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Carving furniture involves shaping patterns onto wooden furniture. FurnitureRoots is a hand carved wood furniture manufacturer & exporter to hotels, resorts, bistros, restaurants, pubs and bars, cafes as well as furniture, importers and wholesalers as well as furniture stores globally.

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    Carved furniture guide ? The why and the how behind wood carving?

    Hand carving furniture is a form of woodworking which uses tools like chisels and mallets to shape decorative patterns onto furniture by scraping away portions of wood.

    A traditional form of woodworking, it was practiced majorly before the turn of century. A dying art now, some African and Asian countries, especially India, still have some artisanal clusters where it is currently practiced.

    A laborious process, carving represents a deep love of designing and the expression of it on wood. Using furniture as the canvas for their artwork, skilled artisans hand carve furniture and transform it into a one-of-a-kind, fine-art piece for your hospitality establishment, commercial business or home.

    Shell carving, apron, dentil moulding, cabochon, cartouche, lunette, knuckled arms and rosettes are some carving designs and motifs types of yore that were done in vintage and antique furniture.

    This furniture style is typically sourced from India which has a rich history of furniture artisans passing their well-honed carving skills down the generations. Whether it is carving in vintage, antique, rustic styles, decorative carved wood furniture items are timeless in their appearance and charm.


    FurnitureRoots? hand carved wood furniture products

    From our unit in Jodhpur, India, we manufacture and export the following range of products as part of our carved wood furniture collection:

      • Bedroom collections, including beds frames & bases and headboards,
      • Coffee Tables,
      • Dressers, Sideboards and Buffets,
      • Nightstands and Side Tables,
      • Sofa Sets,
      • Console Tables,
      • Wooden Tables and Chairs, and
      • Wardrobe and Armoires.

    We specialize in customizations. So you can get carving done on furniture to suit your hotel, resort, vacation villa or holiday homes decor.


    FurnitureRoots: A carved wood furniture manufacturer and exporter

    As a bespoke furniture manufacturer and exporter, FurnitureRoots is a one-stop shop for furniture retail stores, office & commercial, and hospitality chains across the globe for importing carved wood furniture products. 

    With a wide range of furniture designs, FurnitureRoots makes custom made wooden carving furniture designs for:

      • Restaurants, cafes, bars microbreweries, brewpubs,
      • Offices, cafeterias, malls, food courts and other commercial businesses, and 
      • Furniture stores, retailers, importers, wholesalers and buying agencies

    Providing beautiful, handmade, bespoke carved wood products that provide your clients an unforgettable experience that balances individuality with price and durability.


    FurnitureRoots sells Carved Furniture at these Locations globally.

    REP OFFICE ADDRESS:18 Daintree Dr, Coomera QLD 4209, Australia
    CONTACT NUMBER: +61 424 996 664

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