Every posh and decent hotel room would simply be incomplete without a comfortable, sturdy, well-equipped and well made study desk. Creating a holistic hotel bedroom on a budget is not a simple task but with customizable sizes, features, materials & styling options, not only for study desks but for all hotel bedroom furniture pieces, FurnitureRoots can make the job, a hassle free, cost effective and high quality solution.

Choose from desks with shelving, drawers, in-built drawers for writing pads, laptops etc. These are purpose built for hospitality use, which means that they're made of commercial grade materials & will last twice as long as when compared to standard furniture

FurnitureRoots is a global supplier of hospitality & hotel furniture, we supply and undertake fit-out solutions across Australia for hotels, resorts, lounges & lodges. For relatively smaller quantities, you may procure furniture from our on-shore furniture warehouse or you may work with us directly and enjoy factory prices & customizations for all our hotel desks & hotel furniture

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