Hotel Wardrobes, Dressers, Closets and Armoires

Hotel wardrobes that match the aesthetics of your hotel, motel or resort’s bedroom while providing user friendly storage space for guests. FurnitureRoots’ hotel room wardrobes, hotel closets and hotel dressers come in an exciting range of designs fitted with high-grade hardware and accessories. All colors, styles, shapes, size, materials can be customized as per your budget.

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1 Door Accent Hotel Wardrobe in Distressed Finish

Sporting a brilliant distress finish, this rustic, single door almirah displays an Indian village theme that will add character to the interiors of your country club, hostel or guest house, ensuring your visitors have a memorable experience. Built using reclaimed wood with heavy-duty inserts and hardware, this weathered wardrobe is both scratch and stain resistant, making it is maintenance an easy task. Handmade in an artisanal design, it is French Provincial style adds a touch of elegance to this multi-faceted bedroom furniture. Further, this multi-colored piece is delivered fully assembled, reducing your efforts. A great way to optimize space, order this ingenious almirah today and leave everyone impressed!   


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Avant-Garde Wooden Metal Hotel Wardrobe

 Let your guest villa, motel or spa look super exclusive with the inclusion of this wooden metal almirah. This industrial furniture will leave an amazing impact on the overall room decor due to its duco finish look. This black colored country furniture is known for its space optimizing feature. The rustic decorated black colored display cabinet is available in already assembled mode. So you can avoid that hassle of installing post purchase. Moreover, the cleaning process of this standard sized almirah is really easy and can be done on a daily basis. When it comes to durability, you can remain tension free as they have included hard wearing commercial grade inputs like knobs, hinges, handles and so on.

Block Print Single Door Almirah

Having this Block Print Single Door Almirah is the best thing to give a whimsical feeling in your Guest Villa, Bed & Breakfast, Time Share or Home. The multicolored finish will look great against your living space decor. The block print design looks crisp against the reclaimed wood material. Plus, this scratch and stain-resistant Almirah rules the rest of the product with its aesthetic design. Choose this hand-carved piece to make an otherwise dull room lively. Featuring a white distress finish and artisanal handmade design, you can’t go wrong when decorating any room. The Designer looks and space optimizing construction never fails when put to the test

Boho Double Door Hotel Wardrobe

Embrace this classy and elegant standard sized mango wood made hotel and restaurant chair in your vacation villa or bunk right now. This will prove to be a highly functional product in the long run due to its scratch and stain resistant properties. Moreover, this hand painted furniture is made up of a blend of solid hardwood and hard wearing powder coated iron work. The boho decor of this distressed finish furniture has transformed it to something really special. This red colored very uniquely designed handcrafted chair is highly popular among today’s youngsters for its vibrant look. Go and grab yours now.

Dura-Sure© All-Weather Metal Hotel Wardrobe

Built from strong, powder coated iron with heavy-duty inserts and hardware, this ever-lasting almirah is the answer to your storage woes. Displaying a classy silver color, the shampoo finish of this industrial, bedroom furniture proffers a country style look that is sure to make your patrons feel at home and comfortable. Scratch and stain resistant, this rustic decor is easy to maintain and helps to optimize the space well. Featuring an artisanal design, it is eclectic feel adds a dash of quirk to your country club, vacation villa or time share, making it stand out. Delivered fully assembled, this multi-purpose wardrobe is truly convenient. Order it today!  


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Ever Lasting Metal Hotel Wardrobe

Your boarding house and spa will greatly benefit from this Almirah bedroom furniture. The standard sized industrial furniture is easy to maintain as it can be cleaned daily and has a stain and scratch resistant surface. This fully assembled wardrobe is made using powder-coated metal and heavy duty inserts to give it a durable form. Its rustic furniture style and natural color give the storage furniture an uplifting appearance. The artistically hand made design gives off an elegant feel with the designer look greatly saving up on space. For the best storage experience, this long-lasting metal almirah is the way to go.

Indian Reclaimed Wood Accent Hotel Wardrobe in Rough Distress Finish

This Stunning Distressed Accent Cabinet by FurnitureRoots has a highly individualistic & evocative design. It is fully customizable to match your business’s theme & accentuate its interiors.


  • Built-for-Commercial: Dura-Strong© construction to withstand rigorous Commercial use
  • Fully Customizable
    • Materials: Can be custom-made in a range of Iron / Wood / Glass / Upholstery options
    • Dimensions: Fully customizable for your business’s unique requirements
    • Choice of Finish: 20+ wood & metal finishes to match your business’s decor
  • Quality: FurnitureRoots is a ISO 9001:2015 company. All our products are built to highest international quality benchmarks


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Multi-Purpose Metal Wooden Hotel Wardrobe

To create a modern vibe in your living spaces, consider this fully assembled wardrobe. The black color looks great against any room’s decor. Made from tough durable iron material, this Multi-Purpose Metal Wooden Wardrobe is super strong. Adding to that, this fully assembled wardrobe is the perfect example of a brilliant design that looks gorgeous. The wardrobe is an example of a sophisticated finish and attractive looks. This easy-to-clean wardrobe will surely get noticed, no matter where you place it in a home or Resort, Time Share, B&B. This scratch-resistant wardrobe is also stain-resistant and available at a fair cost and is worth buying.

Old Age Door Hotel Wardrobe

If you are passionate about classy and elegant furniture, then you will have to select this chair that is made up of  hardwood and heavy duty inserts and hardware. This chair is apt for any corporate stay, guest house or a resort. This artisanal handmade designed multicolored furniture is already considered as a trendsetting item by majority of the consumers. Go for this old styled vintage furniture and stun the world with your refined taste. Side by side, this furniture will fit in any favorable part of the room with ease as this has been invented with space saving feature. Get this in assembled form and avoid the hassle of installing after you buy this.

Old-Teak Colonial Hotel Wardrobe

This Old-Teak Colonial Wardrobe with a punch of brown color is an elegant way to lend a trendy feel to a living space. Featuring a vibrant shade of brown, the wardrobe is just right for sprucing up your surroundings. Made of solid teak wood, this durable wardrobe can be placed in your home or in Guest Villas, Hostels, and Time Share. This stain-resistant wardrobe is also scratch-resistant and extremely durable too. What is most rewarding about this wardrobe that comes fully assembled is that it has an artisanal handmade design. Above all this teak wood material wardrobe is a very well-regarded furniture.

Rare-Edition Glass Hotel Wardrobe

Creatively developed with care and harmony, this Rare-Edition Glass Almirah can increase the attractiveness of your house. The brown color looks great against your house decor. Of course, it has a iron material which means it’s exceptional. Bring home the notable design glass almirah to create a relaxing and inviting environment. This rust finish glass almirah is intricately designed with iron material to match the overall modest design. Made with the same attention to detail, theres no compromise on style and quality with this scratch-resistant glass almirah. It obviously has standard product size feature but that’s what makes it so decorative. Well, this easy-to-maintain glass almirah has stunning cabinets nodal category feature.

Reclaimed Wood Hotel Wardrobe in Distressed Finish

This Distressed Old Window Plank Cabinet makes your house look gorgeous. If you’re looking for a fine quality mango wood material door almirah, this almirah is just perfect. The almirah comes fully assembled and features a weathered or distressed finish. Made from mango wood material, the almirah sports a multi-color. In addition to that, the French Provincial style adds a different aristocratic style. Available in a standard size, the almirah can be placed in Vacation Villas, Hostels, and Guest Villas. Perfect for rustic interiors, this almirah is both sturdy and stylish and features a lovely artisanal handmade design that is scratch and stain-resistant.   


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Refined Recycled Single Door Hotel Wardrobe

The shabby chic furniture style is the first thing you’ll notice when you glance at this recycled but refined Single Almirah. The brown bedroom furniture has a beautiful lacquered finish and a Bogor décor. It’s a gentleman’s chest that is artistically designed by hand to provide an elegant and eclectic feel. This storage furniture is made using solid hardwood and heavy duty inserts and hardware to make it last long. It provides organized storage at camps, corporate stays and time share. The scratch and stain resistant furniture is easy to clean and comes fully assembled for your convenience. It has a designer look purposed for space optimization.

Signature Industrial Glass Hotel Wardrobe

Using this Signature Industrial Glass Almirah is a great way to add more meaning & character to your bunk, B&B or spa. This retro inspired furniture with a shampoo finish is a great accessory for storing reading materials in a neat and organized way. It’s strong enough to hold any weight having been constructed using hard wearing commercial grade iron. The cabinet which is designed exquisitely for originality has beautiful glass doors that are perfect for display. This standard sized bookcase with a rustic decor is in its natural color and its sold fully assembled. Being stain and scratch resistant, the cabinet is convenient for use as it demands very little maintenance and its easy to clean.

Signature-Handcrafted Carved Hotel Wardrobe

The tough durable mango wood material ensures this Signature-Handcrafted Carved Wardrobe is super strong. You are assured to create a real centerpiece in your Vacation Villa, Motel, Time Share and home with this wardrobe. Bring home the specially-curated design handmade wardrobe to give your house a modern makeover. The mango wood material provides a nice rich texture while the stain and the scratch-resistant feature will ensure that the wardrobe stays in prime condition always. It also comes fully assembled so that you can use it immediately. Available in the color blue, this easy-to-maintain and beautifully designed wardrobe lend a comprehensive solution to your wardrobe needs.

Single Door Hand Carved Accent Hotel Wardrobe in Cyan Distress Finish

This Masterwork Carved Single Door Almirah gives your living space a relaxed natural vibe. If you’re looking for a fine quality mango wood material door almirah, this would fit the bill nicely. If you are looking to make a statement in a stylish way, consider this sturdy almirah. The almirah is perfect for a motel, guest villas, and inn. In addition to that, the craftsmanship is notable for the way it adds a little festive flair. Made from solid hardwood, this almirah is green in color. Featuring a weathered or distressed finish, this almirah is easy to clean and also scratch-resistant. 


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Spectacular Old Door Wooden Hotel Wardrobe

A statement-making product creatively constructed in fantastic multi-color will bring your Inn, Camp, Motel or Home to life. This delightful Spectacular Old Door Wooden Almirah looks lovely and the reclaimed wood material is superior. Make your décor happy and fun with this easy-to-clean, scratch and stain-resistant vintage style unit. Solid hardwood, distress finish doors with heavy-duty inserts and hardware make this classical designed Almirah a plus to any room you choose. This invitingly designed Almirah is fully assembled and standard size for ease in decorating. On top of that, this Almirah is a great way to showcase the beauty of the interior

Treasure Distress Metal Hotel Wardrobe

A Treasure Metal Cabinet of a French provincial style is just the right choice for your guest house, boarding house or hotel. This China and Curio cabinet which is handcrafted for uniqueness offers perfect display and storage features. It’s constructed using reclaimed solid hardwood and hard wearing powder-coated iron work with commercial grade inputs like knobs, hinges and handles. This makes it durable and strong enough to withstand heightened commercial use. The fully assembled cabinet is scratch and stain resistant and it has been made for easy and convenient maintenance. The multicolored display cabinet is designed to provide the best space usage.

Bespoke wardrobes, closets and dressers for hotels and resorts

Bespoke Hotel & Resort Wardrobes, Hotel Closets and Hotel Dresser that are exquisite, functional and built to commercial-grade standards in order to last a lifetime.

FurnitureRoots is a contract, commercial & hospitality wardrobe manufacturer and exporter. We supply beautiful, commercial-grade wardrobes to:

    • Hotels, Resorts, Luxury Hotels, Boutique Hotels, Hotel Chains & Hospitality Groups,
    • Motels, Guesthouses, B&Bs, Lodges, Boarding Houses, Inns, Hostels, Bunks,
    • Vacation Villas, Guest Villas, Vacation Stays, Time Shares,
    • Camps & Glamping Tents,
    • Hotel Furniture Outlets & Stores near you, and
    • Luxury Spas, Skiing Resorts, Casinos, Country Clubs, Corporate Stays and other hospitality establishments across the globe.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified bespoke furniture organization with experience of over 300+ hospitality projects so you get commercial-grade furniture that has been custom built for longevity.


Hotel wardrobe designs: Types of wardrobes available for hospitality-use

We make a wide range of fully customizable hotel room wardrobe designs, including:

    • Wardrobes by Design: Choose from a range of Standard Wardrobe, Modular Wardrobe, Open Design Wardrobe,
    • Wardrobes by Materials: You can get FurnitureRoots’ commercial wardrobes in a choice of materials. Choose from Wooden Wardrobe, Metal Wardrobe, Glass Wardrobe, Melamine Wardrobe, Leather Wardrobe for your hotel, resort, vacation villa or serviced apartment, and
    • Wardrobes by Door Type: Choose from Hinged Door Wardrobes, Sliding Door Wardrobes, or Folding Door Wardrobes.

With FurnitureRoots you can get furniture that is fully customizable to match your hotel or resort’s interiors and decor! You can customize your hospitality wardrobe furniture for designs, dimensions, materials, colors, finish and engineering.


Hotel wardrobe features

From hotel-style open wardrobes to hotel closets, our hotel and resort almirahs designs are customizable for the following features:

    • Wardrobe dimensions,
    • Provision of hinged or sliding doors,
    • Configuration of shelves and drawers,
    • Integration of mini-fridge units, clothes organisers, shoe-rack systems and provision of recessed lighting,
    • Finishes ranging from dark to light as well as configurable for different types of materials ranging from wood, engineered wood, metal and leather; and hardware, and
    • Custom hand-crafting, glass panelling, inlay-work, provision of air-vents and other wardrobe customizations of your choice.


FurnitureRoots sells Hotel Wardrobes at the following Locations globally.


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