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Get rare and elegant bespoke and custom-made furniture for your furniture business. FurnitureRoots make an eclectic assortment of Rajasthani & Jodhpuri furniture designs in solid wood, metal, leather or fabric, jute, marble or granite, and cane/rattan weave. Select from furniture making styles ranging from Carved Furniture, Bone Inlay Work, Antique Wood Furniture, Upcycled or Recycled Furniture, Reclaimed Wood Furniture, Rough Sawn Furniture, Automobile Furniture, Reproduction Furniture, Marble or Granite Inlay Tables, Painted Furniture, Distressed Furniture, and Industrial Furniture in modern & contemporary to traditional & rustic styles. Buy enchanting Jodhpur and Rajasthani furniture products that have been handcrafted by country’s best maisons and artisans. Bespoke Jodhpur handicrafts for Furniture retailers, stores, importers, buying agencies and wholesalers by FurnitureRoots, a company that leads the list of Jodhpur furniture manufacturers and exporters.

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Boho Print Block Cabinet

This standard sized classy hotel and restaurant chair has become a must item in a majority of the esteemed bunks, tents or hostels. So time to deck up yours now with this reclaimed wood made scratch and stain resistant chair. This bedroom furniture will render a clam effect to the overall decor of the room due to its white distress finish. Side by side, you can’t overlook the multicolored vibrance of this chair. Overall, this is a highly commendable item as this is made of commercial grade materials and joineries. One of the most striking specialty of this chair is its space optimizing feature. This block printed chair also reflects an ethnic look that can stun anyone easily.

FR Cabinet Furniture Series Single-Door Accent Cabinet with Inlaid Carved Block Panels

Having this Single-Door Accent Cabinet with Inlaid Carved Block Panels is the best thing to give a whimsical feeling in your Guest Villa, Bed & Breakfast, Time Share or Home. The multicolored finish will look great against your living space decor. The block print design looks crisp against the reclaimed wood material. Plus, this scratch and stain-resistant Almirah rules the rest of the product with its aesthetic design. Choose this hand-carved piece to make an otherwise dull room lively. Featuring a white distress finish and artisanal handmade design, you can’t go wrong when decorating any room. The Designer looks and space optimizing construction never fails when put to the test

FR Cabinet Series Industrial-Style Dresser 3-Tier 2-Wide In Rough Sawn Finish With Caster Wheels

Pick up this natural colored, esoteric Cabinet Series Industrial-Style Dresser 3-Tier 2-Wide In Rough Sawn Finish With Caster Wheels to brighten up your space, giving it an elegant look. Crafted from solid mango wood with heavy-duty inserts and hardware, this rough sawn furniture is both classy and functional. Adorned with multiple drawers that help stay organized, this scratch and stain resistant furniture is easy to maintain. Displaying an artisanal, handcrafted style, it is lacquered finish combined with it is eclectic design spreads a welcoming vibe through your lodge, tent or spa, leaving your guests feeling very much at home. Delivered fully assembled, this ruff wood, bedroom furniture is a hassle-free product. Order this good-looking chest of drawers today and give your space a royal look!  


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FR Cabinets Furniture Series Wooden Display Cabinet in Rough Sawn (Aara) Finish

This Wooden Sideboard in Rough Sawn (Aara) Finish can stun the customers in your camp or bunks quite effortlessly due to its incredible natural finish. This rough sawn furniture is popular already for its scratch and stain resistance property. Being easy to clean, this furniture is so very easy to maintain for several years at a stretch. You will love this furniture for its uni-colored one of a kind design. Another positive aspect of this sideboard is it occupies minimal space in a room for its space optimizing property. Since this is made out of hard wearing commercial grade inputs like knobs, handles, hinges etc, you won’t have to worry about the longevity factor either.

Gorgeous French-Chic Bookshelf

You won’t hesitate to go all out with this rough sawn piece of furniture owing to its exquisite handcrafted and one-of-a-kind look. This striking piece of hotel display furniture in the form of a gorgeous French-chic bookshelf remains a single focal point of your interiors. Put this in a Guesthouse, a motel or a restaurant and you’d notice your guests loving this reclaimed wood piece. This cyan-colored bookcase with a distressed finish is sure to make many heads turn. No need for painstaking assembly as it comes fully assembled and is designed and put together especially for designer spaces. Buy Now!

Hidden Classic Drawer Chest Hotel Bedside Table

Hostels or tents can be well adorned with the selection of this classy hotel and restaurant chair. Being scratch and stain resistant, you won’t have to worry about its quality. This rough sawn furniture will come with easy to clean feature also. You will love this iron made standard sized chair for its space saving feature. The inclusion of commercial grade materials and joineries will embed a sturdy and solid texture to this chair. Another major attraction of this chair is its multi color look. Overall, once you check this product, you simply can’t resist yourself from purchasing this. Also, those who are fond of handicraft items should be informed that this ethnic chair is a handcrafted furniture as well.

Old Country Style Sideboard

This classic chair has a magical capability of beautifying a night club, brewery or pub in a jiffy. All you need to do is place this white distress finished furniture in a chosen space of the room and then observe the magical transformation of the room by yourself. This unique piece of chair is constructed with hard wearing commercial grade inputs like knobs, hinges, handles and so on. The multicolor of this handcrafted furniture will have a mind blowing effect to its overall beauty. When it comes to space optimizing feature, you won’t have to doubt on that. This magical chair will occupy very less space of your setup.

Old-World TV Stand

There is this piece of resort display furniture just waiting to complement the interiors of your guesthouse or vacation villa. A Rough Sawn type of furniture, this stylish TV stand has a powder-coated finish and comes fully assembled. You will love this Old world TV Stand if you love things which are out of the box in style and ultimate in look. Something that will last you generations and is easy to maintain owing to its scratch and stain-resistant surface. With a brown color and an enclosed shelving TV Stand, this will surely give your basic room interiors a new look.

Shabby Chic Distress Cabinet

Time to embrace something really special this season that can transform the mundane look of your guest house, tent or a corporate stay almost instantly. Go for this classic chair that is made of reclaimed wood and add a splash of brilliance to the overall space. One of the most striking features of this bedroom furniture is its white distress finish. This multicolored artisanal handmade chair will showcase your elegant and eclectic taste in terms of interior decor. This chair can brighten up the given space with its space optimizing feature and designer look. Order yours as the stock is limited.

Quick Guide to Jodhpur Furniture and Handicrafts

Handicraft is about making decorative objects by hand or with using simple tools. Handmade furniture, thus, is about making furniture primarily by hand or using simple tools.

The results is a one-of-a-kind, decorative piece of furniture. The materials utilized in the furniture product are natural, industrially processed or, in some instances, upcycled or refashioned. While the products generally have a rustic, traditional look and feel, but in some cases the designs can be quite intricate and complex as well.

The state of Rajasthan has had a rich cultural heritage of handcrafted furniture and gifted artisans who passed their expertise down the generations.

Today, Rajasthani furniture and handicrafts continue to be handcrafted by skilled artisans. Owing to the irresistibly rich and ethnic look rendered by them, chairs, armchairs, sideboards, tables, beds etc. in intricate Rajasthani designs are magnifying the ambience of homes, hotels, restaurants and resorts across the globe.

The key elements of such Rajasthani and Jodhpur handicrafts & furniture are: 

Intricate designs

Rajasthani furniture designs are an amalgamation of Mughal art forms and the nomadic lifestyle prevalent in Rajasthan. They are typically inspired by natural elements and thus are characterized by floral designs, animal motifs, carving & latticework and can go from the plain to the highly intricate.

Wood is the canvas of choice

Wood is the predominant material that goes into making Rajasthani furniture. The furniture carving clusters like Saharanpur, Jodhpur and Jaipur especially make Rajasthani furniture designs on Mango wood, Acacia wood, Sheesham wood given the abundance of these species.

Iron, copper and brass is also used for furniture making in these clusters. There are a number of traditional finishes that are done in these furniture clusters, including carving, painting, embossing, meenakari, engraving and inlay work.

Vibrant palette

When it comes to Rajasthani furniture, especially Jodhpur handicraft furniture the color scheme tends to be traditional. But the final furniture products will enchant you with their distinctive antiqued design and styling.

FurnitureRoots: Manufacturer and exporter of Rajasthani & Jodhpuri Furniture and Handicrafts

FurnitureRoots is a handicraft furniture manufacturer and exporter bringing evocative, handmade furniture designs across the globe.

Given our strong focus on design and quality, we have won several awards, plaudits and recognition and, as a result, FurnitureRoots leads the Jodhpur exporters list when it comes to:

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FurnitureRoots is an ISO-9001:2015 certified Jodhpur furniture manufacturer and exporter, so you are assured of getting furniture that not only looks captivating but which has also been built for longevity.

FurnitureRoots is a one-stop shop for furniture retailers and stores across the globe to import wooden furniture. With our bespoke and handmade furniture products and designs, FurnitureRoots ranks among the leading furniture exporters in Jodhpur. Be it wooden furniture exporters, iron or handicraft furniture exporters, you will find us leading the Jodhpur exporters list as well as the list of handicraft exporters in Jodhpur.

Are you planning to get exquisite, handmade furniture that stands out? Visit our handicraft website at or visit our furniture showroom in Jodhpur as well as our Jodhpur furniture factory OR email to get bespoke furniture designs that are exported and loved all across the globe.

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