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Commercial bar stools, bar chairs and counter-height stools that blend-in with bar counters for pubs which enliven your brewery, bar, brewpub or lounge. FurnitureRoots’ stylish yet comfortable commercial-grade pub and lounge furniture provide you with just that. Our bar stools are fully customizable to match your restaurant’s ambiance. Whether you need vintage or modern, counter-height tall or adjustable height, white or black, metal or wood or woven, FurnitureRoots has barstools in any shape, design, feature and color you wish for. Our designer restaurant furniture and our funky cafe furniture replete with intricate cafe counters will help your establishment look stunning and be miles ahead of competitors.

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Art Nouveau Cycle Stool

This Art Nouveau cycle stool is sure to bring back memories of school, tuition and many more evening hangouts with friends when cycling was huge and your only reachable way of transport. A perfect piece of furniture for a cafe or Bistro, this stool will suit best the mood of any eatery, a coffee shop or an Ice cream parlor. Crafted in iron, and finished with solid hardwood and hard-wearing powder coating, this backless stool comes fully assembled. It has proper old school cycle legs and paddle in silver complementing its rustic duco finish wooden seat. Favorite among people with a penchant for style!

Barstool: 1940s Art-Deco

Barstool is a vital and a very basic component in any eatery, coffee shop or bistro. If you want to glorify your hub with a touch of style, go for this iron made, standard-sized armless bar stools. You will love this product due to its retro look and powder-coated finish. This black colored backless barstool is indeed going to render a sprinkle of class to your eatery junction. You will get fond of this industrial furniture as this is very easy to clean and you can do that on a daily basis. When it comes to its assembling, you won’t have any headache on that part either as this comes in assembled mode. Since this is made with the usage of commercial-grade materials and joineries, you won’t have to worry on the durability part either.

Break-out Zone Metal Stool

If the chairs in your ice cream parlor or bistro are prone to any scratch and stain, then it is high time you should think of replacing those. Go for this metal stool instead that is both scratch and stain-resistant and comes with wooden seat top.  This is both armless and backless. You can completely trust on its quality as this is made with the inclusion of solid hardwood and hard wearing powder-coated ironwork. This black designer bespoke furniture will prove to be a standout in your commercial set up with its exclusive beauty and sheer elegance and comfort factor. Space optimization won’t be of any issue once you grab this unique stool in your hub.

Cast Iron Adjustable Stool

If you want to add a dash of elegance to your newly set bakery or ice cream parlor, then you have to go for this unique designed stool that is of standard size. This industrial furniture is both backless and armless. Since this duco finished stool is constructed with cast iron, you can have complete faith in its high standard. Of course, the durability factor of this short bar stool has been well looked after, as it is made out of commercial-grade materials and joineries. Another very positive aspect of this stool is this retro furniture that comes in an assembled mode. So you can avoid the hassle of purchasing or installing process once you opt for this retro-styled furniture.

Cast Iron Height-Adjustable Stool

If you are not satisfied with the present set of stools in your coffee shop, eatery or bakery, then it is high time you should think of replacing those. Go for this retro-styled adjustable stool this time that is made up of iron. You will find this very convenient to clean on a daily basis. Also as this is both scratch and stain resistant, you can use it with minimal maintenance for a long span. Durability is guaranteed as they have used commercial-grade materials and joineries. This backless bar stool will deck up your favorite corner with ease. You can adjust the height of the stool as per your convenience. So overall, this will prove to be a great investment that you simply cannot afford to miss out.

Chic Metal Compact Chair

Add this Chic Metal Compact chair to your Ice Cream Parlour, Coffee Shop or Bistro and give it an instant makeover. This backless piece of modern furniture is specially made using commercial-grade materials and joineries that is going to last you decades. This short bar stool with a leather seat top is constructed in a robust mix of leather and hard-wearing powder-coated ironwork for the play of material, aesthetic look, and stability. Ideal for modern and contemporary interiors. A brown color low back bar stool with an individualistic design and a padded seat! Buy this beauty now and you won’t repent later.

Eco Conscious Cycle Stool

Burn those calories or treat yourself as you have something to fiddle with while you enjoy a drink or escape from that not so interesting talk. This Eco-Conscious Cycle stool is slowly gaining popularity in coffee shops, cafes and ice cream parlors as it enhances the users experience while being eco-friendly and comfortable. It has a short height and a wooden seat top with paddles that one can actually cycle with or use them as leg rest. Upcycled piece of furniture with a duco finish and a sturdy manufacturing, this is something you sure would want to invest it. Don’t regret later, order now!

English Cottage Metal Regular Stool

Time to get thrilled with the purchase of this regular stool for your coffee shop, bakery or ice cream parlor and get your junction beautified almost instantly. You can easily rely on its good quality due to the fact that it is made up of iron. The leather seat top on this is indeed worth appreciating. If you are wondering on what kind of materials are being used to create this product, then you will be charmed to know that this has been formed with commercial use density foam along with HR (High Resiliency) Foam. Let your customers enjoy the best sitting experience for which they will wish to come back again and again to your joint. The swivel seat will showcase its sleek feature. This backless bar stool is comprised of a padded seat.

FR Barstools Series Industrial Stool In Wood With Metal Accents

Restaurant Stools Series Industrial Stool In Wood With Metal Accents by FurnitureRoots has a highly individualistic & evocative design. It is fully customizable to match your business’s theme & accentuate its interiors.



  • Built-for-Commercial: Dura-Strong© construction to withstand rigorous Commercial use
  • Fully Customizable
    • Materials: Can be custom-made in a range of Iron / Wood / Glass / Upholstery options
    • Dimensions: Fully customizable for your business’s unique requirements
    • Choice of Finish: 20+ wood & metal finishes to match your business’s decor
  • Quality: FurnitureRoots is a ISO 9001:2015 company. All our products are built to highest international quality benchmarks


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FR Barstools Series Low Height Backless Triangular Base Stool with Leather Seat

This Low Height Backless Triangular Base Stool with Leather Seat may bring in a radical change to the look of your eatery or bistro. Being scratch and stain resistant, this is very easy for rough usage for years. Moreover, the daily cleaning feature also makes this easy to maintain as well. Since you get this in the assembled form, you can avoid any further hassle of re assembling this. The leather seat top looks perfect on this short bar stool. One of the most appreciating facts of this chair is the inclusion of a robust blending of genuine leather and hard wearing powder coated iron work. If you seek for modern and contemporary interior, then this chair can easily bring that feel in your set up.

FR Barstools Series Low Height Cast Iron Tractor Seat Stool

This Low Height Cast Iron Tractor Seat Stool made from cast iron is the perfect example of relaxation. The great choice for your coffee shop or bakery is cleverly designed to give comfort in an elegant way. This seating furniture with a duco finish has a curved metallic seat top that you’ll fit naturally in. The modern furniture has a simple but strong design thanks to the commercial grade materials and joineries used in making it. Powder coated cast iron is famous for quality and more so when the finishing is right. This standard sized furniture has fixed glides that keep the floor from getting scratched. It’s easy to clean, even daily where necessary.

FR Barstools Series Low Height Seating Stool with Hairpin Legs in Yellow

This Low Height Seating Stool with Hairpin Legs in Yellow with a standard product size gives you more than you’d expect. Well, the pin pattern style is the highlight of this stool. Definitely, this iron material stool can nicely liven up your room. Again, the touch of yellow color leaves it with an unparalleled beautiful look. Naturally decorative, this stool is a modern furniture fit for designer spaces. You can expect it to brighten your house, bistro, bakery, and cafe perfectly. This stylish stool is also of superior quality. In addition, this scratch-resistant stool is a priceless addition to your furniture collection, and once you have one, you’ll never go back to your old furniture.

FR Barstools Series Rustic Industrial Height-Adjustable Backless Stool

Having an inviting atmosphere at home, in an eatery, in a coffee shop, in an ice cream parlor is very important. Finely crafted from a blend of solid hardwood and hard-wearing powder-coated iron, this Rustic Industrial Height-Adjustable Backless Stool is perfect to sit in and enjoy your drink. The bar stool is both scratch and stain-resistant and can be cleaned easily on a regular basis. The design has been inspired by retro-style furniture and the stool can be a perfect fit for rooms that have a classical style of decor. Featuring a duco finish, this bar stool comes pre-assembled and can be used right after it is delivered.

One off Small Stool

Jazz up your bistro or cafe by adding this eye candy of a stool to that one distinct corner. A one-off small stool that can be a conversation starter, a hot seat on demand or something that is sure to make the user’s bar experience even better. This cafe & bistro industrial stool is crafted in iron and is easy to move around. This short bar stool with a wooden seat top is constructed in a robust mix of solid hardwood and hard-wearing powder-coated ironwork. With a standard height, it is a part of the minimalistic decor and is sure a surprise as a bar stool with a short stature.

Refined Retro Regular Stool

This refined retro style regular stool is an indispensable item in any rustic style home, cafe, coffee shop or restaurant. The excitement of red color really makes a statement while the distressed metal finish gives a perfect retro look to the ambiance. Likewise, the good quality iron material with a powder coating adds a touch of elegance to the furniture while the canvas upholstered seat top keeps you comfortable while sitting. This standard size chair is fully assembled and comes in an armless and backless space optimizing construction. The floor glides along with scratch & stain resistant construction makes it a perfect piece of furniture for daily use.

Timeless Adjustable Cello Stool

Soothe your senses and introduce a welcoming ambiance in your eatery with the purchase of this high-quality iron made short bar stool, You will love its powder-coated finish and wooden sit top. This will be a great investment as the quality of this stool is of top class. They have used solid hardwood along with hard wearing powder-coated ironwork to manufacture this. So brighten up your treasured spot with minimal decor by opting for this backless bar stool The individualistic design of this stool is so very filled with elegance and comfort. Furthermore, if you are tensed of getting floor scratches with this, then just worry not. This unique stool is inclusive of floor glides.

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Restaurant Bar Stools in Fully Customizable Designs for Cafes, Lounge Bars and Office Cafeterias

FurnitureRoots designs, manufactures, wholesales, and exports restaurant & commercial barstools in a wide range of options:

    • Metal, Wooden and Fabric or Leather Upholstered Barstools,
    • Short or Low-Height, Standard-Height, Counter-Height and Bar-Height Stools,
    • Backless, Low-Back and Full-Back Options, and
    • Outdoor Barstools.

Check out some of our designer bar stools as well, including Hairpin Leg Stools, Sled Base Stools, Toledo Bar Stool, Drafting Chair-style Stool, Coleman Stool, Cherner Bar Stool, Wishbone Bar Stool, Bertoia Bar Chair, Afteroom Bar Stool.

With FurnitureRoots, you can customize your bar chairs & restaurant counter designs, dimensions, materials, colors, finish and engineering and get products that match your hospitality establishment’s de or perfectly!

As an ISO certified manufacturer, we work with bar & pub chain owners, architects & designers on their hospitality projects. We specialize in making heavy-duty commercial grade bar stools for Bars, Pubs, Clubs, Brewpubs, Lounges, Tasting Rooms, Microbreweries, Restaurants, and Cafes.

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