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Cane Chairs that are handcrafted and hand woven by FurnitureRoots. These bespoke Restaurant Chairs are not only stylish and refined but are also made from the highest grade materials and advanced joinery techniques, making them the strongest option available in the market. Choose from over 3 Cane Back Dining Chairs by FurnitureRoots and get in touch with us to get Cane Chairs for Restaurant delivered anywhere across the globe.

: Cane Bistro Chairs

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Commercial dining chairs for restaurants, cafes, fine-dine and dining areas of hotels and resorts

Chairs in a restaurant need to be stylish, comfortable, well-balanced, and heavy-duty in order to match the aura of the remaining restaurant furniture designs. At FurnitureRoots, we appreciate the importance of these factors right from the manufacturing process.  This is why our restaurant chairs are custom-made using commercial-grade materials, hardware, and advanced joinery techniques. So that when you buy chairs from us, you get restaurant seating that doesn’t just look and feel great but is well-balanced, sturdy, and durable enough to easily withstand the rigors of a food service business and last you a lifetime!

Whatever designs you have in mind for your chairs, our expert restaurant chair manufacturing team can help custom manufacture them and help you get chairs that sync with your restaurant’s interior decor and ambiance. Bespoke commercial chairs from FurnitureRoots are so individualistic and comfortable, your guests would want to keep coming back.

10 Factors to consider when buying restaurant chairs:

Getting chairs for a restaurant is a big investment. It is essential to get it right. Keep a lookout out for these key features and component when buying them:

1. Correct seating height, which is generally 18 inches from the ground

2. Comfortable seating proportions and seat depth

3. Recline angle for backrests should be minimal in order to allow for a comfortable dining experience

4. For upholstered chairs, use high density, high resiliency foam

5. Commercial-grade upholstery, be it fabric, leather, PVC or PU, or Rexine

6. Both the foam base as well as the upholstery cover may need to meet local fire-safety regulations/standards

7. For metal chairs, ensure they are coated with a layer of powder coating or electroplating of the appropriate thickness to prevent scratches to the surface as well as corrosion of underlying metal

8. Have nylon or rubber floor glides to keep the chairs from scratching, staining or damaging the floor or carpet

9. Have handles on the back of the chairs for added convenience of your guests and staff when they pull them out of from under the table

10. All commercial restaurant seating needs to be properly weighted, well-balanced and should be devoid of any protrusions or sharp edges that may cause injury to your restaurant’s clients or staff

Are you planning to buy a restaurant and fine-dining chairs that last only a few seasons OR an entire lifetime? Get in touch with us at +91-9769003311 OR email OR fill up an inquiry form on our website in order to get bespoke heavy-duty, commercial-grade dining chairs that are available for sale at wholesale prices.

Selecting the right chair design for your restaurant:

Selecting the appropriate chair design plays a pivotal role in the overall ambiance of the diner. Before making your purchase, consider how the following attributes apply to your restaurant:

Restaurant chair materials

The choice of chair material conveys a lot to the visitors to your restaurant.

Wooden restaurant chairs convey a degree of richness and warmth. Wood also takes staining quite well thereby allowing a good mix of finishes like mahogany, honey oak, walnut, and cherry finish. Wood also can be carved, distressed, and rough sawn to get even more interesting designs.

Metal chairs come in both iron and steel. Metal chairs are highly durable and, with high-quality powder coating or electroplating or PVDF finishes, can be used outdoors as well. While metal chairs may not permit texture designing to the extent of wooden chairs, however, they can be finished in a variety of ways ranging from painted Duco finish, rust finish, burnt metal finish, metallic finish, etc.

Upholstered chairs are available in fabric, leather and PU / PVC or Vinyl/leatherette upholstery. While chairs with fabric upholstery allow for crafting chairs in a huge range of fabric designs however fabric stains quite easily and so you’ll have to be careful about using them in F&B settings.

Leather chairs impart a sense of distinctive luxury and richness are an evergreen restaurant seating option, especially in fine-dine restaurants. Engineered materials like performance fabrics and Vinyl or Rexine is the de-facto upholstery of choice for high-traffic restaurants.

Apart from plain and simple chairs, there’s an increasing trend of restaurants with booth seating instead of chairs

Restaurant chair designs

With restaurants increasingly trying to outdo their competitors, their designs are increasingly embracing the uncommon. From the old-school Parsons chair in solid wood to vintage and rustic designs; from modern & contemporary chairs to designer chairs in rustic, distressed, and industrial designs; and from premium chairs in leather to fancy and vibrant shabby chic chairs.

FurnitureRoots offers bespoke chairs in all these designs and styles so that the furniture you get accentuates the decor and ambiance of your space. Drop us a note on the website or call one of our design experts to get designer chairs custom-made for your business.

Why should you buy commercial chairs from FurnitureRoots

FurnitureRoots is a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of a wide range of commercial-grade dining chairs for restaurants, bars/pubs, breweries, office cafeterias, and coffee shops.

When you buy commercial dining chairs with FurnitureRoots, you get the benefit of:

1. Fully Customizable Designs

You can customize your restaurant’s chairs for the following parameters – designs, dimensions, materials, colors, finish, and engineering/hardware. So you get dining chairs that match your restaurant business’s decor perfectly!

2. High-Quality Manufactured Furniture Graded For Rigorous Commercial-Use

The furniture in your restaurant needs to last instead of having to be replaced once every few years. You can’t always prevent food and beverage spills, scratches from heavy materials brushing it. This is bound to happen in hospitality and restaurant business. We understand that, Which is why you need higher grade chairs for your F&B business.

FurnitureRoots’ restaurant chairs are built to contract chairs standards. This means that each one of them has been constructed to withstand heavy usage in a busy hospitality environment and to hold up to wear and tear that occurs from everyday use. They’re made to withstand hot and cold temperatures, constant food and beverage spills as well as the wear and tear caused by regular cleaning and maintenance, all the while retaining a like-new appearance.

3. Great Prices

Given that you are getting furniture directly from a contract-grade chair manufacturer instead of a wholesaler or a supplier you get the lowest possible prices for commercial-grade furniture. We can easily export even a medium-sized order to your country through our export furniture program. Our clients of the past have realized significant cost savings through this. 

4. Reliability

FurnitureRoots is an ISO 9001:2015 certified bespoke furniture manufacturer and exporter with experience of over 300+ hospitality and commercial dining and bar furniture projects.

We specialize in making commercial-grade furniture that is purpose-built for ruggedness and durability. So you don’t go wrong when it comes to your large ticket-size commercial hospitality furniture purchases.

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