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Aara Finish Solid Wood Coffee Table with Steamer Wheels

This solid wood coffee table will turn out to be the best choice for your cafe, coffee shop or pub. The hutch stand is handcrafted purposefully to bring out a unique product that has an attractive and original look. With a natural finish and classic decor, the mango wood made industrial furniture adds a calm and relaxing feeling to a room. It is made using commercial grade materials incorporating solid hardwood and powder-coated iron for guaranteed durability and firmness. The fully assembled retro furniture is scratch and stain resistant, easy to clean and standard sized to optimize on space. Order now!

Gorgeous French-Chic Bookshelf

You won’t hesitate to go all out with this rough sawn piece of furniture owing to its exquisite handcrafted and one-of-a-kind look. This striking piece of hotel display furniture in the form of a gorgeous French-chic bookshelf remains a single focal point of your interiors. Put this in a Guesthouse, a motel or a restaurant and you’d notice your guests loving this reclaimed wood piece. This cyan-colored bookcase with a distressed finish is sure to make many heads turn. No need for painstaking assembly as it comes fully assembled and is designed and put together especially for designer spaces. Buy Now!

Industrial Metal & Rough Sawn Wood Sideboard with Steampunk Wheels

Here is one of those storage cabinets that will not disappoint. The four door sideboard has a factory design that is exquisitely handcrafted to make it unique and outstanding. This black retro style furniture is ideal for use in a guest house, bed and breakfast or for camping. The primary material used in making this storage cabinet is iron that is hard wearing and powder-coated. Inputs are also of commercial grade for durability and steadiness. The nodal categorized cabinets are sold fully assembled and have a duco finish that does not scratch or get stained. This standard sized sideboard is made with space optimization in mind.

Little Wonder Solid Wood Wine Rack

This little wonder wine rack is an elegant stain-resistant bar cart for use at brewpubs, bars and pubs. Its made to withstand rigorous commercial use by being made using the mango solid hardwood and the hard wearing iron. The cart is strong enough to hold and carry wine bottles and the attractive design which has a firm frame gives an assurance of safety. The industrial furniture with a natural finish and a rustic decor is sold fully assembled. This country furniture has a vintage look with the design maximizing on space. It’s scratch resistant and conveniently easy to clean. Order now!

Old-World TV Stand

There is this piece of resort display furniture just waiting to complement the interiors of your guesthouse or vacation villa. A Rough Sawn type of furniture, this stylish TV stand has a powder-coated finish and comes fully assembled. You will love this Old world TV Stand if you love things which are out of the box in style and ultimate in look. Something that will last you generations and is easy to maintain owing to its scratch and stain-resistant surface. With a brown color and an enclosed shelving TV Stand, this will surely give your basic room interiors a new look.

Rough Finish Mango Wood End Hotel Bedside Table

Crafted from strong and durable mango wood along with heavy-duty inserts and hardware, this enigmatic side table is all you need to make your patrons feel at home. Featuring a storage unit with drawers, it will help them stay organized, hence ensuring they have a comfortable time at your inn, guest villa or camp. Scratch and stain resistant, this industrial furniture is easy to maintain and clean. Displaying a lacquered finish that gives your space an elegant look, the artisanal design of this natural colored side table proffers a country style that makes everyone feel at home. Order this rustic decor today!  


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Rough Sawn Dining Buffet Cabinet in Mango Wood

The ideal way to optimize your space, this multi-functional sideboard will give your motel or tent a tidy look as well as a charming feel. Constructed in a robust mix of solid mango wood and hard wearing powder coated iron, it has several compartments that will let your guests stay neat and happy. Available in a beautiful brown, this retro inspired furniture has been exquisitely handcrafted to give it a timeless rustic style. Scratch and stain resistant, this one-of-a-kind cabinet is easy to maintain and clean. Further, it comes fully assembled, providing a hassle-free experience. Let the rust finish of this antiquated sideboard showcase your elegant lifestyle. Order this sophisticated storage cabinet today!  


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Rough Sawn Dresser in Mango Wood with Caster Wheels

Pick up this natural colored, esoteric sideboard to brighten up your space, giving it an elegant look. Crafted from solid mango wood with heavy-duty inserts and hardware, this rough sawn furniture is both classy and functional. Adorned with multiple drawers that help stay organized, this scratch and stain resistant furniture is easy to maintain. Displaying an artisanal, handcrafted style, it is lacquered finish combined with it is eclectic design spreads a welcoming vibe through your lodge, tent or spa, leaving your guests feeling very much at home. Delivered fully assembled, this ruff wood, bedroom furniture is a hassle-free product. Order this good-looking chest of drawers today and give your space a royal look!  


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Rough-Sawn Sideboard with 16-Drawers

This Intriguing Rough-Sawn Sideboard by FurnitureRoots has a highly individualistic & evocative design. It is fully customizable to match your business’s theme & accentuate its interiors.


  • Built-for-Commercial: Dura-Strong© construction to withstand rigorous Commercial use
  • Fully Customizable
    • Materials: Can be custom-made in a range of Iron / Wood / Glass / Upholstery options
    • Dimensions: Fully customizable for your business’s unique requirements
    • Choice of Finish: 20+ wood & metal finishes to match your business’s decor
  • Quality: FurnitureRoots is a ISO 9001:2015 company. All our products are built to highest international quality benchmarks


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Rustic Industrial Office Storage Drawer Unit 4 Tier 1 Wide

This industrial drawer unit is perfect for use at the resort, pub or tent. The closet tower is a fully assembled bedroom furniture with a natural finish, a natural color and a classical decor. Its made using the strength filled mango wood which is a commercial grade material for the durability of the furniture. This retro furniture is handmade and artistically designed to offer an elegant electric feel. The scratch and stain resistant furniture is easy to maintain and can be cleaned daily. This industrial-style drawer unit has a unique designer look with the construction optimizing on space. Buy Now!

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