Cafe & Cafeteria tables for your standalone coffee shop or coffee shop chain are best procured from a specialist in commercial dining furniture with a proven track record of completing multiple projects. Using standard furniture for business, especially for cafes, bistros or coffee shops is not a great idea. Since they're primarily made keeping residential conditions and load bearing times in mind.

Your options when it comes to buying furniture from your cafe is fairly limited. You can purchase from your local dealer which is probably the most convenient, but middlemen margins, residential quality & lack of depth in designs & customization options are drawbacks to difficult to ignore. You can also choose to procure from a nationwide specialist of cafe furniture, but the costs will still be quite high & customization options will be limited as these retailers still rely on an off-shore manufacturer for their furniture anyway

This is where we pitch our cafe table solutions to you as the most optimal solution for your business. FurnitureRoots is an off-shore manufacturer of furniture, we make a wide range of commercial dining furniture for cafes and coffee shops. We can either sell directly to you through a hassle-free shipping arrangement or you may also work with our on-site sister companies (recommended for small quantity orders only).

The advantages of buying your cafe tables through this mechanism are that you'll enjoy direct factory customizations, no middlemen eating up margins (the benefit will be passed on to you), and lastly, you'll have the comfort of working with a supplied with over 50+ cafe projects under his belt, the drawback of this arrangement is that delivery times typically tend to be twice that of your local supplier and there is always a certain degree of anxiousness while working with an off-shore seller, but we try our best to instill as much comfort as we can.

    You may contact us @ 0424 996 664 or E-mail us @

    . Also feel free to ask us for our catalog (prices in AUD $). You can work with us directly & enjoy factory prices or you can work with one of our partner stores in your vicinity

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    Cafe and Bistro Tables for Coffee Shops

    As a leading hospitality furniture solutions provider, we also;

    With FurnitureRoots, you can customize your cafe and bistro tables for designs, dimensions, materials, colors, finish and engineering and get beautiful yet cheap tables that match your cafe’s decor perfectly! Working with owners and architects or designers on their projects, we specialize in making elegant, heavy-duty commercial grade tables for cafe, bistros, patisseries, bakeries, and hotel coffee shops. We at FurnitureRoots also do intricate furniture pieces like pub & restaurant bar counter.

    If you’re looking to spruce up your restaurant or cafe establishment with furniture that seamlessly blends in. You may want to take a look at this page as well since we specialize as a please visit this page.

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