Cafe chairs typically refer to relatively basic but sturdy chairs that are both relaxing and comfortable for long hours of idling at a cafe & at the same time sturdy & durable enough to survive outdoor conditions with minimal maintenance.

Below we've listed some of our basic cafe chair designs that are chosen widely by most small & budget cafes. If you're looking for more premium seating solutions, you may want to see our portfolio of restaurant chairs as well.

If a part of OR the entire seating section of your cafe, cafeteria of coffee shop is in the outdoors, please be sure to ask our furniture consultant for our outdoor designs

POPULAR STYLES: Metal Cafe Chairs

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    . Also feel free to ask us for our catalog (prices in AUD $). You can work with us directly & enjoy factory prices or you can work with one of our partner stores in your vicinity


    Cafe Chairs for Coffee Shops, Bistros, and Sidewalk Cafes

    FurnitureRoots is a Jodhpur based furniture manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler, and exporter of a wide range of chairs for coffee shops, including:

      • Chairs in wood, metal, iron, steel, aluminum, leather, fabric upholstery as well as cane / rattan / wicker, and
      • Outdoor chairs, stackable chairs, outdoor & patio chairs


    Make it point to check out some of our bespoke chair designs ? bentwood, rustic, antique, vintage, retro, modern, industrial cafe chairs.

     We are an ISO certified commercial & hospitality furniture manufacturer specializing in making commercial-grade cafe chairs for bistros, coffee shops, food courts, and hookah & shisha lounges.

     With FurnitureRoots, you can customize chairs for designs, dimensions, materials, colors, finish, and engineering. Thus getting chairs that match your cafe?s decor and interiors perfectly!

     We work with owners and architects or designers of bistros, and coffee shops & coffee chains on their projects and provide individualistic and stylish furniture for cafes. Apart from standard furniture pieces that go into restaurants/cafes, we also offer our wholesale supply of reclaimed wood furniture for cafes

    Although our factory is an offshore one located in the eastern belt of India, it is a strategic location  to have the most skilled and qualified craftsmen work the wood on the furniture, we work with suppliers, retailers, wholesalers, hoteliers & restauranteurs worldwide. We are also revolutionizing the way hospitality furniture is set up through novel movable bar counters for restaurants

    If you’re looking for something more elaborate and more accustomed to fine dining, as a restaurant furniture supplier, we custom manufacture several bespoke pieces and export them to countries around the world.

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