Building out a new restaurant? or planning to refurbish the old one? To breathe life and a design style that is befitting of the restaurant that you have in mind, we at FurnitureRoots have the perfect solution for your bulk commercial restaurant furniture requirements.

We at FurnitureRoots are a specialist supplier of restaurant furniture. We supply furniture to a network of import agencies & our own sister concerns across Australia directly from our off-shore manufacturing unit [request a call back to see facility images & full catalog]

We find this model to best suit the diverse requirements of commercial dining businesses like cafes, pubs, breweries and bars an effective price point and also tailor to a plethora of personalization & quality standard requirements.

For orders less than 50 seaters, please get in touch with us to get connected with our on-shore partners. For orders greater than 50 seaters requirement, you can work with us & enjoy directly factory bulk pricing

    You may contact us @ 0424 996 664 or E-mail us @ Also feel free to ask us for our catalog (prices in AUD $). You can work with us directly & enjoy factory prices or you can work with one of our partner stores in your vicinity


    restaurant table with wooden top and metal base

    Commercial and restaurant table tops and bases in unique, custom made designs in engineered wood, solid wood, metal, and marble
    Modern Restaurant Tables
    Bar Dining Tables
    Bistro Tables

    modern leather upholstered chair in white leather

    Mutliple seating options as per your needs; 5+ materials, 1500+ seating products & 5+ finishing options to choose from
    Restaurant Chairs
    Restaurant Bar Stools
    Restaurant Soifa Seating

    rope weave, sturdy furniture for patios and outdoors

    For the outback, you'll need resilient, durable, and sturdy furniture. Our outdoor grade furniture is made to survive the outback
    Outdoor Restaurant Tables
    Outdoor Restaurant Chairs
    Outdoor Dining Sets


    fabric upholstered large sofa for commercial dining restaurants

    Sofas for reception areas in deep contemporary or vintage styles or large sectional-style sofas for dining. Feasible customization options available 

    rustic restaurant bench and table

    A popular, resilient, and cost-effective furniture unit, benches are great to radiate a casual ambiance, and they last longer too. Premium options available

    table-chair sets for small, budget restaurants

    Save costs on your furniture order by buying pre-arranged table-chair sets and avoid the hassle of mix-matching & high expenses



    Order Process Step 1 - 'Discover Custom Furniture Designs On Website'

    Ask for our full catalog OR browse a few designs on the site


    Order Process Step 2 - 'Call Us To Discuss Furniture Customizations For Your Business'

    Discuss pricing & designs at


    Order Process - Step 3 'Get Order Delivery'

    Affordable specialty furniture directly from our factory


    Custom Bar Counter By FurnitureRoots For Kattholmen Restaurant Sweden


    Restaurant Furniture in Africa: By FurnitureRoots for Latitude Hotels Africa




    Diner Furniture: By FurnitureRoots for Vapour Bar Exchange in Gurgaon


    Bespoke Beachside Hospitality Furniture Project By FurnitureRoots Gargoor 1


    Bespoke Brewpub Furniture Project By FurnitureRoots Byg Brewski Open Air Pub Bengaluru 7


    Bespoke Resto Pub Furniture Project By FurnitureRoots Leather Resto Pub Armchairs Little Easy, Mumbai


    Brewpub Furniture: By FurnitureRoots for Iron Hill Micro Brewery & Grill, Vizag 1



    Customize all aspects of your furniture selection when you buy with us

    furniture designs offered by FurnitureRoots Australia
    Variety of Wood Options
    color options offerred by FurnitureRoots Australia
    furniture upholstery options offered by FurnitureRoots Australia


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      You may contact us @ 0424 996 664 or E-mail us @ Also feel free to ask us for our catalog (prices in AUD $). You can work with us directly & enjoy factory prices or you can work with one of our partner stores in your vicinity

      ISO AU certification 9001 for manufacturing processes

      ISO 9001:2015

      Certified for the provision of internationally benchmarked processes and systems of furniture production

      ISO AU certification 14001 for manufacturing processes

      ISO 14001:2016

      Certified for the setup of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) for furniture manufacturing & processing

      FurnitureRoots OHSAS 18001-2007 Certified Company

      BS OHSAS 18001:2007

      Certified for the provision of appropriate Occupations Health & Safety Standards for all employees

      FurnitureRoots European Union Registered Exporter (REX) Certified Company

      EU REX

      Formally registered to export to EU and a demonstrated history of compliance with EU import regulations


      Your commercial restaurant furniture set-up is going to have a significant impact on your restaurant's ambiance, decor, styling, and ultimately, its positioning in the market. One may argue that it is only one among a large variety of influencing factors but apart from the civil works and construction-related architectural aspects, it is the single largest distinguishing factor, when it comes to the restaurant's appeal

      It is also far more than just a few table and chairs, it breathes your restaurants unique selling point which helps deliver the diner/customer the exact message of the type of business you are.

      This is precisely why the procurement/ordering process of your restaurant's furniture and fittings is key, regardless of whether you're replacing the furniture of buying them new

      So if you are looking to furnish your restaurant or fine-dine in modern or rustic or industrial or boho decor, FurnitureRoots has just the right combination of bespoke designs at wholesale prices for your restaurant. You may find our post on restaurant interior designing useful. We’ve worked on furniture projects for restaurants that have helped them achieve tremendous cost advantage & source of better quality furniture.


      Restaurant Seating

      About 65% of our restaurant furniture catalog is dedicated to seating furniture. In all likelihood, they're the ones that'll have the most significant impact on the diner's experience since they are responsible for a bulk of the comfort & physical touch points

      And the sheer number of options that you have as a customer is going to make you dizzy. You can choose between dining booths that can cost all the way upto $650 or you can also choose simple benches that cost no more than $100. Barstools, dining chairs, sofa seating are only some of the seating options we can manage to mention due to paucity of space on this page

      Restaurant Tables

      As a designer and maker of restaurant furniture with a slew of completed projects not only in Australia but globally, we understand the different types of restaurant dining furniture requirements. tables for restaurants, in particular, have a diverse set of requirements.

      They've 3 crucial parts, the tabletop, the table base and the table neck. To simplify several orders, we stock all of these components separately and after the requisite customizations, we use hospitality-grade joinery techniques and bolt them together for a personalized final product

      There's also the distinction based on height, you have your bar-height tables (42" inches), counter-height tables (36" inches) and then you've your standard height (30" inches)

      Then, there's the distinction based on dimensions, you can choose between round, rectangular, square, and free form tables and then you can choose from 2-seater, 4-seater, 6-seater and 10-seater tables.

      Lastly, you also have the option to choose from a whole range of nifty features that we provide to restaurants. Like a footplate attached to the table base, a large gash in the centre for adding a grill, height adjustability & a whole range of other features

      Commercial Dining Tables and Chairs

      For smaller restaurants or even large restaurants with a plain and simple theme, it can be a good idea to simply opt for standard cafe or restaurant table-chair sets at wholesale prices. As a direct factory manufacturer and a supplier, we make these in separate SKUs and store them at our warehouse, upon requests from customers like you, we simply ship them to you directly or through our partners in ANZ. While we don't guarantee lower prices, its quite unlikely that you'll find a better deal for a similar quality grade locally

      Restaurant Lighting

      Create the right ambiance for your guests with FurnitureRoots? range of Hanging Lights and Floor Lamps. From bright lights for your cooking, kitchen areas to mood lighting with pendant lights or exposed-filament or rope lights for your fine-dine to recessed track lighting for your bar area, FurnitureRoots provides custom-made lighting designs to sync perfectly with the interiors and décor of your restaurant.

      Restaurant Outdoor Furniture

      Outdoor dining is fairly popular in Australia, From rooftop restaurants, garden side patios to beachside dining or poolside dining. Furniture used in such areas should necessarily be of an outdoor grade. For smaller, budget restaurants and cafes, rattan weave or wicker chairs along with metal tabletops and for large, luxury outdoor dining, outdoor-grade rexine upholstered chairs and stainless steel tables make for great furniture set-ups

      Hotel Diner and Bar

      FurnitureRoots is a specialist in supplying commercial hospitality furniture. Apart from our expertise in restaurant furniture, we've undertaken large turnkey hotel furniture projects throughout Australia. So you can see how selling furniture specific to buffet area, bar or dining area within the hotel is a double whammy

      Bar Stools

      For diners, pubs, breweries and themed restaurants with a bar counter or even with counter height tables, our range of customizable barstools simply blend in with the interiors of the restaurant



      The most popular collection among both large and small restaurants. They can be slightly expensive but they're also the most preferred. Shiny chome finish, modern stainless steel or mild steel finishes, marble tops & leather furniture are popular within this style 


      The most versatile of all the furniture categories you can select. You can opt for complete wooden furniture or a mix of the two with mild rustic vibes.

      All our rustic finish dining chairs, tables, barstools, booths and sofas are made using solid wood like mangowood, acacia or plywood


      Suitable for restaurants, pubs, and cafes with a large youth following. Also referred to as steampunk style, these carry a sharp undertone of ruggedness and deliberate jagged finish. Cast iron tables, exposed brickwork and exposed nailheads are a few distinctive features of our industrial style restaurant furniture


      A staple product category for high-end restaurants, our leather restaurant furniture is upholstered by award-winning craftsmen that take pride in the products that they create. We use premium quality, authentic leather that does not fade away for decades and that ensures maximum comfort while repelling heat at the same time.


      Despite our relatively large catalog of furniture dedicated for commercial restaurant use, our potential clients still do request for customizations. 

      Given the strategic location of our manufacturing unit and our experience in working multiple materials, styles, designs and furniture types, it is fairly straightforward for us to allow for customizations at a small premium
      You may simply share a design with us by mail and we can share a near-approximation of the furniture before we can get cracking with the manufacturing process


      More than 60+ of our restaurant furniture sales are classified in mid-sized (>60 covers) to large-sized orders (>100 covers), this means our clients are eligible for and will see the benefit of our direct-export, manufacturing program.  

      We find this to be the most suitable business model for the Australian market. Through this arrangement, we make our furniture at our off-shore manufacturing unit.

      This ensures that we have access to a ready access of high quality, commercial hospitality grade materials, advanced machinery and most importantly, lower labor costs.

      Depending on your selection, we may either have to manufacture the products from scratch, partially complete some unfinished products or simply ship readymade products from our warehouse to your doorstep.

      In any case, we take between 30-45 days to complete the process. If you're not too keen on completing the import formalities, our local sister agency will do the same for you at a small fee.

      In our knowledge, the final price you pay for your final lot of furniture will still be far less (around 60%) of the price you would have had to pay locally. Not to mention, this accounts for customization and the furniture is designed from scratch, purely for restaurant use

      FurnitureRoots exports & supplies Restaurant Furniture at these Locations globally.

      REP OFFICE ADDRESS:18 Daintree Dr, Coomera QLD 4209, Australia
      CONTACT NUMBER: +61 424 996 664



      Q. How much does restaurant furniture cost?
      A. Assuming a dining space of 2000 square feet with 25 tables, 10 booths, 75 chairs & 15 bar stools, below are approximate prices you may be paying for restaurant furniture:

      Restaurant Chair Price (in USD) 1,750 3,250 5,000
      Restaurant Table Price (in USD) 2,000 3,000 4,000
      Restaurant Bar Stool Price (in USD) 400 700 1,000
      Restaurant Booth Price (in USD) 1,450 2,000 2,650
      Restaurant Furniture Price (in USD) 5,600 8,950 12,650

      While these are indicative costs for restaurant furniture based on just a few of the furniture options available with us. We at FurnitureRoots sell directly to restaurants and keep costs low by removing multiple layers of distributors/wholesalers / suppliers, thus getting you furniture that will be 2-4x cheaper compared to available alternatives.

      Q. How many chairs and tables will fit in my restaurant’s layout?
      A. Provide between 12-18 square feet per customer. A restaurant can thus seat 100-150 diners in 2000 square feet of the dedicated dining area, excluding the kitchen area. This includes an 18-inch passage area between tables for easy movement but excludes wider aisles you might want to create to accommodate wheelchair-bound patrons.

      Q. Can you help design my restaurant furniture?
      A. Yes, we can. We will help you all the way from figuring out the best restaurant furniture designs, dimensions, materials, finishes to working out the packaging, logistics, and after-sales support. Ask any of our existing clients and you’re sure to get positive feedback for our services.

      Q. Do you manufacture furniture from scratch?
      A. Yes, we do, although we have several off-the-shelf collections too. However, since our customizations cost very little, most of our clients customize them – this is when we manufacture them from scratch.

      Q. What materials do you use for furniture? 
      A. Depending on our customers’ preferences & the furniture items themselves, we use wood, metal, leather/velvet/vinyl/fabric upholstery and other materials as per the restaurant’s design specifications.

      Q. What is the lifespan of restaurant furniture? 
      A. Depending on quality, restaurant furniture can last you anywhere from 2-20 years. Two key aspects affecting furniture life are construction quality and raw materials. Contract-grade joinery techniques and commercial-grade materials will help double (or more) the lifespan of your furniture and save you from very costly refurbishments every few years.   

      Q. What are the specific furniture types that you supply apart from tables, chairs, and sofas?
      A. Apart from tables, chairs, and sofas for restaurants, we supply intricate furniture pieces that are mainly used by medium to large scale restaurants. This includes restaurant booth seating, large bar counters, high tables, high-back chairs and couches, height-adjustable crank tables, bar or wine cabinets, and just about every other type of furniture used in a restaurant. We also do lighting for the restaurant, if you haven’t planned on it already.

      Q. Which countries do you deliver to?
      A. We deliver all over the globe.

      Q. Are there any Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) requirements?
      A. Yes, there is a minimum order quantity or a minimum order value given that we are a custom restaurant furniture manufacturer. Get in touch with us to discuss the specifics of your requirements.

      Q. Do you provide customizations? How much do they cost?
      A. Yes, as a bespoke restaurant furniture company we provide customizations. While the cost of custom furniture for restaurants depends on specifications, however, customizations help the furniture blend in and enhance the restaurant’s interior design and lend individuality & character to a restaurant, bar, or cafe.

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