Dining sets, chair-table sets for cafes, cafeterias, tea-houses and coffee shops across every corner of India. FurnitureRoots manufactures an extensive range of cafe furniture including tables and chairs in solid wood, metal, steel, stone and engineered materials

Round table-chair sets, benches for cafes, coastal furniture collection, rustic or industrial furniture collection or even furniture for a contemporary style cafe, FurnitureRoots has a product that will suit pretty much every cafe, cafeteria or coffee shop need

Regardless of whether its dining chairs for small cafes or whether it is a complicated piece like a cafe counters that pair seamlessly with our furniture collection, At FurnitureRoots, we've got you covered for not only chairs and tables, but pretty much all your furniture & fixture requirements

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    Restaurant Booths

    Stunning Dining Booths made out of Dense Wood and leather OR leatherette padding

    Restaurant Stools

    Barstools made in vinyl with brown coated leather for vintage restaurants

    Restaurant Seating

    All types of seating furniture options from a specialist supplier


    FurnitureRoots is a leading manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler, and distributor of cafe table and chair sets for sidewalk cafes, bistros, patisseries, bakeries, and hotel coffee shops.

      • Indoor and Outdoor / Patio Sets,
      • Wooden, Iron, Metal and Aluminum Sets,
      • Choice of Foldable Sets, Tall-Height or Low-Height Sets, and
      • Choice of Modern, Retro, Rustic, and other designs.


    As a custom cafe furniture supplier, we manufacture a whole load of specialized theme furniture, especially for cafes. These include the furniture styles as listed below & also furniture pieces that require a high level of craftsmanship & skill to make, like bar counters at restaurants

    Industrial Cafe Tables & Chairs

    These furniture styles are primarily reserved for those cafes that receive a lot of footfall from youngsters. Industrial cafe furniture is characterized by exposed metal, processed wood, rugged steel & so on. Essentially, these furniture types are built sturdily.

    There are several contemporary variations of this kind including modern-industrial, french-industrial & several more. As a specialist manufacturer of industrial furniture


    Rustic Cafe Tables & Chairs

    Furniture that is characterized by adornments of wood that is made to look natural & handmade for a “farmhouse” touch to the pieces. A case in point for cafes that tend to mimic this style is the grandmamas cafe.

    FurntureRoots is a supplier of rustic furniture that is made by hand using the most dense and controlled wood sourcing methods for themed furniture that simply exudes a posh appeal for all cafes in India. We also work with other, eco-friendly furniture styles, check out our wholesale reclaimed wood furniture collection and you have already completed 75% of your pub furniture set-up

    We began our journey here, at FurnitureRoots as a bespoke restaurant furniture company,  so you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands

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