Buying a great, well-priced & commercial grade cafe counter; as a reception counter or as a serving counter in the specifications and personalization as per your cafe is not as simple as you might think.

Most cafe furniture suppliers are restricted to providing only standard tables, chairs, seating & other types of furniture & the cafe owner is left to find the most critical piece of furniture on his own and ends up with a cafe counter that is not consistent with the other furniture pieces at the store

FurnitureRoots makes these cafe counters in-house, along with a whole slew of different furniture and fittings used in cafes and sells them to commercial cafe businesses & furniture wholesalers.

With simple shipping solutions & hassle-free installation processes, we'll be able to ship our counters from our off-shore manufacturing facility to your cafe's doorstep within 30-45 days. While we understand that the delivery times are higher than usual, it is the price that our customers pay for enjoying factory prices and factory level customizations from a specialist off-shore manufacturer in Australia [Representative Office]

    You may contact us @ 0424 996 664 or E-mail us @

    . Also feel free to ask us for our catalog (prices in AUD $). You can work with us directly & enjoy factory prices or you can work with one of our partner stores in your vicinity

    Cafe Tables

    Large or small; for outdoor use or indoor use; in mid-century style or traditionally carved - select from 900+ table designs

    Chairs For Cafes

    Luxuriously upholstered chairs or simple wooden or metal chairs, endlessly customizable as per your needs

    Cafe Dining Sets

    From 2 seaters in round shape to large 8 seater in rectangular shape, our products cover the maximum possible design styles



    As our business model is slightly different from any other that you'll be discovering, here's a brief walkthrough of our ordering process.

  • First, you may select from any of the representational counters listed above and share the same with us by "adding them to the cart", alternatively, you may simple fill out the form listed above & we'll share some sample designs with you
  • Secondly, after discussing your requirements with us, and after finalizing your counter based on your personalization requests, we'll be sharing a quote with you.
  • Lastly, we'll share a quote with you for the counter. At this point, you have the option of also choosing from a wide range of furniture pieces for your cafe, in which case we can offer even more competitive prices due to lowered fixed costs
  • You also have the option of buying from us directly from our off-shore entity (recommended for large quantity purchases) or buying from our on-shore partners of sister agencies that complete the importing formalities for you at a small cost. 

    We understand that the entire process may seem a bit intimidating to you. Moreover, you mau be weary of working with an off-shore manufacturer

    To address this, we'd like to offer you with all possible details to verify our authenticity 

    We’re Here to Assist

    Our entire team speaks fluent English and we'd gladly provide you with a list of local references in Australia who have worked with us before. You may also check out the projects we've undertaken globally and let us know if we can provide any clarifications. You may find our representative office in Australia at the address listed below and you may know more about our manufacturing facility and its location by requesting a call back

    FurnitureRoots sells these counters to these locations globally.

    REP OFFICE ADDRESS:18 Daintree Dr, Coomera QLD 4209, Australia
    CONTACT NUMBER: +61 424 996 664

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