An essential piece of furniture for any hotel or resort guest room, a luggage stand conveniently stores guest?s suitcases during their stay. Its height makes unpacking and packing a breeze, plus it keeps luggage off the floor or bed saves space for guests to use, and keeping bedrooms hygienic. FurnitureRoots manufactures luggage racks in solid wood or metal frames.

We can customize them for small storage places for shoes, clothes, blankets, or smaller bags; install guard rails or fabric straps, depending on the design that suits you best; and provide them with durable rubber caps and non-marking plastic glides to help prevent scratches and scuffs to floors. With FurnitureRoots custom-made suitcase stands, there is something for every guest room!

Also, please see our collection of hotel luggage trolleys that are used in hotel reception areas.  

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    The hotel room has the widest range of available furniture units & is also going to be one of the most expensive furniture expenses that you, as a hotel owner are going to endure. While one can argue that a luggage stand or a luggage rack is more of an accessory than a furniture piece in and of by itself, the fact remains that it is a space-occupying fixture or equipment which will need to fit into the overall setup of the hotel room.


    While most hotels today opt for luggage racks, a few “themed” boutique hotels and even a few vintage hotels that have made a name for themselves may want to opt for more traditional storage trunks, fact of the matter is that luggage racks & folding luggage racks, in particular, are the most convenient for the guest and also the most cost-effective for the hotelier.


    The wooden frame in a luggage rack can either be fully wooden, with approximately 5-6 horizontal wooden planks making the base of the suitcase of a briefcase or, as is more popular, can also include elastic bands that allow for the baggage to sink a bit, thus securing it in its position.

    The above selection includes all types of luggage racks, you can choose between plywood-based luggage racks that are cost-effective but also seem a bit artificial or made from natural, rough-sawn solid wood, which also tend to cost a bit more.


    These are made either in stainless steel, mild steel & in a handful of cases, in cast iron. Metal frames, luggage stands, particularly those made in stainless steel or mild steel are excellent options for a contemporary-looking hotel room. These radiate a glossy, contemporary & shiny look + appeal that are excellent options for a modern hotel room or a mid-century, art-deco, or art-nouveau style hotel room


    All luggage racks made by us here at FurnitureRoots are customizable and our off-the-shelf products cover a wide range of requirements to make such customizations hassle-free, cost-effective and feasible as well. As we manufacture and supply these in bulk, we customize only for certain minimum order quantities.


    At FurnitureRoots, we manufacture and supply our furniture & furniture-related accessories in bulk and supply them globally from our off-shore manufacturing unit. Our shipping can either be done directly to you (recommended for high order quantities) or we can connect you to our local partners who can undertake these procedures for you.

    These luggage racks form part of our hotel room furniture sets and they’re all made in hospitality-grade materials that have been specifically QC’d for the purpose.
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