The hotel room stay experience is easily one of the most critical that the hotel owner has to make sure is absolutely seamless, convenient and ensuring that the guest is pleasantly surprised with utilities and aesthetics is guaranteed to put you ahead in the race in an otherwise competitive hospitality environment in Australia

Add to the fact that both boutique hotels, small hotels, large hotels and themed hotels will have a range of design, dimensional, material and quality standards and setting up pieces like wardrobes for hotel rooms is not a task your local supplier can take care of easily. For such requirements hoteliers do well to rely on a manufacturer and specialist in supplying hotel furniture like FurnitureRoots

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    Wardrobes, closets and armoires custom-made for hotels, resorts and homes

    Get bespoke wardrobes, closets and armoires/almirahs that are exquisite, functional and built to commercial-grade standards in order to last a lifetime.

    FurnitureRoots is a contract, commercial & hospitality wardrobe manufacturer and exporter. We supply beautiful, commercial-grade wardrobes to:

      • Furniture Stores and Furniture Retail Chains,
      • Hotels, Motels, Guesthouses, Resorts, Spas, and
      • Designer / Luxury Homes, Villas and Apartments.

    We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified bespoke furniture organization with experience of over 300+ hospitality projects so you get commercial-grade furniture that has been custom built for longevity.

    Wardrobe designs – Types of custom wardrobes you can get:

    We make a wide range of fully customizable wardrobe designs, including:

      • Wardrobes by Design: Choose from a range of Standard Wardrobe, Modular Wardrobe, Open Design Wardrobe,
      • Wardrobes by Materials: You can get FurnitureRoots? commercial wardrobes in a choice of materials. Choose from Wooden Wardrobe, Metal Wardrobe, Glass Wardrobe, Melamine Wardrobe, Leather Wardrobe for your hotel, resort, luxury home/villa/apartment, and
      • Wardrobes by Door Type: Choose from Hinged Door Wardrobes, Sliding Door Wardrobes, or Folding Door Wardrobes.

    With FurnitureRoots you can get furniture that is fully customizable to match your home or hotel decor! You can customize your hotel wardrobes for designs, dimensions, materials, colors, finish and engineering.

    Wardrobe features:

    From the latest open wardrobe designs to walk-in closets, our home and hotel wardrobe designs are customizable for the following features:

      • Wardrobe dimensions,
      • Provision of hinged or sliding doors,
      • Configuration of shelves and drawers,
      • Integration of mini-fridge units, clothes organizers, shoe-rack systems, and provision of recessed lighting,
      • Finishes ranging from dark to light as well as configurable for different types of materials ranging from wood, engineered wood, metal, and leather; and hardware, and
      • Custom hand-crafting, glass paneling, inlay-work, provision of air vents and other wardrobe customizations of your choice.

    FurnitureRoots sells Wardrobes at the following Locations globally.

    REP OFFICE ADDRESS:18 Daintree Dr, Coomera QLD 4209, Australia
    CONTACT NUMBER: +61 424 996 664

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