Hotel Bedside Tables

Nightstands that magnify the interior design of your hotel or resort room! Elegant and refined, FurnitureRoots’ hotel bedside tables will allow you to achieve a high end atmosphere for all rooms of your hospitality business. Next to the bed, these bedside tables will allow you guest to enjoy a high level of comfort, as well as add a functional and elegant finish to your rooms.

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1900s Victorian Hotel Bedside Table

This 1900s Victorian Bedside Table will retain its quality for the years to come. A very beautifully designed bedside table with standard size, this table features intricate details. Spoil yourself with these delicate designs finished in solid reclaimed wood material. Add this bedside table to your room or spa, camp, and timeshare, and give it a classic look. Bring a shade of multicolored color into your living space. This scratch-resistant bedside table that is inspired by retro furniture is available at an affordable price and is worth buying. In addition to that, the final result is a beautiful piece that looks ready to face another few decades of use.

Antiquated Accent Hotel Bedside Table

When it comes to making an impression, antique furniture does it best. This Antiquated Accent Cabinet would fit best in a Guest Villa or hotel owing to its utility, form and finish. A unit that comes fully assembled, this cabinet has a scratch and stain-resistant surface is something one would want to put in bucks as a long-lasting investment. This unique handmade piece of Restaurant display furniture is perennially stylish and is priceless owing to its blend of materials, colors, and finishes. A must buy piece of furniture. Something that is sure to have a lasting impression on your guests and is drool-worthy.

Black Walnut Wooden Hotel Bedside Table

Rightfully labeled, this wooden side table is a black beauty that is captivating and irresistible. Its an ideal use at bunks and camps to provide storage in a charming manner. The rustic style bedside furniture has a lovely dark walnut finish and rustic decor to match. Made primarily from mango wood, the bedside table is also made using heavy duty powder-coated metal and heavy duty inserts to make it durable enough for commercial use. This rust and stain resistant industrial furniture can be cleaned daily. The fully assembled bedside furniture is of a standard size with a designer look that is purposed for space optimization.

Blue Distress Recycled Hotel Bedside Table

This recycled side table is a perfect side bed storage furniture at hotels, resorts and country clubs. With a strikingly beautiful blue color, the shabby chic style furniture has an artistically handmade design that gives off an elegant eclectic feel and optimizes space. The bedside table with storage will help in keeping the room tidy with appropriate storage and a top to place belongings. The scratch and stain resistant bedroom furniture is made using powder-coated metal with a distressed finish. This commercial grade material is used on inserts and joineries to offer durability. It’s fully assembled with a space optimizing design.

Bygone Reclaimed Stool

If you want to introduce a very rare yet unique collection of stools to your coffee shop, cafe or bistro, you should go for this exclusive designed standard-sized armless and backless stool. This will create a rustic look in your setup with its unfinished or raw look that will create a very positive vibe instantly. The wooden seat top will mark its elegance and comfort. There is no tension in terms of its lasting quality as this is made of commercial standard materials and joineries. If vibrance is your preference, then this multicolored stool will also add a gaudy feel in your entire joint. You can save your floors from scratches too as this is comprised of floor glides.

Canvas Rustic Storage Pouf Stool

Finely crafted with care and harmony, this storage pouf can add visual interest to your bistro, country club, ice cream parlor or home. Even in a roomful of splendid furniture, this brown color pouf made of high-quality canvas in a retro-inspired style will hold its own and gives style to the ambiance. The applaudable design plays well with designer interiors, giving it a chic and bright look.  The scratch and stain-resistant surface will make it’s a comfortable one for maintenance. Comes fully-assembled, this storage pouf is a lovely seating furniture and probably a modern find to suit retro-style interiors.

Carved Three Drawers Sidetable

Elegance can be well showcased by the kind of furniture that you select for your inn, guest villa or hostel. This classic designer chair is one such superior quality furniture that can stun the visitors in your place with its distressed finish look. This multicolored artisanal handmade designer chair carries a feel of elegance always. You will admire its space optimizing property as well. This hand carved furniture has become a highly sought-after furniture in just no time for its scratch and stain resistant properties. Time to impress the world now with this Global inspired furniture. Hurry!!! Order before stock ends.

Classic Reclaimed Set of Three Hotel Bedside Table

: If you love a wonderful, colorful Vacation Villa, Guest House, Hotel and home, then invest in this easy-to-clean chair. The multicolored color of this chair is a potent tool for adding a spark to brighten any room in your home, or a Vacation Villa, Guest House, or Hotel. Additionally, the Classic Reclaimed Set of Three chairs is extremely durable and the reclaimed wood material will spruce up your surroundings. Available in a standard size, this set of three chairs is big on style. Create a serene house with this multicolored color chair with a wooden seat top and that is both stain and scratch-resistant.

Country Design Distress Hotel Bedside Table

The brilliant blue color of this country themed side table will give your tent, resort or boarding house a hint of vibrancy. Featuring a weathered look that proffers a homely feel, this scratch and stain resistant table have been made using iron along with powder coated metal and heavy duty inserts and hardware. Place this artisanal handmade table in your bedroom to add a dash of class to it. With its distressed metal finish, this shabby style furniture will give your space an eclectic look and feel. Further, it comes fully assembled, negating any effort on your part. Order this chic side table today!

Country Side Folding Hotel Bedside Table

A spa and bunk could really look good with this addition. This folding side table for use in the countryside has a metallic table top with a duco finish. The frame is made using powder-coated iron giving the bistro coffee table a rock-solid firmness for rigorous commercial use. This red modern furniture with a round table top shape is recommended for use outdoors. The table’s designer look is solely focused on giving a comfortable dining experience. It has a standard, space optimizing size. The side table is sold fully assembled and it neither stains nor scratches and can be cleaned daily.

Country Style Box Pouf Stool

If you have a unique taste and would like your pub or lodge to stand out, then you ought to use some brilliant pieces of bespoke furniture. This Country Style Box Pouf Stool is space-saving and easily makes for a center of attraction in almost all style interiors. It has an easy to clean and durable canvas upholstered seat top, a sturdy plywood structure and solid wood legs that give it a stable base construction with heavy load capacity. Seating furniture is trending for smaller places and can be used for multiple purposes. A brown colored ottoman for your designer space.

Designer Metallic Wooden Hotel Bedside Table

Confused about decorating your living space? Consider this Designer Metallic Wooden Side table that turns your room into an innovative zone. The finish is simple and the side table is black in color. The table is made of iron and solid hardwood material with long-term sustainability and will leave you spellbound. Bring home the priceworthy design table to echo elegance. Combining practicality with grace, this fully assembled table lets you add a dash of style to your living space. This duco finish table has its own unique character and is stain-resistant. ‘Invitingly-designed’ is the apt word to describe this easy-to-clean table.

Distressed Small Drawer Chest Bajot

Give the much sought after feel of style and trend in your guest house, corporate stay or tent with the selection of this small drawer chest bajot. At the very first glance, you will fall in love with its distressed finished look and old school vintage retro design. This shabby chic furniture will showcase its unique space saving feature. Since this is available in the assembled form, you won’t have to go through the hassle of assembling post purchase. If you are wondering about its sustainability part, then you won’t have to worry about that. This decorative accessory is well constructed with commercial graded materials and joineries.

Duel Shade Canvas Box Pouf

Retro-inspired furniture is becoming the rage these days and you don’t want to be left behind in the race. Invest in this quality product and you’d know the value of it once you know how good it looks, how easy it is to maintain and also how easy it is to clean. This duel shade canvas box pouf has a standard size and a stable base construction with heavy load capacity. It also has a fabric upholstered seat and plywood structure and solid wood legs. This ottoman has a hand-stitched multi-step finish and space-saving construction. A seating furniture in blue that is everyone’s favorite!

Duel Shade Drawer Bajot

This Duel Shade Drawer Bajot is a good choice of storage at the hotel, resort or for corporate stays. The multicolored distress finish gives the drawer an ancient yet modernized look. This is further emphasized by the old school vintage design of the scratch and stain resistant furniture. Made from the long lasting mango wood and heavy duty inserts, there is no doubt about the durability of this shabby chic style furniture. The boho decor gives the fully assembled drawer a calm and attractive look. It’s of a standard size, created to save on space while offering excellent service for decades.

Dura-Strong© Serving Cart

This cart is a shelf design that has been converted to a moveable piece of industrial furniture by adding wheels to it. A Dura Strong serving furniture, this cart is best suited for restaurants and Cafeterias to move the ready food orders to the guest’s tables or to put the excess drinks, bottles, or unserved snacks on the side of the guest’s main table. Add this to your classical decor and see what difference a play of this wood and metal cart can make to the ambiance. A functional, simplistic, utilitarian cart which can also work well as a minibar. Comes in a brown-black color story.

Elegant Grey Side Hotel Bedside Table

Elegant Grey Side Table by FurnitureRoots has a highly individualistic & evocative design. It is fully customizable to match your business’s theme & accentuate its interiors.



  • Built-for-Commercial: Dura-Strong© construction to withstand rigorous Commercial use
  • Fully Customizable
    • Materials: Can be custom-made in a range of Iron / Wood / Glass / Upholstery options
    • Dimensions: Fully customizable for your business’s unique requirements
    • Choice of Finish: 20+ wood & metal finishes to match your business’s decor
  • Quality: FurnitureRoots is a ISO 9001:2015 company. All our products are built to highest international quality benchmarks


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Esoteric Metal Hotel Bedside Table

No matter what the reason for your purchase is, this Esoteric Metal Side table is always appreciated. This gorgeous coffee table makes the room look more modern and luxurious. Made from a good combination of solid hardwood and iron material, this coffee table can also be kept in a lodge, resort, or bunk. Bring a shade of black color into your living space with this sturdy coffee table. This stain-resistant coffee table is just perfect to enjoy your evening cuppa, and not to forget, this coffee table is also very easy to maintain. Featuring a duco finish, this coffee table is available at an attractive price.

Ethereal Hard Wood Stand in Old Colonial Design

This Ethereal Hard Wood Stand in Old Colonial Design by FurnitureRoots has a highly individualistic & evocative design. It is fully customizable to match your business’s theme & accentuate its interiors.


  • Built-for-Commercial: Dura-Strong© construction to withstand rigorous Commercial use
  • Fully Customizable
    • Materials: Can be custom-made in a range of Iron / Wood / Glass / Upholstery options
    • Dimensions: Fully customizable for your business’s unique requirements
    • Choice of Finish: 20+ wood & metal finishes to match your business’s decor
  • Quality: FurnitureRoots is a ISO 9001:2015 company. All our products are built to highest international quality benchmarks


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Exclusive Metal Mesh Hotel Bedside Table

An exclusive Metal Mesh Side Table like this one is what tells that a motel, vacation villa or time share is of class. Made from reclaimed wood, this retro inspired furniture with a rustic decor and distress finish is sold fully assembled for convenience. This bedside table with storage will help in keeping the bedroom neat while offering the other functions of a table. The multi colored handmade furniture is constructed using solid hardwood and heavy duty inserts like the knobs, handles or hinges. It’s made to withstand heightened commercial use while saving up on space. Also, it’s scratch and stain resistant and can be cleaned easily.

Green Distress Drawer Bajot

If you are on the lookout for a unique and marvellous design, check out this Green Distress Drawer Bajot. This decorative accessory is perfect for neat storage at a tent, guest house or hotel. You will have your possessions safe and in one place using this easy-to-clean drawer. The furniture has a weathered finish and a boho decor to create an elegant retro feel on this old school designed construction. This fully assembled shabby chic style furniture is made using mango wood that is tough enough to ensure durability. It’s scratch and stain resistant with space saving features to offer you a comprehensive solution to your storage needs.

Indian Village Metal Stool

Invest in this easy-to-clean and maintain stool, that comes with a scratch and stain-resistant surface apart from its extraordinary design and appealing look. This Indian Village metal stool has a duco finish and is designed keeping in mind crammed spaces and minimalistic decor in modern restaurants, cafes, bistros, and eateries. A short bar stool with a wooden seat top and iron frame with powder coating, this cottage or country type of furniture has a standard size and rustic look. Buy it on just a click and have the fully assembled product delivered to your doorstep. Hot seller among the seating furniture category.

Leather Rustic Storage Pouf Stool

This storage pouf gives a perfect finishing touch to your Guest Villa, Camp, Bakery and home. In fact, this tempting brown color stool comes out to be one among the exclusive furniture that is comfortable for sitting and it delivers attractiveness to your living space. Equally important, this leather pouf stool includes space for storage and can do the trick nicely to keep your home well-organized. The plywood structure, solid wooden legs and canvas seat top along with rustic finish make it stylish retro-inspired furniture. Well, this scratch-resistant pouf has a standard product size and can store heavy capacity load. Check out this ideal pick storage pouf.

Mango Aara Finish Wooden Hotel Bedside Table

Pick this Mango Aara Finish Wooden Side table for its richness and its quality. This easy-to-clean table is the perfect example of an understated design that stands out in a crowd. Made from solid hardwood, this table lends an unparalleled unique look to your home, Tent, Country Club, Bed and Breakfast. The wooden side table also has anti-stain and anti-scratch features. You can also clean the table easily without ruining the quality of the table. Adorn your living space or bedroom with this side table and get a spectacular outcome. The natural wooden color bedside table is perfect for designer spaces.

Metal Wooden Combo Hotel Bedside Table

This table is creatively made with the best quality metal material and is delivered at an affordable price. Built to last, its timeless elegance goes well in with classic and contemporary decors. Spoil yourself with these delightful designs finished in iron material. It’s possible to decorate your house, Bed and Breakfast, and Hostels with this creative metal material table. Equally good for detailed work and for adding a little touch of elegance to your living space. Buy this Metal Wooden Combo Side table to keep your things organized. With a standard product size, you can be sure to make use of the available space in the best possible way.

Mid Century Metal Hotel Bedside Table

This hotel and restaurant mid century metallic side table is an industrial furniture that is best used at the bedside. It has a beautiful artistic design that is hand made to give an electrifying feel. The black cottage and country furniture is primarily made from iron for a long lasting effect. The country club and spa furniture has no storage space. The construction has a duco finish which will neither scratch nor stain and can be cleaned as often as it is needed. The fully assembled bedside table is of a standard, space optimizing size with a designer look that makes it irresistible.

Minimalistic Metal Hotel Bedside Table

Make things easier for decorating your Hostel or Camp by getting this Metal Bedside Table. You are assured to turn any room into an ultra-sophisticated space. This expensive-looking bedside table looks rich with a powder-coated iron material of ideal quality. Furthermore, this stunning chair comes in a dramatic black color. This Duco finish table is the perfect combination of design and functionality with its minimalistic style and simple design. This table is easy-to-clean, scratch and stain-resistant and comes fully assembled in a standard product size to be competitively priced. Don’t pass on this gem of a table or you will regret later!

Reclaimed Esoteric Set of Three Stool Set

If you have a penchant towards comfort and style, consider getting this Esoteric Set of Three Stool Set in black. This lovely bar stool in black easily fits into a resort, vacation villa, hotel and even in your home’s bar corner. Finely crafted from a blend of solid hardwood and hard-wearing powder-coated iron, this short bar stool is perfect to sit in and enjoy your drink. The bar stool is both scratch and stain-resistant and can be cleaned easily on a regular basis. Featuring a duco finish, this bar stool comes pre-assembled and can be used right after it is delivered.

Retro Low-Boy Display Rack

Be out there in the game of aesthetics with this low-boy Retro Display Rack, which is one of the best selling items from the Resort display furniture category. Curate a space in any vacation villa, guest villa or hostel well with this rack crafted in mango wood. With a raw and unfinished natural look, this rack is made using powder-coated metal and heavy-duty inserts and hardware to keep it in shape for years together. It has a rustic decor and a black color that works well with any kind of interiors. This Artisanal handmade design with an elegant eclectic feel is used for space optimizing and beautifying the space.

Retro Recycled Hotel Bedside Table

This artistically hand designed bedside table is strikingly beautiful especially due to the elegant multicolor combination. The table that has ample storage will not only serve to allow for decent storage but as a comfortable reading or writing furniture. Recommended for use in hotels and camps, the durable bedroom furniture that is made from industrial grade iron and hardwood will withstand heightened commercial use. This fully assembled shabby chic styled table is standard sized with a designer look that optimizes space. The bedside furniture with a unique shampoo finish is stain and scratch resistant that is convenient and easy to clean.

Rough Finish Mango Wood End Hotel Bedside Table

Crafted from strong and durable mango wood along with heavy-duty inserts and hardware, this enigmatic side table is all you need to make your patrons feel at home. Featuring a storage unit with drawers, it will help them stay organized, hence ensuring they have a comfortable time at your inn, guest villa or camp. Scratch and stain resistant, this industrial furniture is easy to maintain and clean. Displaying a lacquered finish that gives your space an elegant look, the artisanal design of this natural colored side table proffers a country style that makes everyone feel at home. Order this rustic decor today!  


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Rustic Industrial Hotel Bedside Table in Rough Sawn Mango Wood

This Art Deco Industrial Bedside Table is a piece of perfect furniture in any bedroom with classic style interior. The standard size table made with mango wood is a trendy addition to add display accents, table lamps and other decor pieces in your bedroom. The space optimizing construction and scratch & stain resistant natural finish gives it an elegant look even after years of use. Convenient for everyday cleaning, this bedside table is suitable for any tent, lodge or home. The best part about this handmade table is that it is fully assembled and you need not worry about assembly. Go ahead and order now!

Scandinavian Bar Cart

This Scandinavian bar cart that is moveable as it has wheels will prove to be the trendiest piece of furniture in your hotel or food court and will be the coolest way to serve drinks and snacks. This food and beverage cart that comes with a rustic finish forms a part of the new minimalistic decor in vogue. Constructed to utilize minimum space but give maximum utility, this is a piece of furniture which is strong and can be used both indoor and outdoor. A scratch and stain-resistant piece of furniture that has a durable chassis. Don’t wait! Go ahead and order now!

Secret Old Age Hotel Bedside Table

This secret Old Age Side Table is made from reclaimed wood to form a creatively done handmade design that oozes of elegance and gives an eclectic feel. The bedside table with drawers can help in proper storage as well as function as a table in your hotel, boarding house or country club. This brown standard sized bedroom furniture is designed to save on space while giving a room extra vibrance. The French provincial style furniture is sold fully assembled and does not get stained or scratched. It’s made using commercial grade materials and joineries that include solid hardwood and heavy duty inserts to ensure durability.

Shabby Chic Hassock

This chic hassock can do the trick nicely to enhance the visual appeal of your space. Made with fabric and upholstered with canvas material, it has solid wood legs that ensure durability. Perfectly crafted for a spa, resort, hotel or restaurant, its shabby design along with its hand stitched multi-step finish gives this custom-made piece a unique look. Moreover, this natural fiber hassock comes fully assembled, negating any effort on your part. This beige-colored piece is scratch and stain-resistant, making it easy to maintain. Elevate the homey feel of your restaurant while letting your patrons enjoy in the warmth of your hospitality. Order this interesting tuffet today!

Signature Aviator Wheel Stool

This signature stool has its own unique character due to its distinctive aviator design. Made from durable and strong iron with solid wood legs, this wheel stool will add a rustic touch to your bakery, night club, restaurant or hotel. Featuring a metal finish, this hand-stitched, multi-step stool has a classic retro look and feel. Add this stylish piece to your hotel and watch your guests enjoy its one-of-a-kind vibe. Scratch and stain-resistant, it is also easy to maintain and clean, making it an easy choice. Why wait? Order this fully assembled silver stool today and make a lasting impression!

Solid Wood Café Stool with Chequered Seat Base

Often the selection of a proper and standard sized armstool for a bistro, eatery or ice cream parlor can appear to be quite a tedious task. Simplify your life with the selection of this armless and backless traditional furniture. You can avail this in ready to use state as the assembling of the furniture is already done before your purchase. The striking feature of this traditional chair is its lacquered finish and short bar stool height. The cleaning process of this chair is really simple and can be done on a regular basis. Grab this chair soon, else you will miss out on something really important.

Wheel Base Storage Metal Bookcase

Designed in a vintage style with a shelf and storage area, this wheel bookcase is trending high for its versatility. Crafted from powder coated iron with heavy duty inserts and hardware, the duco finish of the custom-made product gives it a smooth look that blends seamlessly in any space. Jaw-droppingly beautiful, this scratch and stain resistant industrial furniture is easy to maintain and clean. Its old school feel proffers a homely ambiance to your tent, bakery or brewery, keeping guests comfortable for hours. Delivered fully assembled to negate any effort on your part, this retro bookcase can easily hold its own. Give your space an eclectic edge, order it today!

Bedside Tables

A bedside table, alternatively nightstand, daystand or bedside cabinet, is a small table intended to stand beside a bed or elsewhere in a bedroom. Present day side tables were earlier called nightstand, generally with one or more drawers and/or shelves and sometimes with a small door. Side tables are most often utilised for items that might be of use during the night time, such as eyeglasses, table lamp, alarm clock, books, mobile phone, desktop intercom, a drink, or medication.

Early bedside tables were like small sized cabinets, fitted with a drawer, and containing an enclosed storage space covered by one or multiple doors.

The modern generation likes to give their room a distinctive look by adding furniture that is one of a kind. This means you’ll have to take into consideration certain factors before making the right decision. 


Side Table Features


It is recommended that your bedside table be in-line with the bed height. For beds with mattress pads, choose taller bedside table for a nice look. Similarly, low-profile side tables will perfectly match shorter beds. Make sure to leave a little gap between the side of your bed and the side table.

Surface Area

The top surface area of your bedside table should be such that you can easily place a table lamp on it. If you are planning to accommodate a lot of items, then go for a side table with a slightly larger top surface area.

Storage Space

Selecting a bedside table with multiple drawers will enable you to store multiple items while keeping them out of your sight. Choose a side table with an open shelf, if you wish to store your books in it. On the contrary, sleeker designs are also available at FurnitureRoots for customers seeking lesser storage space.


Choose the appropriate bedside cabinet with the correct materials, based on your bedroom style and particular needs. This could include recycled material, natural wood, metal mesh, distinct iron, glass and upholstery options.


Your bedside cabinet colour should be able to seamlessly blend in with the surroundings and complement the room. Many people try to match all the different elements and items of their room.


Benefits of Bedside Tables

    • A bedside table can be used as a reliable source of storage for the little essentials in your room like a glass of water, mobile phones, laptops, novel, lamp, books and many more.
    • By having a bedside table, the proximity you have with your alarm clock becomes most ideal to switch it off instantly on waking up.
    • It helps to enhance the aesthetics of your room. Items like souvenirs, vase or framed photographs can be placed on the side table.

You can buy bedside tables by placing an order at FurnitureRoots known to offer many varieties of nightstand. Any selection can be made from the following bedside table designs:

    • Designer
    • Antiquated
    • Classic
    • Country Side
    • Rustic
    • Retro

Customizable Bedside Table

Avail the option of ordering fully customizable bedside tables and nightstands with FurnitureRoots. We work with business owners, interior designers & architects, furniture importers and furniture stores globally, providing quality, custom-made, individualistic furniture at competitive prices.

Customization options include the following:

    • Materials: Can be custom-made in a range of Iron / Wood / Glass / Upholstery options
    • Dimensions: Fully customizable for your business’s unique requirements
    • Choice of Finish: 20+ wood & metal finishes to match your business’s decor


FurnitureRoots’ sells Hotel Bedsides at the following Locations globally.

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