic Full Back Restaurant Chair

This armless dining chair comes in a bold black color that gels well with almost all color interiors adding style to the ambiance. To produce an awesome chair that gives a delighted feel while dining, premium-grade solid hardwood and hard-wearing powder-coated iron are used in this fully assembled dining chair. The commercial-grade joineries ensure durability. Duco finished for a trendy look, this full back bar stool is perfect for encompassing style in every single aspect to the space it is placed whether it is an ice-cream parlor, bistro, hotel or a diner. The individualistic design includes floor glides to prevent floor scratches while the furniture is easy for daily cleaning.

Iconic Tolix Hotel Chair

Go crazy if you need to be and put the best of the best furniture in your resort, hotel or bistro that is trending yet comfortable. This iconic tolix industrial chair has no arms but comes with a backrest. It has a wooden seat top and a powder-coated finish. An individualistic design geared towards elegance and comfort and comes with floor glides to prevent floor scratches. A chair that has a retro vibe, a designer look and a space optimizing construction. Effortless, beautiful and resilient, this chair is a conversation starter. Order it now and we are sure you won’t be able to wait for your bistro chair to be delivered.

Invaluable Cycle Wheel Stool

Striking and comfortable, this cycle wheel stool is a standout piece for your bar or corporate stay. Spoil yourself with the excellent design of this rustic piece and watch as your guests keep coming back for more. Built-in iron with a wooden seat top that is made with a mix of solid wood and powder-coated material, this invaluable stool comes in a dazzling duco finish. Available in a distinct black color, this gorgeous upcycled piece is scratch and stain resistant, making its cleaning almost effortless. Fitted with floor glides, it prevents scrapes while its individualistic design lights up your restaurant. Grab this unique stool today!

Ladder-back Wooden Folding Hotel Chair

This bistro chair is a very great one when it comes to fashion and trend. You can adorn your hotel or cafe with style once you possess this modern furniture. The seats of this chair are wooden with a back and a drain hole. If you are more inclined towards modern and contemporary interior designing, you ought to grab this exclusive seating furniture. This brown colored dining side chair is available in an already assembled form. Solid mango wood has been used for the construction of this seating furniture. This chair is becoming very popular in this segment due to its space optimizing feature. The light walnut finish of this product can easily take your breath away.

Leather Bar Stool: Counter Height

If you are about to select chairs for your pub, do that very carefully. Opt for this brewery pub chairs and give a sleek look to your bars, brewpub or resort. These oversized armless iron chairs are scratch and stain-resistant. Since you can get this fully assembled, you won’t have to go through the painful phase of assembling this. Let your customers enjoy ultimate comfort, as these chairs have leather seat top. The powder-coated finish denotes its longevity and supremacy. You can rely on its commercial use density foam, that is used both for the back and the seat. Buy Now!

Limited Edition Poofer Low Seat

Give an extra edge to the interior decor of your brewery, boarding house or inn with the selection of this canvas made seating arrangement. You will love it at the first instant as this will come in complete assembled form. You won’t have to face any issue while cleaning regularly. The canvas upholstered seat top will provide the customers with ultimate comfort while seating for long hours. The longevity of the product will not be of a concern as this is made of stable base construction with heavy load capacity. The authentic designed hand-stitched multi-step finished seating furniture will accentuate and optimize the interior in the most skillful way.

Metallic Coffee Shop Chair

Interior decoration plays a very important role while decking up a club, night club or a bar. Pick up this chair with back and arm and that may add a sense of brilliance to the overall look of the outlet. This is both scratch and stain-resistant and can be easily cleaned everyday. This duco finish chair is designed in a minimalistic way and is black in color. This furniture is made with high-quality commercial-grade materials and joineries, which ensure its longevity. This dining armchair is inclusive of floor glides, which will prevent floor scratches. Elegance and comfort epitomize this chair flawlessly.

Mid Century Metal Bench

It’s time to give your lodge, spa or resort a makeover with this long lounge and restaurant bench. Inspired by the Bauhaus style, this Midcentury metal bench has a scratch-resistant surface making it an item that can be put to rough use. This bench can replace sofas, couches or those bulky pieces of furniture required to accommodate more than 1 person. It has a powder-coated finish and a minimalistic design with a wooden seat top. This white colored wooden top bench can easily accommodate 2-3 people and occupies minimal space in your room.  A must-have bench that gives a comfortable seating posture.

Middle-Eastern Pendant Lighting

Being an owner of any bar, restaurant or pub, it becomes your first and foremost responsibility to add extra glitz and glamour to the decor of the interior. That can be done with ultimate perfection once you grab this exquisitely designed pendant light. This is of standard size and made up of iron. The distressed metal finish ensures its class and durability factor. One striking feature of this light is it is very convenient to clean on day to day basis. Your task of installation of this light gets way easier as this is available being fully assembled. This french provincial styled furniture will surely enhance the elegance of any spot or corner of the room in the most effective yet effortless way.

Old Drum Recycled Multicolored Chair

If you prefer upcycled furniture while decorating your eatery, club or bistro, you have to go for this multicolored restaurant chairs. You will love this rustic furniture with an individualistic design that only oozes out elegance and comfort. This iron made armless chair comes in an assembled form. The canvas upholstered seat top will provide ultimate comfort and luxury. When it comes to durability part, you don’t need to worry as this is made with the inclusion of commercial-grade materials and joineries. This drum chair has a padded seat and takes very less space. So if you are considering from a space-saving part, this will be a perfect choice as well.

Old-World Pendant Lighting

Created to reflect a French provincial style, this old word pendant light is truly timeless. Crafted in the shape of a dome, its rustic and artisanal design is sure to add some excitement to your brewpub, cafe, diner or bar. Made with iron and powder-coated metal materials, it comes with a distressed metal finish that lends it an arty feel. This amazing weathered hanging lamp is scratch and stain resistant, thereby, easy to maintain and comes fully assembled. Available in an eye-catching cyan color, this elegant piece will help you create a modern yet comfortable ambiance. Aesthetically appealing and inviting, order this stunning light today!

Old-World TV Stand

There is this piece of resort display furniture just waiting to complement the interiors of your guesthouse or vacation villa. A Rough Sawn type of furniture, this stylish TV stand has a powder-coated finish and comes fully assembled. You will love this Old world TV Stand if you love things which are out of the box in style and ultimate in look. Something that will last you generations and is easy to maintain owing to its scratch and stain-resistant surface. With a brown color and an enclosed shelving TV Stand, this will surely give your basic room interiors a new look.

One off Small Stool

Jazz up your bistro or cafe by adding this eye candy of a stool to that one distinct corner. A one-off small stool that can be a conversation starter, a hot seat on demand or something that is sure to make the user’s bar experience even better. This cafe & bistro industrial stool is crafted in iron and is easy to move around. This short bar stool with a wooden seat top is constructed in a robust mix of solid hardwood and hard-wearing powder-coated ironwork. With a standard height, it is a part of the minimalistic decor and is sure a surprise as a bar stool with a short stature.

Oversized Leather Bench

These hotel restaurant benches can effortlessly add a touch of grace to your bunks, guest villas or resort. Since these oversized armless iron made benches are scratch and stain resistant, you can easily clean those regularly. This industrial furniture is inclusive of back support. These ready to use already-assembled benches can be used for years due to the powder-coated finish. You can feel ultimate relaxation for the usage of commercial-use density foam, that has been applied both for the seat as well as the back. You can cherish a firm yes comfortable sitting experience due to the presence of HR (high resiliency).

Oversized XL Leather Bench

If you are in search of an oversized leather bench for your guest villas, camp or country club, you will have to go for this bench. This iron bench can be categorized as an industrial furniture, that is both scratch and stain-resistant. The leather seat top and powder-coated finish will give a positive impact to the interior decor of your setup. Moreover, you will avail this in ready to use form as this is offered in already assembled mode. The commercial- use high-density foam on the seat and at the back implies ultimate luxurious feel for long hours of sitting. Moreover, comfort is well defined with the inclusion of HR (High Resiliency). Render a classy appearance to your commercial hub with the introduction of this exclusively designed bench.

Post Modern Niche Design Bar Stool

This aesthetic bar stool provides a trendy dose of a niche modern design. Crafted from iron and powder coated materials with patchwork patterned upholstery, it will give your brewery or night club a striking look. This masterpiece has been styled with an Indian touch that adds a dash of elegance to your decor. The padded seat of this backless and armless stool ensures hours of comfort while its floor glides prevent scratches. Further, this fully assembled piece comes with a height adjustable feature. Easy to maintain, this stunning stool is stain resistant and comes in a duco finish that lends it a great shine. Order one today!

Quaint Metal Pendant Lighting

If you want to add a splash of light that may create a most trendy effect in your restaurant, pub or ice cream parlor, just go for this restaurant hanging lights without being hesitant at all. You will love the rustic fashionable look of it instantly. Being made of iron, there comes no question of getting damaged. This premium quality light is both scratch and stain resistant. Moreover, keeping it squeaky clean is really simple. As this is available in assembled mode, there comes no tension of getting this assembled after purchasing. Give a new dimension to the decor of your treasured eateries with the inclusion of this amazing light.

Refined Retro Regular Stool

This refined retro style regular stool is an indispensable item in any rustic style home, cafe, coffee shop or restaurant. The excitement of red color really makes a statement while the distressed metal finish gives a perfect retro look to the ambiance. Likewise, the good quality iron material with a powder coating adds a touch of elegance to the furniture while the canvas upholstered seat top keeps you comfortable while sitting. This standard size chair is fully assembled and comes in an armless and backless space optimizing construction. The floor glides along with scratch & stain resistant construction makes it a perfect piece of furniture for daily use.

Retro Low-Boy Display Rack

Be out there in the game of aesthetics with this low-boy Retro Display Rack, which is one of the best selling items from the Resort display furniture category. Curate a space in any vacation villa, guest villa or hostel well with this rack crafted in mango wood. With a raw and unfinished natural look, this rack is made using powder-coated metal and heavy-duty inserts and hardware to keep it in shape for years together. It has a rustic decor and a black color that works well with any kind of interiors. This Artisanal handmade design with an elegant eclectic feel is used for space optimizing and beautifying the space.

Rock Solid Tractor Bar Chair

While you are searching for exclusively designed bar chairs, your search will surely end over here. This armless iron made chair is of high quality as this is both scratch and stain-resistant. The powder-coated iron frame structure will hint at its decent quality. This counter height stool comes with swivel seat and is very convenient for long time seating.  The classy decor of this industrial furniture will leave a positive impact on your joint to the visitors. This victorian style furniture will only portray a sense of elegance in a subtle way. This individualistic design furniture will portray a victorian-style quite effortlessly.

Rugged Tolix Bar Counter Stool Full Back

Make your night club, pub or resort look luxurious in a different sort of way by adding this rugged Tolix Bar Counter Stool with Full back as a pub or bar stool. An oversized product with iron as a primary material, this scratch and stain-resistant industrial piece of furniture is a hot seller and surely a head-turner. A bar height bar stool, this one has a powder-coated finish and a silver color with classic retro styling. Bring the fun into your bar with this eclectic piece of decor and you won’t regret spending a single penny on this beauty. Big on style, comfort and utility.

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