Commercial-grade restaurant booths from a specialty supplier of restaurant furniture. The booths are made using advanced machinery with craftsmanship wherever required to ensure the restaurant achieves the desired ambiance. [See Restaurant Furniture Solutions]

You may also want to see a few small & boutique restaurants & pubs for whom we have helped set-up bespoke restaurant & cafe furniture at incredible prices while retaining quality. [See Projects]

For booths that are made using hospitality-grade, heavy-duty materials & an endless array of customizations for shape, styling, seating cushions & material used, Furniture Roots is easily your best available option.


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    Übliche Sitzlängen für Restaurantstände sind:

    • 44 Zoll für 2 Personen nebeneinander sitzen
    • 48-Zoll für 2-Sitzer-Kabine mit einer geräumigen Konfiguration
    • 60 Zoll für 3-Sitzer-Kabine

    The standard booth seat height is 18-inch. Overall booth heights (from the floor to the top of the back) vary based on the space and decor of your choice although the most common booth heights are 36″, 42″, and 48″.

    To complement this, we recommend choosing from


    Solid wood booth is not only an elegant space-optimizing seating solution, they also provide unmatched durability and are heavy-duty enough to last for years.


    Bar height booths, aka pub booths, provide a high perch for you diners to enjoy food and beverage alike. Best suited for outlets with restaurant-specific bar-counters [Click here for Seeing Restaurant Counter Designs]

    Choose from full-grain leather or also from nubuck & treated leather,  Works particularly well for upscale & fancy restaurants. Most of these are dining booths in black.

     Most popular among these are tufted dining booths & metallic booths are mostly made in modern designs. While they are not a space-optimal seating solution. 

    Classic American-style diner arrangement or even traditional Indian wood booths.


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