For all type of commercial restaurant businesses, our collection of tables that are completely customizable for height, size, design, colors & materials are a one stop solution for your fitting requirements & they're also specially made of hospitality-grade materials to survive the rough conditions 

Dining tables sold by FurnitureRoots are made in industrial, rustic, mid-century-modern & traditionally carved wooden styles. What's more, since we manufacture these ourselves at our off-shore manufacturing facility, you'll enjoy factory customizations & prices

Apart from restaurants, these tables are also ideal for cafes. outdoor diners, rooftop cafes, sheesha parlours, buffets, foodcourts & barbecue joints

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    Restaurant Tables Series Dining Table with Mesh Table Base and Wooden Table Top
    Coffee Tables Series Square Table in Metal Legs Base and Distress Painted Wooden Table Top
    Restaurant Tables Series Industrial-Style Rectangular Table With Square Metal Bases And Reclaimed Wood Live Edge Top
    Restaurant Tables Series Designer Height-Adjustable Dining Table With Cast Iron Crank Table Base And Salvaged Sleeper Wood Top
    Dining Sets Series Round Booth with Dining Height Table and 4 Chairs in Reclaimed Wood
    Restaurant Tables Series Distress-Painted Commercial Table With Crank-Based Height Adjustment
    Scooter-Inspired Console Table with Solid Wood Top
    Rectangular Dining Table with Pine Wood Top
    Height-Adjustable Crank Dining Table with Trestle Legs & Wooden Top in White Distress Finish
    Old World Casting Adjustable Table
    Elegant Adjustable Wood Bar Table


    Top Factors to Consider When Selecting Restaurant Tables:

    Getting tables for a resto-bar is a big investment. It is essential to get it right. Before you buy commercial tables, consider how the following attributes apply to your restaurant:

    1. Materials

    Metal tabletops are also a great option, as they’re extremely utilitarian, robust & durable for outdoor use. Available material styles are wrought iron, cast iron, stainless steel & a few more compound metals.

    Marble tabletops that are made in stone, quartz, granite, or Italian marble are also great for premium  restaurants

    2. Designs

    A table is the first thing that grabs the attention of any patron when they enter a restaurant, bar, or cafe. This is one of the main reasons to create a lasting impression by choosing dining tables of unique patterns and designs.

    Getting a supplier who does customizations is key, as every restaurant is unique in some way & requires minor customizations even for perfected products.

      1. Tabletop shapes:
        Tabletops usually come in round, square, and rectangular. There are a few other shapes discussed below that can be custom-made. Each shape has its own advantages as well as space considerations.
      1. Table Base Designs
        Table bases not only provide support and are key for a well-balanced table but also come in a number of designs.


      • Round table tops: Good for facilitating conversations since everyone at the table sits opposite or at an angle to each other. However, the round shape is not the most layout-efficient design since it takes up more usable space than other tabletop shapes.
      • Square table tops: The traditional tabletop design in which people sit equally spaced ? maybe not the most ideal design for sparking conversations ? however, the shape makes it easy to add tables against each other to provide ample seating for larger groups.
        • Cross base tables: The most used table base design, cross is ?X? shaped table bases that provide ample support and balance and are not intrusive when you have diners seated on the table.
        • Round base table: Although round bases provide a substantial degree of balance and support, however, they are not the most interesting to look at.
        • Trestle base tables: An aesthetically pleasing design, trestle bases also provide a high degree of sturdiness and stability.
        • Custom bases for restaurant table: Although more expensive than usual bases, however, custom-designed table bases add a lot of character and pizzazz to the restaurant?s décor.Rectangle table tops: Another conventional tabletop design in which people sit equally spaced. While it isn?t comparable to round the round tables, however, rectangular tables are the most space-efficient designs
    3. Table height

    Tables that are kept in restaurants usually come in 3 table height options:

      • Standard height tables are usually 30-inch high and are designed for use with chairs of ~18-inch seat height which is the standard sitting height for most dining chairs.
      • Counter height tables are usually 36-inch high and are designed for use with counter-height chairs or stools of ~24-inch seat height. You may also click here to check out designs for our restaurant counters that marry well with our table collections
      • Bar height tables are usually 42-inch high and are designed for use with bar chairs or bar stools of ~30-inch seat height.
      • Extra tall tables are made-to-order as per the requirement of clients. One needs to engineer them carefully with wider bases for balance and foot rings to allow for comfortable ingress and egress.

    Due to these various complexities, procuring restaurant tables is a pleasant, hassle-free & disappointment-free process when done by a specialist in commercial dining furniture like FurnitureRoots.

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