Metal & metal base furniture is possibly the most important creation of the 20th century & has given rise to furniture designs, furniture makes & styles that we simply adore. Mid-century furniture, industrial furniture, contemporary furniture; all of them are made using some or the other method of metal furniture production

Even the outdoors and rooftop areas that we love and adore so much, would be impossible or at the very least an expensive affair, if it weren't for the new outdoor furniture manufacturing processes that metal furniture brought about. Even the recent trend of minimalistic & modern mid century furniture heavily uses metallic hints & metal frames for their furniture

We make our metal furniture in cast iron, mild steel & stainless steel in industrial designs as well as in glossy, chrome & brushed contemporary designs. As our off-shore manufacturing unit is based in a location known for its woodworking as well as metalworking, we make both full metal as well as wood and metal furniture designs as you can see below.

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    Tall, Industrial Style Black Metal Bookshelf

    wooden seating bench for garden/outdoor use with a wrought iron base

    Wrought Iron Park Bench For Outdoor Use

    2-Seater Leather Upholstered Bench with Large Steampunk Wheels

    Metal Sheet Couch With Castor Wheels


    Grey Metal Dining Chair Sets For Outdoor Use

    metal TV stands in dark finish

    Metal Crafted TV Console Stand With Dark Wood 

    stainless steel metal drawer chest in vibrant colors

    Steampunk Style Drawer Chest In Cast Iron Finish

    Rectangular Height-Adjustable Dining Table with Lateral Steel Trestle Legs Base and Wooden Top

    Large Steampunk Style Dining Table In Cast Iron Base

    steampunk wheels in solid metal castor wheels and reclaimed wood table-top

    Metal  Base Coffee Table With Large Castor Wheels



    mid century modern armchair in stainless steel metallic frame



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    It is only in the last 100 years, during the turn of the Industrial Revolution when we began actively using metal as the primary material in any given furniture piece. Today, its usage is widespread. Some contemporary and vintage interior styles call for the usage of mostly metal-based furniture. At FurnitureRoots, your options when it comes to procuring metal furniture in bulk quantities anywhere in Australia is limited to the following furniture types:

    Cast iron-based furniture is our best-selling collection. It is certainly the most durable and long-lasting and is ideal for commercial set-ups where constant lugging around and scratches, spillages are common. Its also been used since over 100 years and thus has a vintage and rustic charm to it

    Mild steel based furniture is also something we make here at FurnitureRoots, its a cheaper alternative to stainless steel furniture but its is nowhere near as robust as furniture made from cast iron. Our mild steel comes with several layers of coating to prevent further corrosion and save you from expensive stainless steel based furniture. Which brings us to;

    If you're willing to pay the buck for the highest quality and aesthetics, stainless steel furniture is your go-to option. The glossy, contemporary finish achieved by stainless steel simply cannot be matched and they feature in almost all our modern and our mid-century furniture 

    Custom making specific designs of metal furniture is also fairly straightforward. It requires very rudimentary understanding of metal working and joinery techniques and if done right, the resemblance with the original design can be strikingly similar. 

    At FurnitureRoots all our readymade designs are customizable to the bone and we actively seek customizations to add to our portfolio of collections. Customizations charges apply


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